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Nicole and Eric return from their honeymoon and talk about their hot air balloon flying over the Serengeti. They kiss and call each other ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ and prolong things by going to bed.

eric and nicole back from honeymoon days

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At the hospital, Lucas explodes when Sami admits she talked Rafe out of adopting Allie’s baby. Sami asks him to keep it quiet. Allie appears and asks, “What did you do this time, Mom?” Sami covers, saying Claire was cleared. Allie gets rid of her by sending her for Gummi Bears. She tells Lucas she’s going back to Nicole and Eric’s. She doesn’t want to stay with Grandma. Allie’s gone when Sami reappears. She’s bummed that Allie left without her. Lucas says she is like an inflatable clown that you push but keeps coming back at ya. Sami rolls her eyes. He recalls when Allie was playing soccer and not getting used enough. Sami blew a gasket on the coach and pulled her from the team. Lucas sighs when he hears Sami wrangled Will into her lies. “Great, now he’s lying to his husband.” Lucas won’t tell Allie but doesn’t like this.

sami and lucas hospital days

AT SPD, Will shares with Rafe that Clyde told Ben he was upset that he wasn’t invited to the wedding but said he sent a wedding present. Rafe looks worried. “A bomb would be a hell of a wedding present.” Clyde has a way of doing things from prison.

Ciara dreams about her wedding to Ben and wakes up to Hope telling her they found Ben and he’s dead. Ciara yells and wakes up alone in her bed. Her sobbing brings Hope to comfort her. She says the cops cleared Claire. She had nothing to do with the explosion. Ciara’s shocked and learns the footage proves she was in the park, nowhere near the church. Ciara still doesn’t believe it and wants to know where her husband is. Rafe arrives and hugs Ciara. He tells her about his lead – Clyde. Ciara wants to talk to him, thinking he’ll open up to her, not a cop. Hope doesn’t like this. She doesn’t know about interrogation. Rafe sides with Ciara so she heads out while Rafe eats. Hope agrees to help Shawn go through surveillance footage so his men can stay out in the street.

rafe has lead on ben days

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In some unknown location, Ben is tied to a chair, passed out, behind fencing and curtains, with a spotlight on him. He wakes up and coughs, wondering where he is. He can’t free himself and cries, worried about Ciara. He begs to be let go. A door nearby opens…

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will tells Sonny about his visit with Rafe and that Claire is cleared. They go off to sign adoption papers.

will tells sonny claire cleared days

Back at Eric’s, he tells his wife he has a present for her. Nicole jokingly hopes it’s not an elephant statue. Eric laughs and presents her with earrings. They kiss until Allie appears. She fills them in on the wedding and bombing and the adoption. Nic goes to get food and Will and Sonny arrive with adoption papers. They give her visitation rights, which moves her.

At Statesville, Ciara tells Clyde about the explosion at the church and that Ben’s missing. Clyde is visibly upset. “Where the hell is he?” Ciara hoped he’d know but Clyde wouldn’t lift a finger to him now. He knows Ciara saved him, too. Ciara asks if he has any enemies but Clyde has no idea. Maybe she was the target – of Orpheus? Or Evan. Clyde assumes Ben was kidnapped. Orpheus loves explosives.

ciara confronts clyde days

Nicole runs into Rafe in the square. They hug and catch up. She brings up Rafe’s decision not to adopt her baby. Nic’s surprised. Rafe tries to explain that it’d be complicated being the father of Sami’s grandchild. Nicole realizes Sami got to him. She becomes angry but Rafe has to get back to work. He thanks her for caring about him and congratulates her on her wedding. They embrace and he toddles off.

Sonny and Will return home, happy that everything is happening so fast. Will cracks open a bottle of bubbly that Henderson got for them. They drink to their child.

Sami drops by SPD to thank Rafe for not adopting Allie’s kid. She has one more favor – to keep quiet about her interference.

Nic returns home and notices the adoption papers. She asks Allie to wait to sign…

On the next Days of our Lives: Nicole exposes Sami to Allie.

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