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In the Kiriakis parlor, Justin stuns everyone by interrupting his wedding ceremony. He can’t let this go on without Kayla knowing the truth and reveals he overheard Jennifer and Hope discussing Steve’s feeling for her…he still loves her and wants her back. Kayla’s mystified since Steve made it clear she’s better off with Justin. Her groom explains that Steve saw him propose – that’s why he backed off. Kayla can’t believe Jennifer knew all this time and didn’t say anything. Jenn admits it was hard keeping it from her, but Steve asked her to. Jack interjects that Steve confided in him, and Victor grumbles about getting on with it. Justin informs Kayla this threw him for a loop, but he realized he couldn’t get married unless she knew the truth. Kayla wonders what she’s supposed to do. Justin questions if they’d still be standing there if Steve had told her his feelings before Justin proposed. He suggests she’s been avoiding her feelings for Steve so as not to hurt him. Kayla doesn’t know what to say. Justin relays he visited the cemetery to tell Adrienne if things were different, they’d still be married to her and Kayla would be their dear friend. Justin wishes Steve weren’t madly in love with her, but he’s happy for her. Kayla throws her arms around him as they tear up. Justin informs the guests there will be no wedding. Kayla never wanted to hurt him. He knows, and kisses her before leaving.
Kayla and Justin's ill-fated wedding days of our lives

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At Brady’s Pub, Steve reveals he wants to take an ISA case in Europe with Shane. John notes he’d have to leave Salem and go underground. Steve can’t stay and watch Justin and Kayla together. Hope wonders if Justin’s conscience will get the better of him at the wedding and relays what he overheard between her and Jenn. Marlena can’t imagine him keeping it from Kayla. Steve doesn’t believe Justin will tell Kayla and jeopardize spending the rest of his life with her. He figures they’re married by now and confesses he has a ticket to Washington D.C. John’s upset; if Steve gets on that plane, he’ll never see him again. Marlena warns he needs their support. Hugs abound and Hope leaves with Steve. Marlena cries and John grits his teeth. After, John makes arrangements with Shane by phone then gripes to Marlena about Steve leaving. He doesn’t think it’s possible for Justin to love Kayla as much as Steve. He’s worried about his friend, who’s not a young man anymore and has one eye. Marlena suggests darts to distract him. John cracks up over the idea of Doc becoming his drinking buddy before saying he loves everything about her. She returns the sentiment. They kiss.

At the mansion, Kayla removes her ring and Sonny goes after his dad. Jenn and Jack approach Kayla, who’s angry Steve caused Justin to be hurt. Jack defends Steve, who sacrificed for what he thought she really wanted. Jenn feels she belongs with Steve and sends her to talk to him.

At Hope’s place, she complains Steve’s ditching her after he thanks her for letting him stay. She urges him to wait and see what happened at the wedding. Steve believes Kayla’s sure about Justin. Hope asks him to stay another night, but he can’t. Once he’s packed, Steve advises Hope to get on with her life – she’s too sweet and smart to be alone. They embrace. Later, Kayla shows up and informs Hope what happened. She learns Steve left and isn’t coming back. He couldn’t stay here and his assignment is top secret. She urges her to speed to the airport – she’ll try to call him.

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Sonny finds Justin at Kayla’s apartment boxing up his things. Justin recalls trying to make Kayla a jazz buff and tears up over the nights listening to jazz and cooking dinner. Sonny was proud of him today. Justin couldn’t have kept quiet, he’d have felt he was conning Kayla. Sonny wishes he weren’t hurting so much. Justin finds Steve and Kayla’s wedding photo. Sonny says what he did was noble and thinks time will help. Justin sends Sonny home with the boxes, then sobs before leaving.
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Sonny rejoins Will at the mansion and has a good idea where his father’s going.

At the airport, Steve leaves Jack a message and asks him to keep an eye on Kayla. Hope calls but he refuses the call – no time.
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Jenn and Jack arrive at Hope’s place and learn Kayla’s gone after Steve. Jack’s flummoxed he’s rejoined the ISA. Realizing he has a voicemail from Steve, he plays it.

At the gate, Steve reflects on leaving Salem and his family before boarding. Soon, Kayla rushes up and wants to get on the plane but is stopped. She’ll buy a ticket then! She does, but the gate’s closed. As she collapses in tears, Steve appears – he’s gotten off the plane.

At Adrienne’s grave, Justin updates her. He understands Kayla and Steve’s love because if she were alive, there’d be no one else but her for him. Suddenly, someone appears. Justin gapes, “Adrienne?”
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