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Sami’s entrance to the pub interrupts the wedding. She didn’t know her brother was getting married today and snipes that her invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Marlena asks her not to make a scene. Sami’s there for her daughter. Allie hides her pregnant belly. Sami’s hurt that her entire family is there. Eric reminds her that Sami hates Nicole. Sami agrees but feels she still should have been invited. Allie interjects. She takes the blame. She didn’t want her there. Sami worries that Allie’s spending money and partying in Salem but Eric confirms she’s not. Besides, Sami doesn’t want Nicole to corrupt her kid. Roman and Marlena step in but nothing anyone says stops Sami on the warpath. Allie doesn’t trust her mom but trusts Aunt Nicole. This makes Sami explode and when Allie shows her belly, Sami goes into shock. She realizes everyone knew but her. Abe congratulates the happy couple and tells Sami it’s nice to see her. He didn’t know Allie was pregnant but asks her to go easy on her. Sami will take that under advisement. He kisses her head and goes and John takes Allie and Roman for ice cream. Sami tries to give Nicole the boot but Allie wants Nic there. Sami wants answers. She learns Lucas and Marlena knew. She’s angry. Allie kept it from her, knowing that she’d blow up. Sami apologizes and cries. She thinks Allie’s too young to have a baby. Allie says she was younger when she had Will. Sami worries about her future. Allie tells her she’s giving the child up. She pits Nicole against Allie by saying Nicole supports her no matter what. Sami focuses her anger on Nicole who accuses her of handling this the wrong way. “I’m not taking parenting advice from a baby-stealing ex-porn star,” Sami yells. Nic thinks Allie wouldn’t have come to her if she was a good parent. Sami attacks Nicole and they take a dive into the huge cake. Allie and Marlena go outside. The cake flies as Eric tries to stop the fight.

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Vivian slumps in relief at SPD when Ivan Marais, played by Ivan G’Vera, her former manservant appears and holds her hand. She’s happy he’s there. Ivan says he wouldn’t be anywhere else but it took him a while since he was hiking in the Himalayas. He whispers that he’s pretending to be her lawyer. He yells at how barbaric it is seeing her cuffed to the table. She tells him about crashing Lani’s wedding and trying to murder the bride. “Of course,” he says, unsurprised. Vivian blurts that Stefan’s alive. Ivan asks if the cops stopped her from taking her medication. Vivian argues that she’s lucid. It’s true. Ivan says Stefan’s heart was donated to Julie. He asks Madame to call Jake over.ivan is back for vivian alamain days of our lives

In the room above the garage, Jake injects himself with Dr. Rolf’s serum. Gabi has a meltdown, worried the serum is poison. When he doesn’t immediately remember being Stefan, Gabi suggests they whack him over the head. Jack Deveraux got his memory back that way. Jake looks at her as if she has two heads. Gabi takes Vivian’s call and asks her to bring her son back to the police station. Gabi says Kate already gave them the serum and Jake took it. Nothing happened. Ivan paces as Vivian repeats that the serum didn’t work. Vivian says it’s important they meet, so Gabi and Jake head out.

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From the DiMera mansion, Lucas texts Allie that he was going to tell Sami about the baby and realized it was a bad idea. He asks her to call. Bonnie appears. She wants to talk about the nasty things she’s done to him. She hands him her book. He reads the inscription which is an apology of sorts where she calls him good in bed and asks him for a repeat performance. “Do you recall the mechanical bull in my restaurant? I would ride you like a…” Lucas stops reading. He’s disgusted. She offers to help with Allie. She tells a story about taking Emily to get her ears pierced without telling Mimi. Mimi was angry until she saw how much Emily loved them. Lucas doesn’t get the point of the story but Bonnie suggests he do what it takes to stop Ali from giving up her baby. He opens up about the adoption and needs Sami, much to Bonnie’s chagrin. Lucas calls home. Sydney says she left for Salem.

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Jake and Gabi show up at SPD. Vivian introduces Ivan as her manservant and he reminds her he’s an independent man. Vivi says Ivan was there when he was born. Ivan says Stefano seduced Madame and left her after taking her ruby. Jake says, “If that’s a euphemism for…” Gabi says, “Gross,” but Ivan continues. It was a priceless gem. Madame was devastated and he thought she shouldn’t be burdened of a child that would remind her every day of her life about how Stefano treated her. Ivan’s sorry for that action. He says the rest, Madame doesn’t know and reveals she had twins. Everyone gasps.

At the square, John, Roman, and Holly eat ice cream and talk about the eventful conclusion to the ceremony. At least Marlena’s there to try to calm Sami down. Roman says Sami’s getting a taste of what she dealt out as a teenager. John doesn’t want to be rude but says one could argue that it’s karma. Roman grins. Abe stops by. Roman hopes his pub is still standing when they return.

On the next Days of our Lives: Gabi and Vivian reel after finding out the truth about Jake.

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