Ben strangles the Ciara mannequin
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Ben and Ciara are sleeping in bed when he’s jolted away. She asks him what is wrong, and he realizes it was only a dream. He relays his nightmare about the church exploding after they were married. Ciara comforts him and then gets up and goes to fetch something. Suddenly she douses him with a bucket of water, and he wakes up in the warehouse.

Ciara dumps water on Ben on Days

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will finds Sonny fretting over trying to fill out puppy adoption papers, which are fairly complex. Will gets a call from his dad and learns Allie had her baby.

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At Eric and Nicole’s place, Eric finds Nicole awake and reading the adoption papers. They discuss Sami’s meddling. Eric worries that Sami may lose Allie, Will and her grandson.

Belle returns to John and Marlena’s and finds Sami there. Belle explains Shawn is with Hope, Claire and Ciara in New York looking for Ben and Eve. As they chat, Sami reveals Allie had her baby. Belle thinks Sami must be thrilled. Sami confesses that Allie didn’t want her there and asked Nicole to be her birth coach. Belle wonders what she’s done now. Sami reveals Nicole, trying to hurt her, told Allie what she did, and explains everything. Belle tells her sister that she really screwed up this time, and when Allie learns Lucas and Will covered for her, she’ll feel rejected by her entire family. Sami swears Rafe was having doubts about the adoption before she even talked to him. Belle says it’s not the point, she took matters into her own hands. She needs to give Allie space. Sami refuses and rushes out to talk to Allie.

Sami meets with Belle on Days of our Lives

In New York, Shawn, Hope, Ciara and Claire enjoy breakfast at a café and discuss how to find Eve. Ciara wonders why they can’t just go to Eve’s house, but Hope says they need to go to the NYPD if they find any evidence of Eve’s involvement. Shawn and Hope depart to investigate, and Claire suggests to Ciara they follow them. Ciara is too emotional and asks Claire to just sit and wait with her. Ciara breaks down out of fear it may be too late by the time they find Eve, but Claire is sure Eve took Ben not to kill him but for another reason.

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At the warehouse, Eve tells Ben it’s time to wake up. Ben, now in his underwear and hooked up to electrodes, is told by Eve his nightmare is just beginning. She explains that the drugs she’s given him will make him open to suggestions, and they have a lot of other special surprises to break him down and kill Ciara. Eve reveals when they let Ben go, she cursed God for letting him live while her baby girl was dead. Then she realized maybe it was so he could find love and know what it feels like when it’s killed. She introduces Vincent, a prodigy of Dr. Rolf. Vincent explains to Ben how his machine works, which mixes pleasure and pain to condition him. Eve begins to show Ben images of the wedding, which he enjoys, but then they turn to images of a strangled Ciara as Vincent shocks him and asks, “You like that picture don’t you?” The photos alternate as Ben is given a mixture of drugs and shocks. Later, Eve wheels out a mannequin in Ciara’s wedding dress, which she stole, with a tablet on the head and a video of Ciara shown on it of her being strangled with a tie. Ben is helped up by Vincent and encouraged to strangle the mannequin.

Eve brainwashes Ben on Days of our Lives

Will and Sonny arrive at the hospital and peek in on the baby (played by Delaney and Parker Evans) in the nursery. Eric and Nicole appear, and Will and Sonny introduce them to their son. Eric says they met the baby as Nicole was the birthing coach. Will wonders why they didn’t call them, and Nicole admits Sami asked them not to. Will is confused. Nicole thinks Sami hoped Allie would bond with the baby and decide to keep him. Will and Sonny don’t think so because Allie wanted them to have their baby. Eric reveals Allie hasn’t signed the adoption papers because right before she was about to, she learned Sami convinced Rafe not to adopt her baby. Eric and Nicole are going in to see Allie and suggest they wait and take a step back. Sonny curses Sami and thanks God that Will is nothing like his mom. As Sonny vents that Sami needs to pay, she walks in.

Will and Sonny argue on Days of our Lives

Shawn and Hope arrive at Eve’s apartment in New York to investigate.

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Shawn and Hope return to the café and reveal Eve’s apartment was dirty and messy, with dead plants, spoiled food in the fridge and dishes in the sink. The landlord told them the rent had been paid a few months in advance. The NYPD are going to search her place, and he knows someone who might help them find Eve. Chloe arrives and they ask her to help them find Eve.

Chloe meets with Shawn and others in New York on Days of our Lives

On the next Days of our Lives: Allie comes to a decision about her baby.

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