Nicole gives Allie advice on Days

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Hope visits Rafe at his place, where he’s packing up David’s things. Hope says while Gabi is safe, she was briefly kidnapped by the mob. Rafe explodes over the fact nobody told him. Hope assures him that she just found out. Rafe decides to go see his sister and make sure she’s safe.

Rafe has moving boxes on Days

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Gabi reunites with Will and Sonny and reveals she still has the samples she swiped from Jake’s place and plans to take them to the lab. Will reminds her that she’s due in court today, but she is positive she can stop at home to change, drop the samples off and make it to court in time.

Gabi returns home on Days

At his garage, Jake can’t stop thinking about his encounters with Gabi. Gwen arrives and berates Jake for becoming a grease monkey. Jake demands she hand over his book, but Gwen wants to know who this Gabi woman is first because she’s telling people she’s his wife. Jake assures her that he doesn’t know her and wants the book. She doesn’t have it on her but suspects he plans to sell it and wants a cut of the money. A fuming Jake explains he’s exchanging the book for his safety and freedom. He asks what it will take for her to give the book back. Gwen wants an apology for how he treated her. The two get heated, and Jake accuses Gwen of being jealous and suspicious of affairs that never happened. He grabs her and says he’s sorry she’s a crazy and insecure bitch. She slaps him, and they pull each other into a passionate kiss.

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At the DiMera mansion, Kate tries to stop Lucas from going to talk to Allie and suggests he let her make her own decisions because she’s an adult. Lucas thinks she’s the last person who should be dishing out parental advice and he will handle his daughter on his own. Later, Rafe stops by to check on Gabi and reminds her she has a trial today. Gabi asks if he got Rolf to admit to setting her up, but he says he got sidetracked with David’s custody hearing. Gabi is stunned to learn Rafe lost custody of David and consoles him. Rafe promises Gabi that he’s going down to the prison and will get a confession out of Rolf right now. She thanks him for believing in him. Later, Gabi changes and vows to Stefano’s portrait that she will bring his son home. Chad walks in and proclaims, “He’s already here.”

Rafe and Gabi are reunited on Days

At Eric and Nicole’s, Allie is alone and tries to sneak out, only to run into Nicole at the door. Nicole had decided to take the day off and notices Allie has a bag packed. Allie admits she’s leaving town. Nicole wonders if she really wants to be alone right now. Nicole brings up her comment regarding not keeping the baby and asks if she is considering ending the pregnancy. Allie cries. She knows there is still time to do that, but feels she’s come too far to turn back. Nicole says deciding to have the baby is one decision down and the biggest. Nicole asks if the father can be of help. Allie becomes frustrated that everyone keeps asking about the father. She admits she is afraid to talk about him because of how people will react. Suddenly, Lucas knocks on the door demanding to speak to Allie and barges his way in past Nicole. Lucas learns that Allie has decided not to terminate the pregnancy and is thrilled. He wants her to return to Europe to have the baby, but Allie puts her foot down and says she’s not leaving and is an adult. Lucas snaps that if she wants to be treated like an adult she needs to act like one. Allie wonders if that’s how he and mom acted when they had Will, and storms out. Lucas ponders calling Sami, but Nicole advises that would be the worst thing he could do.

Lucas lectures Allie on Days

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In Horton Square, Hope runs into Kate and has to turn down her offer to accept the key to the city. Kate explodes and doesn’t know why people won’t take her advice when she knows what is best. Kate rants and raves about the event she’s already planned and paid for, how Abe will be embarrassed and she should have known it would fall apart because nobody listens to her, including her son. Hope wonders what Lucas has to do with this. Kate fills her in about Lucas and Allie, and Lucas is eschewing her advice. Hope believes Lucas knows she only wants what is best for him, and she’ll accept the key to the city and talk to Steve.

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Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny discuss whether Jake could be Stefan. Sonny understands how Gabi is feeling because he remembers when Ben told him that he was still alive. Later, Allie arrives at the door to see her brother Will. They hug, and he’s shocked to discover she’s pregnant.

Will and Sonny are reunited with Allie on Days

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