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Eli and Lani return home after their wedding to find the place set for romance with flower petals strewn across the bed and fairy lights strung up. Eli assumes his grandmother did it and when he reads the card, he confirms Julie did this. They eat cake in bed and later, Lani puts on a sexy outfit and they make love as fireworks begin.elani honeymoon days

Hope arrives at Julie’s Place to help clean up after the wedding but Julie beat her to it. They embrace. She learns Doug’s fine but has a chest cold. He’s stoic about missing the family gathering. Julie regales her with stories of the wedding crashers. Hope is appropriately shocked. Julie tells every aspect of the story and Hope’s glad that Eli and Lani finally tied the knot. Julie and Hope drink to their happily ever after.

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At SPD, Vivian’s world is rocked when she sees Stefan in the interrogation room. Jake’s not sure what to think and before he can leave, Gabi enters. She tries to get Vivian to help jog Stefan’s memory. Stefan asks if she recalls the day he was born. She shakes her head and says it’s complicated. She was told he died in childbirth and she met him as an adult. She explains how they came to get to know each other and asks if it’s familiar. He says it is. He read the article in the newspaper about this. He reminds them he has a heart which is scientific proof that he’s not Stefan. He storms off and Gabi tries to run after him. Vivian grabs her and asks her to give him time. Vivian says he’s so different. They agree there must be another way. Gabi thinks it’s up to Vivian to help him. She needs to talk to Dr. Rolf. Vivian’s not sure he’ll listen. Besides she’s stuck at SPD. Vivian asks how Gabi can assist with that. Maybe Rafe will go to bat for them. Gabi reminds Vivi she tried to kill someone. “I don’t think he’s gonna help.” But she’ll do what she can.gabi, stefan and vivian DAYS

At the Horton Square, Allie asks Rafe if he wants to adopt her baby. Rafe is quiet for a time. He wasn’t expecting that. Allie says Rafe always listened to her as a person when she was young. Her parents love her but didn’t listen. There was always so much drama. Rafe’s not sure what to say. He thinks she should talk to her mom about this first and imagine how she’ll feel. Allie says it’s not her business. Rafe says Sami will have strong feelings about her ex-husband adopting her grandchild. Rafe needs time to think.allie with rafe at square days

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At Eric’s, Will and Sonny learn that Allie already has a prospective person in mind to adopt her baby. Will’s surprised it happened so fast. They learn it’s Rafe and Will mutters that Rafe is great but he’s not family. Sonny assumes she didn’t know anyone in the family was interested. Allie returns and they let her know that Eric told them she was asking Rafe to adopt her baby but that they would like to adopt it.wilson wants to adopt DAYS

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Stefan drinks at his room above the garage. Gwen appears. She heard Gabi beat the charges. Stefan tells her he really is Stefan DiMera. Gwen thinks Gabi doctored the DNA test results but Stefan knows Gabi didn’t. He mentions meeting his mother. Gwen asks how he’ll hold on to who he is and he kisses her. They fall to the bed for sex.

Hope finds Rafe at SPD and tells him he saved the wedding. Rafe says it’s not a big deal. He takes her aside and talks to her about Allie’s offer. He’s not sure about it. After losing David, it’s a lot to consider.

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