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Steve and Kayla arrive back in Salem from their trip, glad to be home. They hold hands at the square where Justin finds them kissing. He looks downcast, but greets them and wishes them well. Steve says what he did took real courage.

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Lucas is shocked when Bonnie wakes Lucas up in his bed at the DiMera mansion by ticking his face with a feather. Bonnie saw him sleeping and found him so “scrumptious.” Even though it’s obvious he isn’t happy to see her, she tries to look under the covers. He swats at her. He’ll have her arrested if she keeps it up. She notices that he’s been reading her book and wants to “rock your world while you’re stone-cold sober.” Lucas kicks her out.

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Allie wakes up in the hospital. Sami lets her know she’s being released in a few hours. She asked about Rafe’s visit. Sami learns Rafe turned down adopting her baby. Sami’s sorry. “Are you?” Allie asks, doubtful. Sami knows it’s not what she wanted. Allie says Rafe isn’t ready to be a father again after everything that happened with David. Sami says she’s on Allie’s side. She again pressures Allie to reconsider keeping the baby. After Sami leaves, Allie calls her brother.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny can’t believe Will could have been hurt in that church explosion yesterday. They’re worried about Ben. Talk turns to adopting Allie’s baby. They wonder if Rafe made a decision yet. When Allie calls, they head to see her and decide to support Allie’s decision no matter what.

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At SPD, Rafe questions Claire about the explosion at the wedding. Belle lies that Claire was with her the entire day but Claire reveals she left the townhouse for a half-hour to sit at Salem Park. Belle goes into mama bear mode and accuses Rafe of dragging her daughter down there for nothing but Rafe reminds her that Claire hasn’t been innocent when it comes to Ciara. Since Belle’s a lawyer, she tells him to charge Claire or let her go. Rafe lets her go. Shawn sticks around and asks to help with the case. Rafe allows it. They need to check footage at the park.

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At the townhouse, Claire’s worried nobody can corroborate her story of being at the park. She heads to bed. Sami arrives to see how Belle and Claire are. Belle’s not good. They embrace. Sami thinks Belle should flee the country. Belle laughs. They’ll assume Claire is guilty. Shawn arrives to tell them Claire is in the clear. The park video footage shows she was there the whole time. Still, Belle wants to go to Hong Kong. Shawn agrees but she doesn’t see why.

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Sonny and Will arrive at the hospital. Rafe doesn’t want to adopt her baby so Allie offers the child to them. She realized last night after the bombing, that she really cares about “this kid,” and has realized she wants her baby to be with people she knows and loves. Will and Sonny are stunned and then happy. Lucas arrives and they go talk to a lawyer while Allie fills him in on the news. It’s the second-best outcome to him. By the hub, Will flashes to Sami asking him to keep quiet about her convincing Rafe to not adopt Allie’s kid so that Will and Sonny can do it. Later, Sami and Lucas talk privately. She admits she convinced Rafe to tell Allie he’s not interested in raising her baby. Lucas is shocked. She’ll go ballistic when she finds out. Allie appears and asks what they’re talking about.

Back at the square, Steve tells Justin he hopes he finds someone as happy as he made, “Adrienne…” he says, taken aback when he sees Bonnie strolling by. “Y’all just keep your panties on. I’m Bonnie,” she says. Steve wonders how she can show her face here. Bonnie has heard this before. She goes and Steve gives Justin a minute to tell Kayla he moved out of the condo. She calls what they had real, and goes off with Steve. Bonnie sets her sights on Justin. She invites him for a drink. On her. He refuses. Sonny pokes his head up and asks his dad to draw up adoption papers. Justin’s happy.

Steve and Kayla arrive at the pub and discuss how bad they feel about Justin.

Will goes to Rafe at SPD to tell him about the adoption but wants to ensure he’s okay with it. He tells Rafe about Sami’s interference and his guilt, but Rafe tells him to celebrate. They discuss Claire’s case and Will recalls Clyde called Ben before the wedding to say he sent a present…

On the next Days of our Lives: Ciara confronts Clyde.

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