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At home, Victor toasts to the peace and tranquility until Bonnie Lockhart walks in. He begins to choke.

From the pub, Sami leaves Allie a message to let her know her son’s doing fine and they all miss and love her. She’s crying when Lucas appears and comforts her. She’s worried they’ll never see Allie again.lucas comforts a sobbing sami days of our lives

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From her hospital office, Marlena leaves Ben a message to reschedule his therapy. Kate wanders in. She hasn’t heard from Allie. Neither has Marlena. Kate won’t give Allie another dime until she reaches out to Marlena. They commiserate over their worry for her and Kate feels bad that the baby doesn’t even have a name yet. They argue about whether Allie has any rights to the baby and reminisce about Will’s custody. Neither want to see this boy go through that.

By the hub, Sarah tells Nicole and Eric that they can take the baby home today. They panic. They have no formula or diapers. Sarah receives a text from Xander that reads, “What r u wearing.” She gets flustered and excuses herself to play along. Shirtless Xander grins and texts her a sexy photo. She takes off while Nic and Eric discuss Sami going ballistic when she finds out they’re keeping the boy. Eric worries she’s just trying to get back at her mom, which means they don’t know how this will work out in the end. Belle pops up. She can’t let them take the baby home. She’s agreed to be Sami’s lawyer. Belle finds out that Allie didn’t even ask them if they wanted to raise her son. She serves them with a restraining order which prevents them from taking custody of the boy. Allie wasn’t making an informed decision, Belle says. Nicole argues that Sami’s being spiteful and selfish. They won’t give him up without a fight. Eric agrees.

kate and marlena argue over sami's grandson days of our lives

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Sarah rushes home to the Kiriakis mansion and playfully complains to Xander that she has a full schedule today. They have sex. Xander reveals he may be back to work at Titan as CEO. Downstairs, Victor gripes at Bonnie and about Henderson letting her in. Vic should have pensioned Henderson off long ago. Bonnie chuckles and gifts him an autographed book. Bonnie’s there to see Justin. Justin appears and explains that Bonnie’s suing her publishing house. Victor warns him against letting her into Justin’s life and leaves the room. Bonnie gifts Justin a Stetson hat as thanks for taking her case, since she’s broke. “You saw this and thought of me?” Justin asks. She thought it’d loosen him up a little. Nicole and Eric appear and Bonnie takes off. They explain they need a lawyer. After filling him in, Justin says they don’t have much of a case. Later, once he’s alone, Justin tries his new hat on and grins, while Xander finds Victor in the lounge and asks if he’s making him CEO of Titan again.

bonnie gets justin a stetson hat days of our lives

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Back at the pub, Sami tells Lucas about the restraining order against Nic and Eric. Sami wants to take the baby back to Italy. “The hell you will,” Lucas states. “While you’re hovering over what’s left of EJ, whose going to take care of the baby, an Italian nanny?” Sami claims she will. They argue and Lucas follows her outside and blames Sami for Allie leaving. “She hates you and wants nothing to do with you.” Sami slaps Lucas and he mutters, “This whole thing is your fault.” Sami apologizes. Lucas shrugs. They need to figure this out – together. Sami starts barking about Lucas taking the kid home to “the House of Usher,” and Lucas urges her to stay in Salem for now. She looks pained to consider leaving EJ.

Sami and Lucas meet Kate and Marlena at the hospital. They look at the baby and Marlena hopes everyone can get along for the sake of the baby. Sami says fine – as long as it doesn’t include Nicole. Sami and Lucas have come to a decision about the baby and need Marlena’s help. SHe wants to take the baby to Marlena’s house – indefinitely.

Sami and Marlena take Allie’s baby to the townhouse and Marlena lashes out at her daughter for serving Eric and Nicole with a restraining order. Marlena asks that she have a civilized conversation with them, then takes off for formula. She needs air. Once she’s gone, Nicole and Eric arrive.

Lucas and Kate wander the square and discuss Allie’s disappearance. Kate leaves and Bonnie bumps into Lucas. She snipes that she’s over him and takes off, leaving him wondering if she has her sights set on someone else.

On the next Days of our Lives: Someone collapses.

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