Ben has another nightmare on Days
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At the station, Jack and Jenn ask Rafe for an update on the search for Eve Donovan. Off the record, Rafe gives them some information on how the search is going.

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In her hotel room, Eve looks through a box of mementos of Paige. Vincent arrives and finds Eve mourning the six-year anniversary of her daughter’s death. She has come up with a way to make her revenge against Ben that much sweeter and fills him in on her idea. Later, Eve gets a call from Eduardo. She rails at him because she doesn’t want his help or his sympathy because she’ll never be okay until Ben pays.

Eve looks at a photo of Paige on Days

In their room at the Salem Inn, Ben screams from a nightmare of Eve strangling Ciara with a tie. Ciara comforts him, and once again he can’t recall the nightmare. Ben realizes it’s the anniversary of his killing Paige. He knows it is crazy, but he doesn’t ever want to forget the pain he has caused so many people. Ciara believes he needs to forgive himself and reminds him of his session with Marlena, who hopefully can help him.

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Hope finds Marlena folding clothes in John’s empty hospital room and tells her how sorry she is. In the lobby, Steve tells Sami over the phone that as soon as they know something he’ll give her a call. Kayla approaches Steve and tells him John is in recovery. Back in John’s room, Marlena tells a relieved Hope that John is in surgery. Back in the lobby, Kayla tells Steve that John isn’t out of the woods yet and they won’t know the full impact of the aneurism until he wakes up if he does. Hope approaches and asks how she can help. Steve asks her to take Kayla to get something to eat and he’ll call them when John wakes up.

Kayla updates Steve about John on Days

Jack and Jenn go to the Brady Pub. Kayla and Hope enter, and they update them on John’s condition. Jack thinks he should go to the hospital to be there for Steve and departs. As the women eat, the topic of Hope returning to the force and working with Rafe again comes up, and Kayla and Jenn begin to get the feeling something is going on between them. Hope admits they hugged, and he fixed her washer. However, Hope feels they are in a good place as friends. Kayla and Jenn push her to talk to Rafe if there is still a spark there, and not to take anything for granted given John and Marlena’s situation.

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Back at the hospital, Marlena sits by John’s bedside. Steve joins her, and she asks him to sit with John so she can go cancel her appointments for the day. In her office, Ben arrives for his appointment, but Marlena needs to cancel it because of her husband’s condition. Ben understands and offers to be there for her any way he can. She cries on his shoulder but pulls away and quickly apologizes because it was inappropriate of her. She asks how he is, and he admits he feels whatever Eve and Vincent did to him is freaking him out and making him not feel right. Marlena is concerned about him and refers him to another doctor. Ben flashes back to running into Vincent in Marlena’s office but doesn’t understand the memory. Back in John’s room, Steve tells John that heroes don’t die hooked up to machines, and he is his hero and he needs him to wake up. Later, Jack arrives to support Steve and lets him know he’s there for him. Marlena returns and finds Steve telling Jack stories about his and John’s adventures. Jack and Steve leave so Marlena has time alone with John. She tells him they have an amazing life and love, and so much of a future ahead of them. She lays her head on his chest and holds John. Suddenly, John seizes as Marlena screams, “John, no!” Back in the lobby, Kayla and Jenn join Steve and Jack.

Steve sits vigil on Days

Ciara drops by the station to see if Rafe has any news on Eve. He doesn’t. Ciara is worried about Ben, who isn’t acting like himself. She thinks Ben won’t be okay until Eve is caught and put behind bars. Rafe believes Hope will get Eve because she doesn’t let anything stop her. Ciara inquiries about his relationship with her mother, which he says it’s strictly professional. Ciara pries and he finally admits there is something there. Ciara pushes him to talk to her mother and to find Eve. Later, Hope stops by to talk to Rafe. Rafe agrees they need to talk. They’re interrupted by a call with information on Eve’s location.

Ben returns to the Inn and finds Vincent in his room. Vincent tells Ben, who falls into a trance, exactly what he is to do. Outside the room, Ciara calls Claire with an update and says Vincent and Eve better hope they get caught by the police, because if she sees either one of them then she’ll kill them.

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