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Ciara arrives at the townhouse. Claire assumes she’s there to let her know she’s getting a new maid of honor. Ciara doesn’t want to believe Ben so she asks Claire to look her in the eye and pinky swear she didn’t steal the ring. Claire does it and swears she didn’t take it – and she wouldn’t. She brings out the dress – it’s fixed and Ciara tears up, happily. Claire offers to throw her a bachelorette party. They recall drinking underage at Edge of the Square, Belle’s club. They agree to meet later.

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At Salem Inn, Ben talks to the jeweler about the missing ring. They haven’t seen it but will call if they do. He disconnects and Jake shows up. He’s sorry to bother him but needs a friend. He tells Ben all about him being Stefan’s twin. Ben’s shocked at the news and wonders if Jake is bummed that it’ll mean Gabi’s not all over him anymore. Jake protests a little too much and Ben calls him out on it. Ben invites him out for drinks but he refuses and goes.

Gabi’s stunned to see Gwen meandering through the DiMera mansion. Gwen explains Chad invited her. He appears and grabs the booze she just poured. Gabi reminds him he’s married but Chad just wanted to ensure Gwen was okay. Gwen asks why she cares. Shouldn’t she be with Jake? Gabi shares the truth about him not being Stefan. Gwen cackles loudly, glad. “I knew it!” Chad asks if Gabi faked the DNA test results. Gabi didn’t He’s Stefan’s twin brother. Gabi fills them in on the story Ivan told her. Gwen’s glad. It’ll mean Gabi will see Jake as a “lowly grease monkey and leave him alone.” Chad gets his driver to take her home. He tells Gabi that Stefan was a monster who raped his wife. Gabi defends that, and they disagree. Gabi says he was imperfect. Chad’s glad he’s dead. Gabi reminds him he has a new competition in Jake.

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From his office at SPD, Rafe looks at the drawing from David while on a call with Zoey. He promises to visit soon. Sami arrives. She’s there to report a crime. “The police commissioner is trying to steal my grandchild.” Sami babbles about Rafe “convincing” Allie to hand over her baby. Rafe tries to clarify that’s not what happened. He feels insulted so Sami apologizes. They agree the situation is a little strange but Rafe thinks all that matters is giving the child a loving home. Sami wants Allie to raise the kid. She asks Rafe to turn Allie down. Rafe calls that manipulation. Sami goes. Ciara wanders in to ask Rafe to give her away at her wedding. She knows her dad asked him to take care of his family. He’d be honored. They hug. Ciara goes and Rafe gets a surprising call. Later, he calls Gabi, looking for Jake. Since he’s not there, Rafe says “Vivian’s dead.”

At the pub, Allie tells Will all about Sami interrupting the wedding and how she learned she was pregnant. They agree their mom doesn’t respect them or their decisions. She says she and their parents had a civil talk afterward. She didn’t apologize but wanted to start over. Allie assumes that means Sami wants to help her raise her baby. They laugh, knowing that’s a bad idea. Will asks if she has given thought to him raising the child. Allie knows they’d be great dads but thinks it’d be “weird.” She can’t answer definitely until Rafe decides. Allie goes and Ben appears. They drink to his wedding. Will’s sorry that he didn’t throw him a big party. Sami interrupts, incensed to see the two together. She asks if this is some kind of sick joke. Will claims they bonded while in prison. “You bonded,” Sami says with disdain, “With the Necktie Killer.” Ben apologizes for the pain he has caused and is ashamed of his past. “I’m not sick anymore,” he says. Sami calls his marriage to Ciara a mistake. Ben’s sorry she feels that way and thanks Will for the drink. He pays and goes and Will’s annoyed with his mom. “You just can’t help yourself, can you, first Eric and Nicole and now Ben.” Sami admits she tried to talk Rafe out of adopting Allie’s baby.

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Allie returns to the townhouse and Claire says she’s feeling better and ready to go for drinks with Ciara. Allie says she is giving Nicole and Eric time alone. She updates Claire on the wedding fiasco and cake fight. Claire’s shocked and sorry. She invites her to discuss it more and invites her to Julie’s Place. Later, Ben calls and Ciara tells him Claire’s still her maid of honor. He understands and loves her for that. He’ll respect this but has doubts about Claire.

From his home above the garage, Jake reels. Gwen appears and holds him, glad he’s still himself. She’s also glad he’s a DiMera. “Darling, we’re rich,” she says.

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At Julie’s Place, Ciara brings drinks to the table for her, Allie and Ciara. They reminisce over getting drunk in high school.

On the next Days of our Lives: Gabi has tragic news for Jake.

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