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Sonny arrives home and talks babies with Will. They discuss adoption as an option. Sonny’s parents adopted his twin brothers who fit right in. Will knows it can be complicated, considering what’s going on with Rafe so they touch base on surrogacy. Will wants Sonny to be the father this time so he can see Sonny’s smile on their child. They know it’ll be a long road but are happy they agree, “We are having a baby!”

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At home, Lani stares at her storebought pregnancy test. Eli arrives – she’s been ignoring his texts. She sarcastically asks if he used his detective skills to find her. He sighs. Why did she run out on him? She’s afraid of losing another baby. Eli says the odds are 2% that she’d get placenta previa again. Lani knows there are so many things that can go wrong with a pregnancy. Eli reminds her of the things that can go right. Lani cries. It’d kill her going through losing a child again. Lani is open to adoption but if that’s a deal breaker for him, they shouldn’t marry. Eli states that he’s been waiting years to marry her. There is no deal breaker. He supports her 100% in whatever she decides. She won’t make this decision lightly. She knows many people out there want kids and can’t. She suddenly realizes she wants this baby so they kiss and embrace, crying and laughing.eli and lani talk kids DAYS

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Hope lets herself into Rafe’s house. He left the kitchen door open. Hope thanks him for his advice to forgive herself for what she did as Princess Gina. She’s doing her best to move on. Hope says working together with him was the first time she truly felt like herself. Rafe knows how she feels. Zoey lets herself in. She tells them she got her son back safely. She wants to speak to Rafe alone but Hope doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Rafe decides to risk it so Hope takes off. Rafe asks for a good reason he shouldn’t arrest her. She’s there to apologize but says she’s still going to fight him for custody. She’ll let him see David when she wins. Rafe becomes upset. He threatens to tell the facts that she came at him and Hope with a gun and shot him. Zoey argues that the judges usually choose family.

At the square, Kate talks to Abe about the Key to the City public meeting. They should honor Hope and Steve for their heroics. Abe wonders “why the hell would you do that?” She wants to make him look good. Abe seems concerned. Kate assures him she’s not going to stab him in the back and that she knows how to take orders. She did that for the past year as a waitress. She’s trying to help him rehabilitate his image which is down 40%. “Your popularity is in the toilet.” Abe worries not everyone knows Steve and Hope were not in control of their actions but admits he likes her idea of honoring Hope and Steve.

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Kayla is shocked when Justin asks her to marry him at the hospital. Steve watches as Kayla calls the ring beautiful. He looks devastated and leaves, unnoticed. Kayla doesn’t know what to say and drags Justin to her office. She sees a note from Steve, telling her he’s glad she and Justin are happy. She’s momentarily distracted, making Justin think she’s not on the same page as him. She doesn’t want to take a decision this monumental lightly. Justin’s ready but Kayla’s not so he tells her he’ll wait. justin proposes DAYS

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Steve finds Hope at the pub. She’s picking up dinner for them. He jokes about her not wanting to try cooking again. He tells her that his talk with Kayla was interrupted and when he went back to find her, Justin was proposing marriage to her. Hope has a million questions. Did she say yes? Was Kayla crying? He didn’t hang around to see. He returned to her office and left a note saying he’s glad she’s happy with Justin. Hope knows Kayla still loves Steve. She reminds him he promised to stop trying to make decisions for Kayla. On their way out, they run into Kayla and Justin. Kayla shares the engagement news and Steve shakes Justin’s hand. “I’m happy for you both.” Kayla looks grim as if she’s expecting another response.

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