Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis leave Salem on Days of our Lives
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Sarah enters Xander’s room at the Kiriakis mansion as he looks over Titan’s quarterly reports. She’s proud of him for increasing the company’s numbers. However, she doesn’t want him to get too refined on her. They passionately make out and have sex. As they lie in bed, Sarah expresses how happy she is that they’re back together. She’s surprised they have Victor’s approval though. Xander knows deep down Victor just wants his family to be happy—and she makes him happy. They talk about Victor’s concern over Ciara and that Philip is back. Xander calls Philip a freeloader who takes everything he has for granted. He thinks Philip, as well as Brady, should respect what Victor built from nothing.

Sonny says goodbye to Victor on Days of our Lives

Downstairs at the manse, Victor offers someone over the phone the use of his special tactics to get Ciara’s whereabouts out of Ben. He’s denied. Sonny enters to tell his uncle he and Will are leaving Salem. Victor isn’t happy about the decision, but Sonny explains they’re ready for a fresh start. Victor tells Sonny he’s just like his mother. Sonny’s surprised to hear him say that. Victor admits he should have told Adrienne she was a terrific adversary and mother. He thinks it’s good he’ll be with his brothers to honor their mother. They joke about Victor visiting them in an RV before Victor offers him something for his journey. Xander arrives after Sonny’s left. Victor tells him Philip intends to take over the company. Xander grows furious. He won’t give up what’s his without a fight. Victor yells at Xander to shut up. He hasn’t decided what to do yet. He’s weighing what’s best for the company.

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Will offers to stay in Salem for Marlena on Days of our Lives

In John’s hospital room, Marlena tells Belle on the phone not to rush back. Everything’s fine and she’ll call with any changes. After hanging up, she looks at John, still in a coma, and says to herself, “No. Everything’s not fine.” Will visits Marlena who is happy to see him because it’s going to be a long, tough day. She needs some help to get through this. Will reluctantly tells her he and Sonny are moving. He offers to join Sonny later, but Marlena assures him she has enough support so he should go be with his husband. Marlena knows Will would do anything for her. She is so proud of him. They share an emotional goodbye and Will leaves. Later, Sarah checks on John and tells Marlena the swelling didn’t go down as much as they hoped. They have to wait to wake him. Alone, Marlena tells John how much she misses him and that she’s feeling alone. Brady enters and says, “You’re not alone.”

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At Julie’s Place, Justin and Lucas discuss Sami’s behavior in court. Justin thinks Eric and Nicole will get custody. Lucas is frustrated over Allie leaving this mess and then sees Bonnie walk in. He panics when she walks over to their table. Lucas is shocked to learn Justin is the “brainless idiot” who agreed to represent her. Lucas will pray for Justin and walks away. Justin hands Bonnie the settlement offer from her publisher. Bonnie is thrilled but then screams when Justin rips it up. He thinks they’re lowballing her and that they can get a better offer. She’s sincerely grateful for him. She knows she doesn’t deserve it. Sonny shows up wearing a cowboy hat. Justin asks why he’s wearing it. Bonnie leaves as Sonny explains it was a going away present from Victor. But more importantly, what the hell is Justin doing with Bonnie Lockhart? Justin explains the circumstances. Justin is proud of his son and says this isn’t goodbye, “It’s see ya later.” They hug and express their love. After Sonny has left, Bonnie returns with drinks and a shoulder for Justin to cry on.

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Philip and Kate catch up on Days of our Lives

Philip surprises Kate in Horton Square. She’s thrilled to see her son but is taken aback to learn he’s been there for two days. They sit at a table as they discuss Philip’s visit with his father. She wonders if he’s prepared to hear Victor say no to making him CEO. Philip will welcome the certainty. It would definitely clarify things between them. Kate wonders if he even wants to run Titan. Philip says it’s his birthright and he’s back to claim it. Kate wonders what Xander will think of that. Philip wonders if she wants back in at Titan. She insists she doesn’t, but he doesn’t buy it. Lucas arrives and greets his brother. After catching up and getting a warning about Victor from Kate, Philip leaves. Will joins them to say goodbye. Lucas wishes Will luck on telling Sami they’re leaving. Sonny arrives and they hug and say goodbye to Lucas and Kate. Sonny and Will hold hands as they walk off.

Back at Victor’s mansion, Xander demands his uncle choose. “Will it be me?” Philip shows up and asks, “Or me?”

On the next Days of our Lives: A surprise witness and a battle for Titan.

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