Sarah and Xander reunite on Days of our Lives
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In Horton Square, Xander is delighted when Sarah arrives. She apologizes for being late as she got caught up at the hospital. They grab a table at the bistro and she explains why she was late. As they enjoy some champagne, Sarah’s phone pings to remind her to take her car to the shop. He offers to buy her a new car if something is wrong with hers, which she refuses. He apologizes for going overboard and says he’s just so desperate to take away her pain and make her happy. She tells him that isn’t up to him, and she has fun when she’s with him. After dinner, Xander offers to drive Sarah home if she’s having car trouble. She would rather stay the night with him, and they kiss passionately. They head into the Salem Inn.

Xander and Sarah reunite on Days of our Lives

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At the DiMera mansion, Gabi rants to Stefano’s portrait that when Li Shen arrives, he will be disappointed to find his CEO is off to Florida, and she’ll be back on top. Jake enters and thinks the idea of her on top sounds pretty hot. She asks what he’s doing, and he explains he’s lost his phone and was in the middle of a special film project. Gabi is disgusted. He finds his phone in the sofa, and Gabi tells him to go enjoy his movie-making. Jake leaves and Li Shen arrives expecting to take Chad to meet some clients. Gabi explains he went to Florida so offers to step in for Chad. Li explains that won’t work because these clients want to meet with a blood DiMera. Gabi has an idea and excuses herself. Gabi bangs on Jake’s door and he exits in his underwear. She asks him to get dressed and come with her to the bistro with Li Shen. He doesn’t see why he should but agrees. Gwen walks out and orders Jake to get his ass back in her bed! Jake promises Gwen that he will be back as soon as he can and they’ll finish their movie. Gwen tells him that she is not happy and stomps back into their room. Gabi needs Jake to put on a suit, but he doesn’t have one. Gabi gets him one of Stefan’s suits and asks him to put it on. Gabi heads downstairs and later introduces Li to Jake, a flesh and blood DiMera. Li is shocked.

Shen Li meets Jake on Days of our Lives

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Will tries to talk to Sonny, but Sonny coldly tells him there is nothing to discuss. Will swears he didn’t conspire with his mom, she went to Rafe on her own. Sonny tells him that he lied to him. He knows he messed up, but he only wanted them to have another kid. He begs Sonny to forgive him.

Will tries to explain himself to Sonny on Days of our Lives

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Nicole visits Allie at the hospital. Allie tells Nicole that she and Eric are the only ones she can trust and confides that Will knew what his mom was up to. Allie says Will even lied to Sonny, and she doesn’t understand how he could do that. Nicole tells her it happens and confesses her own mistake of keeping the truth about Sarah’s baby from Eric. It’s why Nicole can’t judge Will, especially since Sami pushed him to keep her secret and he didn’t want to defy her. Nicole hopes she can forgive Will and change her mind about the adoption. Allie can’t because her mom has more control over her brother than she thought. Nicole asks what she will do with the baby. Allie doesn’t know where to start. Nicole suggests she start by visiting her son because it may give her closure. They go to the nursery and Allie sees her son.

Nicole visits with Allie on Days of our Lives

Sami bursts into Eric’s apartment and demands he helps her fix the mess his horrible wife created. Eric tells her not to insult his wife, and that the only person to blame for this mess is her. He tells her that she needs to stop blaming Nicole, say she’s sorry, and admit she was wrong. Sami agrees to swallow her pride and talk to her kids. He suggests she starts her redemption tour with Will, and to give Allie more time. Sami asks Eric if he could talk to Allie for her, and he agrees, but he also wants her to apologize to Nicole. Sami flat out refuses and tells her brother she doesn’t need his help and will fix things with her kids her way and storms off.

Eric lectures Sami on Days of our Lives

Sami arrives at the Kiriakis mansion as Will is begging Sonny for forgiveness. Sami tells Sonny if he needs someone to blame then blame her. Sonny doesn’t have time for Sami because he has to break the news to Ari that she’s not getting a sibling soon. Sonny leaves, and Sami suggests Will give Sonny space. She knows he’ll forgive her in time, and she hopes Will can forgive her.

In Sarah’s room at the Salem inn, she and Xander make love. After, Sarah tells him this feels right. He promises to never jeopardize what they have again.

On the next Days of our Lives: Allie makes a shocking request.

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