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Xander says goodbye to Victor at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor says Brady may be stepping down as CEO and if he does, Xander’s his candidate for replacing him. “Don’t go away mad,” he says. Sarah appears. “Just go away,” she quips. Xander explains to Vic that he’s moving for Sarah. Victor defends how contrite Xander is. Can’t she give him a break? Sarah tried and tells Victor it turned out terribly. Xander goes and Victor calls Xander an “insensitive oaf” but knows his heart is in the right place. Sarah’s not sure he knows how to love. Victor says she’s always been selfish and arrogant – and a criminal. But he’s changed since they met. He cares about people like Maggie and Rachel. Vic calls Xandy a work in progress. Vic thinks she’s trying to find reasons to push him away, since she fell in love with him, knowing who he is. Sarah gets her hackles up and tells her step-father to stay out of her life. She says Maggie’s cold is worse and she’ll stay home to care for her. Victor asks her to consider that Maggie once said she’d rather be with an imperfect man she loves than alone.vic advice sarah days

Jennifer and Jack dine at Mandalay outside, upset that Gabi was found innocent and at how badly Abigail took the news. Jennifer brings up Steve and Kayla. They argue once again about whether or not Kayla needs to know that Steve wants her back. Jennifer takes off and Jack sees Xander who updates Jack on how he got the gravestone for Mickey’s grave, which worked out well for him and Sarah, but then how he blew his chances with her permanently. Jack hears Xander. If Jennifer can still put up with him over the years, things could turn around for him and Sarah. Xander appreciates that but thinks it might be time to move on. He goes to check into Salem Inn.

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Sonny takes Justin to Brady’s pub for his pre-wedding lunch. Justin admits to having pre-wedding jitters because of Steve, who he knows was brainwashed when he signed the divorce papers. “It takes the edge off of complete bliss,” Justin says. He knows the kind of love Steve and Kayla had. Sonny reminds him Kayla made her choice.

Hope finds Steve still asleep on the sofa at her house. She wakes him up and gives him coffee. They discuss the key to the city and Kayla’s wedding today. Steve is visibly glum. He says he’s not attending the wedding. It’ll be awkward. He doesn’t want to ruin Kayla’s happiness. Hope asks about his happiness. Steve has a lot already. He goes off to “shine up my fancy patch.”

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Will arrives on Kayla’s doorstep. He tells her the house is ready for the wedding the Justice of the Peace canceled. Abe and Marlena can’t do it. Will calls Julie but she has the same cold as Maggie. Hope and Jennifer arrive and Will tells them the bad news. Hope and Jenn are quick to tell her to postpone but Will has an inspiration. He goes online and quickly becomes ordained from “The Church of What’s Happening Now.” Jenn will get someone to cover for him at work. Kayla hugs Will, the genius. He runs home to bone up on how to officiate and Hope looks sad. She’s sorry she can’t be there today. Kayla knows Kate would cause a stink. They drink mimosas and since Jenn doesn’t know their love story, Kayla tells her that things started when he brought over his lasagna. Things were platonic until they saw a summer jazz concert together. She calls it a magical night. They share a toast to jazz and a hug and Jenn goes to get Justin’s present since Kayla ran out of time and Hope goes to her key to the city celebration.kayla wedding toast days

Justin and Sonny run into Steve outside the pub. Sonny goes to get the boutonnieres so Steve can talk to Justin alone. Steve wishes Justin all the best, knowing he’ll be as good to Kayla as he was to his sister. Justin’s grateful for his blessing. Steve thinks Adrienne would have given hers. They shake hands.

Back at the square, Sonny sees Jack and lets him know he left his father with Uncle Steve. Jack goes and Justin appears.  He talks about the blessing Steve gave. Justin feels a weight has lifted. He goes to put flowers at Adrienne’s grave. Inside Salem Inn, Xander unpacks then calls someone to inquire about their services. Later, a beautiful woman (played by Sophia Tatum) shows up. Sarah overhears him say he hopes she lives up to her recommendation as he unbuttons his shirt. Sarah runs off.

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Outside at Brady’s pub, Jack finds Steve playing his harmonica. He heard Steve saw Justin. Steve admits he told him he was happy for him and Kayla. Steve knows that means he lied through his teeth. He encourages him to talk to Kayla.

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In the park, Hope and Jennifer discuss how Steve still has feelings for Kayla and what to do about it. Justin overhears…

At home, Will shares with Sonny that the JP canceled and now Will is ordained. “You can call me Reverend Will.” Vic hopes nothing else goes wrong.

On the next Days of our Lives: Steve has an announcement.

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