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At Eric’s, he reads the paper as Allie comes from the bedroom after her nap. They talk about the adoption and she imagines Rafe could be a good father. Eric is on board with that. But he reminds her this will be permanent. Eric is reminded of his situation with Mackenzie and voices his concerns to Allie. He asks if she’ll tell the child she’s the biological mother. Allie hadn’t thought of that or if she’ll stay in Salem. Allie has a lot to think about.allie counseled by eric days

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At Salem Inn, Ben blames Claire for how Ciara’s dress was ruined. Ciara doesn’t think Claire did it. She was happy about the dress and argues that she’s a different person now – just like he was when he got out of Bayview. Ben’s sorry but he can’t help but be cynical. Ciara begs him to confront her.

Gwen finds Claire painting her nails at the townhouse. Gwen’s in a mood and rants about Gabi. Claire reveals that Gabi was acquitted of drugging Abigail. It looks like she has competition when it comes to Jake. Gwen’s mood gets worse and she confides that Gabi ran DNA test results on the man. Gwen thinks you’d have to be deranged to think someone could return from the dead. Claire explains Salem to Gwen. Gwen snorts. She asks about Claire’s day with Ciara and is surprised Claire had a good time shopping with her. Gwen still thinks Claire has something naughty up her sleeve when it comes to her aunt. Ciara and Ben show up and tell Claire about the nail polish found on the dress once it was sent back to the dress shop. Claire’s visibly upset. She swears she didn’t get nail polish on the dress. She didn’t even take the dress from the bag. She took it back to the shop and came home and did her nails. Ben doesn’t believe her. Gwen defends Claire and when Ben shrugs her off, thinking she’s not the most trustworthy person, Gwen responds by telling him she’s sane and clutching at her throat, reminding him he’s a serial killer. Claire comes between them and Ciara believes in Claire, who promises to find the perfect dress. She’ll even pay for the ruined dress. Ben and Ciara go and Gwen presses her about ruining the dress. Claire says she didn’t.claire and gwen talk dress days

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At SPD, Vivian is confused when Rafe shows her a mugshot of Jake Lambert. She cries that it’s Stefan. Rafe says his sister, Gabi, agrees.

At the hospital, Gabi opens the DNA test results in front of Jake. He pesters her to read faster and she finally reads that the DNA is a match. She kisses him hard and he asks to see the results. Jake’s as confused as Gabi is validated and emotional. Jake asks if everything from the last two years was fiction. Gabi’s sorry. Rolf is capable of implanting memories into people. Jake’s angry. Gabi vows to fix it. She knows that he’ll soon remember how much they meant to each other. Jake is sorry but it doesn’t change anything. He still feels nothing for her. Gabi understands. She knows a way to help him get his memory back. She kisses him and he kisses her back. She takes him away.gabi kisses stefan after dna test days

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At home, Will and Sonny are happy to learn Gabi’s been acquitted. They’re relieved that they don’t have to tell Arianna that her mama is off to jail again. Sonny and Will discuss the possibility of adopting Allie’s baby and the more they talk, the more animated they become.wilson discuss allies baby days

Gabi and Jake arrive at SPD. Gabi confesses Jake really is Stefan. She wants Rafe to let them see Rolf so they can get the serum from him to regain Jake’s memories. Rafe doubts they can trust Rolf. He tells them Vivian Alamain is in the interrogation room. Jake asks who Vivian is and Gabi explains she’s his mother. Gabi updates him on how Lani was aiming for Vivian when she shot him. Allie interrupts. She wants to talk to Rafe. Gabi’s happy to see her and learns she is pregnant. Rafe takes off with Allie and allows Jake to visit Vivian. Jake’s hesitant to go without Gabi. “Just remember, she loves you very, very much,” Gabi says before he heads to see his mama. When he walks into the room, Vivian is astounded. “Stefan, you’re alive! My son!” Jake looks overwhelmed.

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At the square, Allie and Rafe sit and discuss David being taken from him. Rafe insists he will be okay. Allie has something to make him “even more okay.” She offers him to adopt her baby.

Ciara and Ben return to Salem Inn. He can’t wait to marry Ciara. They kiss.

On the next Days of our Lives: Eric has disappointing news for Will & Sonny.

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