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At the DiMera mansion, Rafe tells Chad that the jury reached a decision. Rafe defends his sister. He thinks Rolf is framing her. Rolf basically admitted it to him. Chad doesn’t want to argue but disagrees. Chad goes to tell Jack the news and assumes Gabi’s with Jake.

Gabi walks in on Jake and Gwen making out in the garage. She yells at Gwen to get her nasty hands off her husband. In turn, Gwen tells her to stay the hell away from her boyfriend. She tells them she sent his toothbrush and comb to a lab to be tested. Gabi wants to show them wedding photos but Gwen isn’t interested. He’s her boyfriend now. Jake calls it complicated. Gwen wants to go upstairs for sex but Gabi stops her with a slap. They fight. Stefan gets between them as Rafe walks in. He can’t help but gasp at Jake’s resemblance to Stefan. Jake rolls his eyes. Rafe has to take Gabi to court so Gabi warns Gwen to stay away from her man before she goes. Once Gabi’s gone, Gwen asks what Gabi did.

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Abe lets himself into Julie’s Place, grinning at how lovely it looks for the wedding. Julie puts him to work folding napkins and moving flowers. She’s picky and has him move a bouquet five times before telling him, “It’ll do.” She tells him to run to the back for the champagne. Abe stops her. “How about you get it yourself?” Julie apologizes. He calls her pushy, demanding, and rude. She’s so used to giving orders to Doug. He’s under the weather so he’s staying home.  The wedding setup falls to her alone. She just wants things to be perfect for Lani and Eli. Abe reminds her they only want a simple wedding. She watches while he folds napkins and is about to meddle when she realizes she’s doing it again. Tamara, played by Marilyn McCoo appears. The exes greet each other. Abe talks about missing Lani growing up and how happy he is for the wedding. He tells Tamara he’d better start folding napkins and says that Julie is a nice person but a huge pain in the… Julie walks up. Abe finishes napkins and Julie refolds them when he walks away. Tamara and Julie catch up and Julie admits she feels responsible for the last wedding fiasco. She doesn’t want anything to go wrong.  abe and tamara meet days

Val takes selfies of herself and Eli at Rafe’s house. Eli gets the door to Billy, played by Billy David Jr. who is Eli’s former FBI mentor. He’s surprised to see Billy since they were only inviting family to the wedding. Val interrupts. Billy’s her date! They ran into each other in DC at a charity event and have been dating for three months. Billy calls it the happiest three months of his life. Eli’s stunned. Billy can see they need a minute so he goes to the car to get his phone. Eli questions Val. She says she wanted to wait to tell him until there was something really there. Eli gives her his blessing.

val takes selfies days

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“Sister” Kristen surprises Lani at home. She’d never miss her best friend’s wedding. Lani’s shocked to see her friend and they embrace happily. Kristen explains she’s not back at the nunnery. This is a disguise. Lani calls her return risky. They catch up and Lani shares her pregnancy news. Kristen hugs her tight, laughing. Lani admits how nervous being pregnant is because of David’s death. Kristen can understand that. She helps Lani get ready. She needs something new. Kristen hands her a necklace to remind her of their old times in the convent. She lets Lani borrow her old silver baby rattle. Rachel has stopped playing with it. Abe texts that he’s on the way up and Lani gets rid of Kristen. Abe takes Lani to the wedding.

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Marlena overhears Brady talking to Tate on a call at the park. She can tell he misses his son. He does. She tells him she’s officiating at Eli and Lani’s marriage. He asks her to wish them congratulations and to thank Eli for him. “He stopped me from making a very big mistake,” Brady shares. He tells her about his revenge plan to destroy Titan to get back at Victor. She listens and calls him dear to her. He’s grateful she listened to him and once she’s gone, Kristen appears. She watches as Brady looks at photos of Kristen and Rachel, missing them. Brady thinks he sees Kristen and calls to her.

Back at Julie’s Place, Abe goes to pick Lani up while Marlena arrives. She and Tamara hug. They gush over the impending nuptials. Eli, Val and Billy turn up. Billy compliments Tamara’s voice, remembering her singing Ave Maria from the last wedding. Julie takes Eli aside. She’s been thinking about his dad a lot and wishes he was there to see his son get married. Eli knows he’s with them. They start the wedding and Tamara collapses.

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Gabi and Rafe run into Chad at the square. Chad smugly thinks Gabs will wind up like her store. Locked up. Gabi snarks off and they part ways. Later, they have another run in and Gabi takes time to gloat over being exonerated.

Abe run into Marlena on their way to Julie’s Place. Marlena tells them she’ll let the guests know they’re ready. Abe gives his daughter a pep talk.

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