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John visits Victor in the hospital. They catch up and then John rips into Victor for the baby swap. Victor regrets it and says he’s making it up to Brady. He fired Xander as CEO. John snipes that it won’t help his “damned family.” He gets in Vic’s face and says he’ll rot in hell for what he’s done. Victor’s blood pressure rises and his machines beep wildly. Steve finds Kayla in her office. She’s grateful to him for talking Justin out of shooting Orpheus. “You saved his soul.” Steve grins. “Let’s not go overboard.” She doesn’t need to thank him, but he did it for her. John walks in and lets Kayla know Victor needs her. She goes and John apologizes for the interruption. Steve admits he was about to tell Kayla he wants her back. John’s surprised. Steve says John made him see the light. John argues that she’s basically off the market. But if it wasn’t for Stefano and Rolf, he and Kayla would be together. In Victor’s room, Kayla gives him a shot that should help bring his blood pressure down. He asks her to keep John away. They discuss Justin. Victor’s grateful to her for helping Justin to survive after Adrienne’s death. He thinks she’s better off with Justin rather “than that aging delinquent.” Kayla exclaims but Victor calls him steadfast.john and steve at hospital DAYS

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Justin asks Adrienne at her gravesite for permission to marry Kayla. He recalls she was fine with him remarrying after her death – just not to a redhead! He asks for a sign of her feelings and Sonny pops up. Justin grins widely. Justin asks his opinion on proposing to Kayla.justin and sonny heart-to-heart DAYS

Xander and Brady argue about the baby swap, claiming he and Victor were only thinking of Sarah. Brady talks about his precious little girl and Xander scoffs. If she’s so precious, why isn’t he with her? They argue about what kind of person Kristen is. Xander recounts all of the nasty things she’s done, such as stealing Tate’s embryo, Nicole’s identity and so on. Brady is exasperated. He let Kristen take their kid because he loves her. Xander then wonders why he’s with Sarah. “Maybe you’re not.” Maybe Sarah lied about them having sex. Sarah arrives, annoyed. Brady tells her Xander thinks they’re lying about having sex so she kisses Brady with a lot of tongue. Xander can barely look.xander watches brady and sarah kiss DAYS

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Will and Marlena have lunch at the pub and agree they need to do this more often. Nicole and Eric appear. Nic can’t believe how beautiful Marlena looks after the ordeal she had with Orpheus. Marlena got a lot of sleep. They discuss telling Sami that they’re engaged. Nicole worries since she knows Sami hates her. Eric suggests Marlena tell her. She thinks Will should do it and Will decides they should draw straws. Nicole decides to call – now! Later, Sami is told and Nicole asks her opinion. Sami wishes them well. Nicole’s shocked and appreciative. They say goodbye and everyone realizes they’ve underestimated her. Eric receives a text from Sami. “You proposed to that bitch? Are you out of your mind?” Nicole laughs. “So much for that.” Later, the engaged couple has left and Will and Marlena hope Sami doesn’t try anything. Will is glad that he and Sonny are back to where they were before the accident and prison. They’re in talks about wanting a baby. Marlena’s overjoyed.

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Nicole and Eric wander the square when Xander finds them. He wants Eric to tell Brady not to “sleep with Sarah.” Nicole tells him to do his own dirty work so he leaves. Nicole and Eric are confused as to why Brady would be with Sarah. Maybe they’re faking it?xander run-in with nicole and eric DAYS

Sonny arrives home and Will asks if they can have another baby.

Inside Salem Inn, Brady tells Sarah that since Victor killed his baby, he’s returning the favor. He’ll run Titan into the ground. “And that’s just the beginning.” He’ll take him for everything he’s worth.

John finds Marlena visiting Victor at the hospital. Victor bashes Steve for “allowing himself” to be turned into Stefano. By the hub, Justin appears to Kayla with a ring. He gets down on one knee and Kayla looks worried. He asks her to marry him as Steve watches from nearby.justin proposes DAYS

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