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Julie rehearses her role as the officiant at the church with Doug asking her to project her voice more. She starts yelling and Doug tells her she’s got this. She’s edgy and doesn’t want the wedding to go down as the worst ever. Doug doesn’t think that’ll happen. She starts gossiping about Hope’s horrible wedding when she found out the groom cheated on her with Sami. “Could there be anything worse?” Julie wonders. Rafe pops up. “Did I hear my name?” It’s awkward. Doug’s thrilled Rafe’s walking Ciara down the aisle. Doug knows how special he is to Ciara. Julie halfheartedly agrees. Rafe goes and Julie says she knows she’s a handful.

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Belle arrives at the townhouse and receives hugs from the family. She says Shawn’s at his mom’s and learns Allie’s pregnant. She asks how that went down with Sami and John and Marlena wince and promise to tell her later. When Claire appears, she reveals she’s fired as the maid of honor. She cries on her mama’s shoulder as Belle tries to calm her and figure out what happened. Claire refuses to talk details and runs to her room. Once alone, Belle and Claire discuss the mess and Claire feels broken that nobody thinks she’s better. They embrace.

Shawn arrives home and hugs Hope. He hears Ciara’s in the hospital. Hope tells him about their theory that Claire drugged her. Shawn’s upset. He thought Claire was better. Hope was hopeful, too. She has to focus on Ciara having a peaceful wedding today. She can’t worry about Claire. They embrace with Shawn nodding.

Ciara wakes up at the hospital and tells Sarah she’s feeling better. The IV kicked in. The lab test results are in. She’s not pregnant. The tests were inconclusive, otherwise. If there was something in her system, it’s been flushed out.

Ben tries to leave the Salem Inn. Will says, “No. You’re going to have to kill me first.” Ben says he already tried that. Ciara needs him! Will says it’s bad luck to see a bride before the wedding. Ben calls Ciara. He learns that they don’t know what was in her system and calms some. He and Ciara say I love yous and disconnect. Later, Ben and Will apologize to each other and Statesville prison calls. Ben worries Clyde will try to ruin his day. He takes the call anyway. Once he disconnects, he tells Will that Clyde wished him well. He was upset since he didn’t get an invite. He wanted one as a keepsake but says he sent a gift to the church. Will helps him with his tie and Ben looks around, awkwardly before they head to the church.

Xander finds Victor alone in the lounge at the mansion. He learns Ciara’s in the hospital and isn’t sure why. Xander offers to take him there.

Sarah sees Xander at the hospital. He tells her how lonely he’s been without her and she scoffs that she knows he “slept with” another woman at Salem Inn. Xander’s baffled until she details what she saw. Xander breaks out into laughter and admits the girl was a massage therapist. Sarah apologizes. She believes him. Xander asks why she was at his door when she saw them together. Sarah confides that a conversation with Victor made her realize he’s working hard to earn her trust back. She was coming to tell him that. He asks if that means she wants to try to work things out. She doesn’t respond so he instead asks her to go with him to the wedding. She says yes. Meanwhile, in Ciara’s room, Victor learns Ciara thinks Claire is responsible for this. Ciara doesn’t want to believe it but she can’t worry about that now. He calls her strong but he won’t take sides. He says he won’t be at the wedding. Maggie’s cold is getting worse so he’s staying home to care for her. Ciara’s sorry but will take videos and pictures. He looks forward to seeing them. They say I love yous and he wishes her all the best. He goes and Hope and Allie arrive to get Ciara ready. Ciara asks Allie to step in as maid of honor. Allie’s in – she’s touched. She gives Ciara her grandmother’s hairclip to borrow and Hope gives her daffodils as something new. They give her a blue garter and Hope has earrings for her from Bo. Ciara cries, missing her dad.

Allie, Hope, Ciara pre-wedding Days of our Lives

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Shawn arrives at the townhouse. Claire eavesdrops as Belle admits she’s not sure what to believe concerning their daughter. Belle cries as she thinks she’s in trouble. Shawn agrees. He goes to the wedding without her. Later, Claire appears at the door. Belle didn’t know she was out and questions where she was. She needed air and thanks her mom for believing in her.

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Ben and Will arrive at the church. Shawn and Sarah, Xander, John and Marlena arrive. Marlena goes to Ben and he thanks her for everything she’s done for him as he brushes away tears. Hope arrives and Rafe notices how gorgeous she is. She calls him handsome and fills him in on the change to the maid of honor. Ciara appears.

John and Marlena attend Ben and Ciara's wedding

On the next Days of our Lives: Jake invites a suprising person to the CIN wedding as his date. Check out the gallery of Ciara and Ben’s wedding – so far. Stay tuned tomorrow for more additions!

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