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After the bomb hits Ciara and Ben’s church wedding, and everyone takes a nosedive for the floor, to safety, the doors slam shut. A fire is started and Xander checks on Sarah. She’s fine. She goes to see if anyone needs medical attention while he checks the others. John rolls out from a pew, forehead cut. Will finds him. He got Marlena out. Allie appears. She’s fine. Gabi and Jake get up and Gabi’s ankle needs attention. Rafe and Jake take her to safety. Lani and Eli get up from under a pew. Lani thinks the baby is fine. Shawn tells them the grandparents are already outside. Shawn finds Hope and they rush to Ciara. She jumps up after hearing it was a bomb and yells for Ben. She goes to the doors, sobbing when she sees the fire. Hope holds her back, while Xander tells everyone it’s time to go before the church collapses. Ciara won’t leave without Ben so they drag her out.

Ciara in explosion on Days of our Lives

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Outside on a bench, Julie gives Doug water as they worry about their loved ones. Julie sees Gabi. “I might have known you’d survive. The cockroaches will survive us all.” Jake defends her. She’s his plus one. Dog tells Julie not to let Gabi get to her. Eli and Lani appear. They share who else is coming and Julie wonders about Ben. Eli goes back in while Doug promises to get Lani to the hospital. Jake tries to look for Ben but they won’t let him back inside so he returns to Gabi who bitches about not being in this situation if it hadn’t been for his invite. He calls her a pain in the ass. He invited her because he thought they shared a moment. Gabi doesn’t want his help walking but he lifts her up and carries her home.

At the hospital, Sarah dons her scrubs as Will and John appear and Marlena follows. Xander rushes Allie in – in his arms. She passed out. In her room, Allie’s embarrassed that “the hot guy,” Xander carried her out of the church. John laughs and says all that matters is she’s going to be okay. Marlena wants to call her parents but Allie refuses at least until they know everything is okay. The grandparents leave and Will gives Allie some gummy candy. She laughs, remembering him putting these in her lunch box when Sami wasn’t looking. She brings up the adoption and Will stops her. Whatever she decides, he’ll respect. “I love you.” They hug.

allie hospitalized after cin wedding days

Julie paces Lani’s room with Doug, worried. Sarah appears and everyone files out so she can examine the baby. Lani has spotting but the monitor is reading as normal. She’ll run some tests. Lani is beside herself with worry. By the hub, Sarah admits to Xander she’s overwhelmed. She was impressed with him saving Allie that way. It reminded him of her last year by the side of the road. He gives her a coffee. She’s grateful. Later, Sarah goes to Lani. The baby is fine.

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lani hospitalized after wedding fire days

Back at the church, Shawn puts out the fire with an extinguisher and Rafe tells Ciara he can’t get to Ben through the doors. There’s debris everywhere. The firemen arrive help move aside the columns and Ciara tries but can only see his shoe through a hole in the door. She screams his name but he never responds so she and Hope pray. Eli cuts his hand badly so Rafe and Shawn tell him to go get it looked at. He goes and eventually, they are able to get to the area where Ben fell. Ciara looks down and cries, “Oh my God.” He’s not there.

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Jake brings Gabi ice for her ankle at the DiMera mansion. She says he was right. She was being unreasonable. She admits she was being a jerk to him because he’s not Stefan. It just got to her that he’ll never be Stefan and she’ll never see him again. Jake looks around. “It’s a far cry from Philly and working in a garage,” he says. Gabi offers to tell him about his father. He’s grateful but worried about Ben. They discuss growing up a little poorer than this. She tells him this is where she and Stefan fell in love. Jake gets a text and looks upset. He says it’s work. He confesses he’s worried the explosion was his fault because of the mob. Gabi laughs and doubts that. Wouldn’t they have left a horse head in his bed as a warning? Jake laughs.

jake learns about his father stefano days

Back at the hospital, Julie brings Lani pudding. Lani updates her on the spotting. Julie gives her a pep talk and teaches her relaxation exercises, which helps. Eli arrives and comforts Lani. John and Marlena are neat the hub and discuss how glad they are that each other is okay. They hug and Marlena whimpers and squeaks. She and John head back to Allie with test results which are clear. It’s time to call Sami and Lucas. Xander finds Sarah by the hub again. He agrees to go home if she promises to let him take her out to dinner. She agrees, smiling. xander asks sarah out days

On the next Days of our Lives: Rafe makes a decision about Allie’s adoption offer.

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