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At the townhouse, Sami tells Baby Horton that she’s sorry he heard what she said to John. She prays he’ll be okay and tells the kid it’ll be their secret. Belle appears and asks what secret she’s keeping now. Sami flashes to yelling at John and lies that she gave her grandson a name. She doesn’t say what it is. Belle cringes. Nic and Eric requested an emergency hearing to get temporary custody of the boy. Belle urges her sister to pack some of his things as a precaution. Instead, Sami leaves Belle with the baby to dash out. Belle talks to the kid about Claire’s upbringing and how she feels responsible for her suffering.

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At the hospital, Marlena tells Nicole and Eric that John had a seizure. It’s not uncommon with brain surgery. Nicole admits John walked in on a bad scene between the two. Marlena assures that the aneurysm isn’t their fault. They talk about the baby and requesting temporary custody from a judge. Marlena was hoping things wouldn’t go this far. Nicole asks her to testify on their behalf. She knows she can’t be there in person but asks for a letter. Marlena’s too frazzled. Eric takes her to the chapel. Sami turns up and snipes at Nicole for showing up there. Sami snaps that Nicole can’t even fake that she cares about John. They exchange barbs about bringing up a baby and Sami’s reminded that thanks to Nicole, she wasn’t able to raise Sydney as a baby. They argue over who is more toxic and things get physical. Eric returns and Nicole whines that she’s sorry about the fighting. Later, Sami finds Marlena and privately takes her aside to tell her that what happened to John is all her fault. Nicole just happens upon them and overhears. She sticks around and eavesdrops as Sami reveals she yelled at John that he was nothing to family and her grandson when he collapsed. Sami cries that she didn’t mean it. She begs her mother not to tell Belle. Marlena tells Sami this isn’t her fault. It was caused by a medical issue.

At the Salem police department, Rafe and Hope’s intimate discussion is interrupted by a call. They dash out after getting a tip about Eve and Vincent.

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At the crappy no-tell motel, Eve vows justice for Paige.

Ciara arrives home to Salem Inn to tell Ben that the cops are close to figuring out where Eve and that creepy guy Vincent are. She watches Ben twist a tie and asks what it’s for. “It’s a surprise,” he whispers. Meanwhile, Vincent’s behind the door, watching the exchange. Ben shakes off his creepiness and says it’s not a bad thing. He’s sorry for scaring her. Vincent quietly lets himself out. Ben invites his bride to dress up for a night out that she won’t forget.

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Rafe and Hope barge into Eve’s hotel room but find it empty. The lamp is still warm, so they assume they just missed her. Hope knows she’ll return since she found photos of Paige left behind. Hope calls Ben to update him and asks him to stay at Salem Inn until they bring Eve in. He lies that he will and once he disconnects, he and Ciara take off. Later, Rafe looks at Paige’s photos and talks about not getting to know his sister and how Eduardo was a piece of work that ran out on all of his kids. As they talk, they share a moment and Rafe kisses her.rafe hope kiss crime scene days of our lives

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Eve visits Paige’s grave in disguise. Vincent finds her and informs her that he gave Ben his final instructions.”He has been completely programmed.” Eve’s grateful for Vincent’s help. Vincent finds it satisfying to think of Ben suffering but he admits he did it for the money. Once he’s gone, Eve sees Paige’s ghost.paige ghost days of our lives

Nicole rushes to the townhouse  Nic thinks she should rethink representing her sister because of what she overheard about Sami.

Ben brings Ciara to Paige’s old abandoned room at the university. She’s confused as to why they had to dress up for this and has questions. Ben tells her it’s the room he strangled Paige in. Ciara exclaims, “Oh my God Ben why would you want to bring me here?”

On the next Days of our Lives: Eve has a vision.

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