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In the square, Lucas snarks as Kate shows off her ‘likes’ on Abe’s speech, then admits he’s worried about Allie’s baby. Kate thinks adoption is the sensible thing. As they talk, Rafe appears, having overheard the discussion and reveals Allie asked him to adopt her baby. Lucas challenges him over Allie running to her doting stepfather. Rafe relays she learned he lost custody of David and the adoption was totally her idea. Lucas shares that Will and Sonny think they can give the child a good home also. Rafe will speak to Allie and leaves. Lucas decides to call Sami, but Kate snatches the phone and opines that Rafe would make a wonderful dad. Lucas warns Sami will find out. Kate feels he shouldn’t betray Allie – he could lose her forever.

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Eric, Nicole, and Allie arrive at Brady’s Pub. Allie hesitates before joining Marlena and John and revealing her baby belly. Allie’s apologetic – they must think she’s her mother all over again. Marlena loves them both. Allie’s relieved and credits Eric and Nicole for their support, though Eric disagrees with adoption. Marlena and John learn she’s not keeping the baby, and that Sami doesn’t know she’s pregnant – Marlena’s concerned. Allie feels Sami would only make things worse. Marlena advocates for telling Sami, but Allie insists she’ll take over. Eric heads upstairs – he’s staying there before the wedding. Nicole joins him. John warns Allie that Sami shouldn’t learn this secret from anyone but her. Allie’s life was a circus and Sami was the ringmaster…she wants peace for her baby. Marlena concedes it’s her decision. Allie shares she asked Rafe to adopt the baby…but then Will and Sonny asked to. She thinks it’s less complicated with Rafe, but Marlena’s unconvinced. Upstairs, Nicole and Eric discuss getting married in the pub…it makes him feel like his grandparents would be there. They kiss.
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Downstairs in the pub, Marlena feels Allie’s shutting her family out. Allie wants to do what’s right for the baby and thinks she’s letting everyone down. Marlena believes she needs family support. They hug.
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In the Kiriakis parlor, Sonny and Will discuss Justin, who loved Kayla so much he let her go. Will decides to go talk to Allie, though Sonny cautions against pressuring her. Will just wants to know what she’s thinking.

At Adrienne’s grave, Justin kneels to update her on his failed wedding, then is shocked when someone appears. He gawps, “Adrienne…Oh my God! You’re alive!” and pulls her into a passionate kiss. After, the woman reveals she’s Bonnie. Justin points out her hair and clothes are very Adrienne-like. She credits her publicist and relays she’s there to pay her respects. Justin’s appalled – she put his wife through living hell! Bonnie’s sorry. Justin snarls; he can’t believe he’s seeing her on the day his life blew up. Bonnie gets in the loop and can’t understand him not keeping his mouth shut, but theorizes Kayla and Steve would have ended up together regardless. They’re a supercouple…like her and Lucas. Justin reminds her she tried to pass off her granddaughter as his child. Bonnie concedes they’ve work to do. She’s sorry he lost Adrienne…and that he thought she was her.

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In the airport, Kayla is stunned to see Steve appear…he changed his mind about the flight to DC. He asks if she’s there with Justin to leave on her honeymoon. Kayla reveals they didn’t get married. She accuses that Justin found out Steve was lying…he still loves her and wanted her back. Why didn’t he tell her? Steve didn’t want to ruin her happiness and thought she was better off. Kayla rails about him thinking for the both of them. Steve admits he was going to disappear but couldn’t walk away and leave her. “I love you too much.” Kayla smacks him. She rants about his arrogance; playing God with their lives and harming Justin. Steve’s truly sorry, but notes she didn’t go through with the wedding. Kayla explains Justin walked away. Steve counters, “You didn’t go after him. You came here.” Kayla still loves him but isn’t happy about it. Steve gets that…he knows what they’re up against. He was trying to not hurt her again. Kayla angrily swipes at tears. Steve pulls her into an embrace. “I love you. All the days of our lives.” After, Steve has an idea and suggests they take a plane to somewhere they can be alone. Kayla says, “Yes.” They kiss.

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Outside, Eric’s apartment, Will runs into Rafe. They establish that neither of them knew about the other’s interest in Allie’s baby. Will assures him he and Sony are okay with whatever happens.

Bonnie arrives in the square and spots Lucas. She fantasizes he walks over and embraces her – he thinks about her every day. She returns the sentiment and they kiss.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin accepts a hug from Sonny then enters the parlor and pours a drink, then notices Kayla’s bouquet.

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