eli and rafe talk at spd Days of our Lives
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From the hospital, Sarah texts Xander about their afternoon delight in bed and then flashes to making love to him as she grins. Lani rushes in, thinking there’s a problem with the babies. They head to a room where Sarah examines Lani. She’s not going into premature labor, though she’s having Braxton Hicks – false labor pains. Sarah says it’s early to be having them but not unusual. She makes suggestions to ease them. Lani worries Eli will think she’s losing her mind. All she does is sit on the internet and look up pregnancies which is why she thinks he’s right. She is losing it. Sarah tells her to stop doing that and call her day or night. Sarah gets a text and glances at it. Lani questions her and she admits she and Xander officially got back together. Lani congratulates her. Sarah thanks her and gushes a little.lani gets comforted by sarah at hospital days of our lives

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander thinks Victor’s going to ask him to return to Titan as CEO but Victor says he spoke too soon. He doesn’t think he can offer it to him. Xander doesn’t get it. He thinks it’s Brady’s fault and reminds Vic that Brady’s been MIA for weeks. Xander cares about Titan, which is in his blood. Victor can’t lose Brady again by betraying him and making Xandy CEO, but Brady hasn’t answered his calls. Victor admits Brady is ready to step down and congratulates him. The job is Xander’s. He admits Xander’s the right man, the only man for the job. It belongs to someone in the family. He says, “Welcome home, son.” In walks Philip. “Thanks, Dad,” he says, happily.philip kiriakis return days 2020

Hope dons gloves at the park and searches through the scene where Eve ran into Claire at the park. Shawn finds her and gives her a pep talk since she feels she’s letting everyone down by finding nothing. Shawn says she and Rafe make a good team. “Do we?” Hope says, distractedly. She admits she and Rafe hugged and she’s not sure if there’s more to it. Shawn asks if it’d be a bad idea to get back together. Hope says they’re best friends, which is why it should stay that way. Shawn thinks his mama should tell Rafe how she feels.

At SPD, Rafe and Eli discuss Hope returning to the police department. Eli’s glad to hear it, knowing there’s nobody better. Rafe says there may be a problem. A personal one. He reveals he might be misreading signals with Hope. Eli grins widely. He’d like it if the two reunited. Rafe worries. He doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Eli urges him to talk to Hope. Later, Lani arrives and admits she lied about going to the park to help with the investigation. They go somewhere private and Lani fills Eli in on the Braxton Hicks and that she’s feeling better. Eli’s relieved and expresses his own concerns. They wind up hugging. Hope goes to talk to Rafe…

eli and rafe talk at spd Days of our Lives

Nicole and Eric arrive at the townhouse and Nicole immediately confronts Sami about the restraining order. Sami closes the door as Eric tries to calm Nicole down. Sami opens the door and asks them to keep quiet. The baby’s sleeping. They’re surprised she brought him home. She lets them in, albeit reluctantly, and calls Nicole a joke who doesn’t care about Allie or the baby. She is using the kid as an insurance policy. Nicole calls that ridiculous. They tell her they’ve “lawyered up” and will take Sami to court if need be. Eric prefers to talk it out. As they talk, Sami thinks her daughter has poor judgment, since she’s been changing her mind from wanting Will, Rafe and then Eric to raise her son. Sami doesn’t think her kid is capable of making decisions on her own. The arguing starts up again and Nicole bashes Sami. Sami tries to get at her and Eric winds up in the middle. John appears at the door and stops the fighting. John understands why they’re there to reason with Sami, but asks them to leave since they’re not making inroads. They go and John explodes. He’s on their side, not Sami’s. He starts yelling and is angry Sami got Belle on her side. He’s going to call Belle and get the restraining order rescinded. Sami refuses. John says she’s turning this into something ugly. Sami yells that she’s had enough of him. She tells him to stay out of it and John clutches his neck, in pain. Sami says he’s nothing to the child and then stops ranting when John falls to the floor, collapsing. Sami rushes to his side.
john collapses days of our lives

Back at Eric and Nicole’s, Nic apologizes for arguing with Sami like that. Eric thinks Sami needs to be “stopped before she destroys anymore lives.”

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nicole comforts a maudlin Eric days of our lives

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