A man tortures Ben on Days
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny discuss how everything is moving forward with this adoption so quickly. They tell Ari they’ve a big surprise for her. She jumps to the conclusion they are getting a puppy. They explain they aren’t getting a puppy yet, but they are getting a new baby. Ari frowns. They tell her they are adopting Aunt Allie’s baby. Ari really wanted a puppy and leaves to watch her shows. Sonny suggests they get her the puppy if it will help her accept the baby. Will brings Ari back and Sonny explains once the new baby is there and settled in, then they can look for a puppy. Ari is thrilled but quickly realizes this is a bribe. They wonder where she learned that word, and she tells them from Mommy who does it all the time.

Sonny and Will give Ariana good news on Days

Nicole arrives home to learn Allie is ready to sign the adoption papers. Nicole says there is something she should know first. She relays that she just ran into Rafe and he admitted her turned Allie down not just because it was a complicated situation, but because Sami got to him.

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Sami visits Rafe at the station and thanks him for telling Allie that he wasn’t interested in adopting her child, and she pleads with Rafe not to let Allie know that she talked to him. He promises not to but warns Sami that Nicole knows. Sami fumes and accuses Rafe of throwing him under the bus. She storms out to find Nicole and shut her up.

In prison, Clyde suggests to Ciara that Orpheus may have been targeting her by kidnapping Ben. Ciara decides to question Orpheus, but Clyde reveals Orpheus isn’t in this prison and he disappeared a few weeks ago. Clyde offers to put the word out to his people, but it might be hard to find him if he’s cut another deal and is in the witness protection program. Clyde suggests she lean on Rafe and get him to find out where Orpheus is.

In a warehouse somewhere, Ben is strapped to a chair and demands whoever is holding him show their face. A door opens and a man in black walks in and introduces himself as Vincent, (played by Michael Teh), the man who blew his wedding up and brought him there. Ben screams, “Why did you blow up my wedding!” Vincent calmly explains he was paid to. Ben asks who his employer is. Vincent says the same one who sent him that wedding gift. Ben recalls the gift and thinks Clyde is behind this. Vincent laughs that it’s not Clyde. Ben demands to know who it is. Vincent pulls out a baton and warns him he’s in no position to make demands and strikes his legs as Ben screams in pain. Eve yells to Vincent that is enough, and she’ll take it from her. Ben watches her stroll in wearing a red dress.

Eve reveals herself to Ben on Days

Lucas visits his mom at the DiMera mansion with news. She already knows he slept with Bonnie, as Harold saw her leaving his room. Lucas explains what happened and that he didn’t sleep with Bonnie. Kate is relieved. Lucas lets her know that Will and Sonny are adopting Allie’s baby after Rafe turned Allie down. Kate is surprised that Rafe changed his mind and quickly deduces Lucas is keeping something from her. After pressing him she realizes Sami meddled. Lucas admits she did, and Allie can never know.

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Sami bangs on Eric and Nicole’s door looking for Nicole, only for Allie to answer. Sami is surprised to see her but needs to talk to Nicole in private. Allie accuses her mother of trying to keep Nicole quiet, but she already knows her mother talked Rafe out of adopting her baby. Sami admits she talked to Rafe, but nobody can make Rafe do anything he doesn’t want to. A huge argument erupts between them, and Allie wants her mom to stop trying to ruin her life. As they bicker, Allie goes into labor. Sami coaches a panicked Allie on how to breathe.

Allie goes into labor on Days

Ciara visits Rafe at the station and informs him that Clyde is innocent and suggested Orpheus planted the bomb to get to her. She also tells him that Orpheus has mysteriously disappeared from prison and hopes Rafe can get some answers. Rafe calls the warden, who tells him that that the authorities showed up with paperwork and took Orpheus away. Rafe calls Shane Donovan at the ISA, and they exchange heated words about security clearances. Rafe demands Shane get him the information on where Orpheus is. He disconnects and comforts Ciara as he promises they’ll find Ben. Later Shane calls Rafe back with the news that Orpheus is in a federal supermax prison and there is no way he planted the bomb.

Ciara turns to Rafe for help on Days

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