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At the townhouse, Claire and Marlena discuss going for drinks last night. Claire had fun. It was almost like old times. Marlena questions her about ruining the wedding gown and Claire denies she’d do that sort of thing anymore. She goes.

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Hope wakes Ciara up at her place. Ciara’s sick and rushes to the bathroom to vomit. She returns to the sofa and worries this is a sign. Hope asks if she drank too much. She only had one drink. Hope gives her Ginger-ale and since she has no fever, wonders if she’s pregnant. Ciara is 100% sure she’s not. When Claire walks in, she’s bummed to learn Ciara’s sick. Hope leaves the room and Ciara accuses her of putting something in her drink. Claire is shocked and denies it. Ciara kicks her out of the wedding and says she never wants to see her face again. Ciara is about to vomit again so Claire grabs the dress from her hand and throws it on the sofa behind her. Ciara vomits on Claire and then throws her out. Hope returns and Ciara fills her in. Ciara has a meltdown since the time is getting away from them. Hope gives her something from the pharmacist to calm her stomach and Ciara passes out.

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Ben wakes up alone in bed at Salem Inn. He sees his sister Jordan in a wedding gown. Jordan tells Ben she was on the path to real happiness until he stole it. Rafe loved her and she could have married him and raised David together. “You ruined everything for me!” Jordan shouts. Ben reminds her Christian killed her. Jordan thinks Ciara will look back on her wedding day as the worst of her life. She grabs a tie and tells Ben that one day, he’ll use it to kill Ciara. “It’s a really brutal way to go,” she says. “I should know,” she finishes, before tying the tie tight around her own neck. Ben wakes up with a start, gasping. He calls someone. Minutes later, he’s dressed when Marlena shows up. He tells her about the dream. He breaks down as Marlena says this is a huge life change. He thought he was going to be alone for the rest of his life. Marlena tells him he’s doing everything right, staying on his medication, and seeing his therapist. Ben credits Marlena for helping him get out of Bayview. She agrees to a hug and goes. Once she’s gone, Ben hallucinates that Jordan’s there babbling at him.

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Jake is startled right out of bed when Gabi pounds on his door. What does she want? Gabi tells him his mother, Vivian, died. Gabi says they think it was a heart attack. Jake guesses it was too much for her. He feels bad for running out on her but he’s heard she wasn’t a good citizen. Gabi’s sorry for his loss. She learns Gwen’s out shopping, hopeful that he’ll be rich with the DiMera money, so Gabi offers to go with him to say goodbye to Vivian. Jake asks why she’d bother. He’s nothing to her. Gabi says he’s Stefan’s brother and will always mean something to him. She apologizes for how she treated him last night.

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Kate visits Vivian’s casket at the DiMera mausoleum. She drinks champagne and says she practically skipped there. She hopes death came hard to Vivian. Ivan appears and isn’t happy to see Kate there. Kate’s there to be certain of Vivian’s death. Ivan was there at the jail when it happened. She collapsed and died instantly. Kate scoffs. Why should she believe him? Ivan lifts the casket and Kate sees Vivian’s at peace. Kate’s about to drain her glass on Vivian’s face when Ivan stops her and asks for respect. Jake arrives. “Jacob,” Ivan says, and Jake corrects him. He says goodbye to Vivian. Kate calls his “mommy dearest” a “viper,” and offers to buy him a drink so he can hear stories about her and realize how lucky he was never to know “the bitch.”

kate is happy vivian is dead days

Kate and Jake arrive at the pub and Kate tells Jake about all of Vivian’s machinations over the years. Jake has heard enough. Kate gives him the rest of the champagne and tells him to drink to dodging a bullet by not getting to know Vivian. She goes and Gabi appears. Jake rants about the funeral. They drink the champagne together while Gabi tells him a little about Kate and Vivian’s scuffles over the years.gabi tells jake about vivian days

Back at the DiMera mausoleum, Ivan’s sorry she had to listen to Kate. Vivian sits up in her casket and muses that it’s hard to fake being dead. They talk about the drugs wearing off and credit Dr. Wu – glad he’s still in business. vivian's not dead Days

Claire returns home, angry. She fills Marlena’s head with what happened with Ciara. Marlena can understand why Ciara would have trouble believing her and Claire rants that nobody believes her and takes off.

From home, Ciara calls Ben and updates him about thinking Claire drugged her. Ben has a fit. Ciara’s not sure they can marry today.

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