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At the DiMera mansion, when Jake breaks up with Gwen, she argues that they’re in love. Jake does love her and a part of him always will but he wants to find out where things can go with Gabi. Gwen calls Jake a stupid idiot. Gabi’s using him. Jake snipes at Gwen for being the user. Once she found out he was a DiMera, she started digging for gold. They yell at each other and Gwen throws a vase at him. Jake calls her nuts. They’re done. He tells her to move out and she laughs. She has nowhere to go. He offers her money and she refuses it. He wishes her well and goes. Downstairs, Eduardo Dario to confirm that the family is in danger, including Arianna. Dario tells his dad that the bad guys got a bead on his whereabouts and he’s on the move again. Rafe takes the call and learns Dario found a hideout. Gabi’s face drops. “This is real.” Eduardo’s sorry. Gabi gasps. She’s a mother and knows what she has to do in order to keep her daughter safe.

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At the Kiriakis estate, Will and Sonny feel bad about John’s aneurysm. They discuss Will postponing the move when Chad walks in. He’s there to confirm that Gabi wasn’t lying about the move. He jokingly asks them to take Gabi with them. They talk about issues when a parent doesn’t get to see their child. He knows how it is being in Florida for so long with Abigail. He hugs his friends goodbye and they say their I love yous. Eduardo takes Gabi to see Will and Sonny. Gabi lies that her mother is sick and Arianna needs to stay with them. Eduardo says the plan was for her to come with them. Gabi refuses. Sonny thinks they should fly her mama to Salem for better medical care but Eduardo refuses. Gabi breaks down and tells them the truth. Sonny vows to keep Ari safe and shoots Eduardo a nasty look. Will asks when they’ll see Gabi again. She cries that she’s not sure but has to find a way to say goodbye to her daughter. She glares at her father and goes upstairs.

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At Paige’s abandoned dorm, Ben and Hope sob together. He begs her to arrest him because as long as he’s free, Ciara’s not safe.

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Hope brings Ben into the SPD. Ben spots Eve and damns her and sobs about what she did to him. “I could kill you right now,” he threatens. A cop holds him back and Hope and Ben explain what went down. The prisoners are hauled away and Rafe explains that his mother is sick and he and Gabi are heading to Mexico. Hope’s sorry. Rafe is upset because he doesn’t want to walk away from giving it another shot with her. Hope will be fine. They profess to love each other and kiss. Hope cries as he goes.

Chad returns home and learns Jake broke up with Gwen. Chad thought that them making each other jealous was their thing. Gwen says he makes her jealous and her stupid plan to turn the tables on him backfired. Gwen admits Jake cheated on her with Gabi. Chad’s surprised. Gwen reminds Chad he owes her for spying on Gabi. Can she stay? He’s hesitant In her room, Gabi is turned away from Jake as he apologizes for how things went down with Gwen. He says she offered another chance but that he broke things off with her. Gabi tears up and faces him. She tells him the lie about her mother being sick and that her family has to go to Mexico. “This is goodbye.” Jake’s sorry. Gabi lies that she was using him and tells him not to wait for her. He forces her to tell him she feels nothing so she lies that she does. She asks him to “patch things up with that trainwreck,” then she leaves.

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