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Outside at the pub, as Jake and Gabi chat, he realizes he’s late for Ciara and Ben’s wedding. Gabi apologizes again for his loss and he invites her to Ben’s wedding. Gabi’s not sure but he convinces her. They agree Gwen will be so mad.

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At the church, Rafe hugs Ciara before they walk down the aisle. A bomb is behind her in the base of a statue as Rafe tells her Bo would be proud of the woman she’s become. Ciara thanks him for being so loving and nurturing after her dad died. Everyone tears up. Nearby, Ben adjusts his tie as he’s nervous. Will calms him. The wedding begins with Ciara and Rafe ready to follow Hope and Allie down the aisle. Eli and Lani rush into the church, as do Gabi and Jake – late. Lani comments that Gabi’s wedding crashing again but Jake calls her his plus one. The guests head in and everyone in the wedding party laughs. Hope and Allie walk down the aisle and Ciara gets so nervous she can’t move momentarily.

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At the townhouse, Claire seems worried that Shawn’s at the wedding but then she says it’s fine and asks if Belle stayed behind to guard her to make sure she didn’t do something crazy. Belle searches for the words to tell her that she’s put a lot of pressure on herself. Claire thinks that means that Belle thinks she has snapped. Claire is honest that she found the Save the Date card on Ben’s psychiatrist’s desk and though it was a good way to befriend Ciara again. And now everything is a mess. Belle catches her in the lie. She questions her kid and Claire has no answers. But she’s upset that no matter how hard she tries, “it’s not going to be enough.” Belle’s sorry to have upset her. She’s not there to guard her. She’s there because she misses her. They hug. Claire agrees to go back to Hong Kong with her parents since she totally “blew up” her chances to be friends with Ciara.

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The Wedding March plays and she and Rafe walk down the aisle. Rafe sits down and Ben calls Ciara beautiful. He’s glad she feels okay. Julie gets the ball rolling. She realizes she’s missing some cue cards and as Doug mouths that she’s beautiful, Julie asks to wing it. Julie talks about a mangey cat that lived under her porch. They couldn’t get rid of it until they see Ciara holding it. They asked her to let it go but Ciara asked her grandma not to tell her not to love something. Julie cries, knowing that some of them have been told it’s not okay to love but “true love is never wrong,” she says. Sarah and Xander exchange glances. Shawn takes Julie’s place. He has a huge fortune cookie and opens it. It holds a loving phrase about never parting. Gabi tears up. Ciara thanks Shawn. She’s sorry about Claire. He is too but this is his sister’s day. He loves her and wishes her happiness. They say their own vows. Ben says, “No one here will be telling any heartwarming stories about me but that’s ok. Because before I met Ciara, the stories people would have told would not be the ones anyone would want to hear. We all know I’m the feral cat. But I’ve owned my past to the best of my abilities, made amends when I could and the way I see it now, my real story, my real life began the day I met you. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering about Ciara’s engagement ring, well, yse, it’s a washer from Ciara’s dad’s bike that I took when I replaced it when she crashed and broke her leg. The crash is how we met. People my whole life told me I was no good. My story was not supposed to be a love story. By some kind of miracle – you – it is.” He flashes to finding Ciara after her accident and the rest of their love story. He tells her that her love fixed him.

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Ciara tells Ben he told her many times she believed in him when nobody else did. “When we met, Ben, I was so mad at the world that I just wanted to make sure nobody could hurt me again. But then I woke up in the cabin after crashing my bike and you were so kind and gentle, and you made me feel safer than I ever felt in my entire life. And I felt safe every day since. To trust again and be myself again. I know our life won’t be easy but I know it’s okay for me to be scared sometimes because I’ll have you by my side. It’s your love and your strength that taught me to open my heart again to you and to the entire world.” She flashes to their life so far and cries. She was just as broken when they first met. They exchange rings, say I do, and kiss passionately. Everyone hoots and the walk back down the aisle as ticker tape is thrown at them. Ciara kisses Hope and Ben holds out his hand for her near the door. As she approaches, the bomb goes off. The door slams shut, and everyone falls or takes nosedives to the floor. Eli covers Lani. bomb on days

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