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In her bedroom, Gabi lets Jake know Will and Sonny are moving and want to take Ari with them. Gabi probably has to prove in court that she has a home for her kid. “I’m afraid. I can’t lose her. Not after…” Jake finishes. “Not after you lost your husband.” Gabi cries. She sees Jake in Stefan’s face. She touches him and kisses him. They make out passionately until he pulls away, reminding her he has a girlfriend. Gabi gloats. She’s satisfied to know that he wants her. Jake doesn’t believe Gabi’s attracted to him. It’s just his resemblance to Stefan that she’s into. Gabi doesn’t care so he grabs her, and they fall to the bed kissing. After sex, Jake says, “That was fun.” Jake tries to send Gabi away since Gwen’s on her way home. A door slams. Gwen walks in and yells that they’re too late. Gabi shrugs. She caught Gwen kissing Chad recently. Gabi gloats at how amazing the sex was, and Gwen attacks her. Jake steps in and Gabi takes off, being sure to rub it in on her way out. Gwen blasts Jake. He tells her “it just happened.” They argue about his decision to go with Gabi to Kansas City and Gwen assumes this was revenge sex. Jake says no. “This is about me and Gabi.” He breaks up with Gwen.gabi and jake sex days

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At Rafe’s house, Eduardo tells his son, “If we don’t go now, we’ll both be dead.” Rafe laughs, thinking his pops is laying it on thick but Eduardo swears it’s true. After he got out of prison, he went into business with the wrong people and now the whole family is in peril. Rafe laughs. He’s a cop. He’ll handle it. Eduardo says it’s too late for that. They already attacked Dario. They shot at him in the street. He’s lucky he’s alive and they’ve made threats against Gabriella. They need to get out of Salem.rafe finds Eduardo in his room DAYS

In court, Sami plays dirty by bringing up Nicole murdering Deimos Kiriakis. The judge asks if she has proof. Sami does and explains she found it three years ago in Nashville. She learned that Xander blackmailed Nicole with the information. Nicole lies. “I didn’t kill Deimos.” She says Sami’s making it up so they won’t gain custody of the kid. Justin argues that Nicole’s a good mother and that Sami’s making a mockery of the court. Sami explodes and then turns to Eric for answers since he’s the one who told her about the confession which was taped. Sami explains that her twin was once a priest and has to tell the truth. The judge looks to Eric for an answer and he lies that he doesn’t recall that conversation. Sami’s eyes widen and her jaw drops to the floor. Sami yells at her brother for lying and calls Nicole an “evil, toxic bitch.” Judge Duncan asks for the confession tape, but Sami doesn’t have it. The court is adjourned. Duncan will announce her decision tomorrow. Once everyone leaves, Sami confronts Eric for lying. He finds what she did to him lower and he’s sorry he ever told her about the recording. “Sami will use anything to get what she wants. It’s who she is,” Nicole tells her husband. Sami plans on telling the judge about this conversation. They don’t care. Duncan won’t believe it. Sami’s disgusted with Eric as much as he is with her.

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Hope is shocked when she finds Ben alone, sobbing at Paige’s abandoned warehouse. She questions him and he cries that he’s sorry. Hope learns someone took her. Hope calls her phone with the screen cracked on the floor and questions Ben. Ben doesn’t know. Hope begs him to tell her what happened. She knows he was programmed. He’s her family and she cares about him. Ben explains that he tried to stop himself. He forced Ciara to lock herself into the bathroom and ordered her not to let him in. But Ben couldn’t stop himself. He broke a hole in the door not dissimilar to Johnny from The Shining. Hope has a meltdown and cuffs him to the radiator and vows she’ll find her. Ben’s sorry. Hope calls Rafe and before he can answer her call, Eduardo breaks Rafe’s phone. Rafe can’t tell Hope. They rush to find Gabi, while Ben finally remembers going toward Ciara with the necktie.ben thinks killed ciara days

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Rafe and Eduardo rush into the mansion and find Gabi in the lounge. She’s shocked to see her father and he explains there’s an emergency and she could lose her life. Rafe confirms it’s true. They need to leave. Gabi refuses to go anywhere with him.

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