Abigail, Jack, Jennifer goodbye Days
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In the suite, Ciara shows Ben their ‘save the date’ cards and reminds him he’s marrying into the Kiriakis, Horton and Brady families. Lani and Eli arrive for Ben’s statement about Gabi’s attack on Jake Lambert. After, Lani feels they’ve enough to put Gabi away for a long time. Ciara argues that she wasn’t intending to hurt Jake, she was trying to get her husband back. She’s done crazy things for Ben and believes Gabi was desperate. Ciara offers a ‘save the date’ card as they leave. They’d love to attend. After, Ciara sends Ben off to work with cards in hand.
Ciaria, Eli, Lani, Ben defend Days

Above the garage, Jake dreams of Gabi injecting him with the serum in the garage. Later, while working, he flashes to telling Gabi she’s a crazy lady in the hospital. Ben arrives and proudly presents a ‘save the date’ card. Jake gives him a maybe. Ben wonders if he’s still considering he might be Stefan DiMera. Jake rants about the drug Gabi tried to dose him with being a designer hallucinogen – the same one she injected in Abigail DiMera. Ben argues that Gabi has no bad intentions toward him – she and Stefan were head-over-heels in love. He believes there’s no way she knew whatever was in the syringe could hurt him. Later, alone, Ben gets back to work to give his fiancée the wedding she deserves.
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In the SPD interrogation room, Gabi muses that she needs answers and flashes to kissing Jake. She wonders whether Rolf was lying or if someone else saved Stefan. Either way, the love of her life is back…if only he didn’t hate her. Suddenly, Jack bursts in – Gabi has ruined his daughter’s life again and will pay! Rafe enters and shoves Jack backward. Jack hollers that the drugs Gabi gave Abigail scrambled her brain and now she has to leave her family for Florida. Gabi’s sorry. Jack takes it as a confession. Gabi erupts that she’s not confessing to anything – she just knows what it’s like to be separated from her child. Jack thinks Gabi should be away from Arianna and barks at Rafe to do his job, then exits. Rafe asks his sister if he was defending a guilty woman. Gabi puts the pieces together about the serum’s origins and realizes it was Rolf who drugged Abigail. She points out it’s an experimental protocol being developed by DiMera Enterprises – he could have stolen it. Rafe reminds her Rolf was in prison when Abigail was drugged. Gabi insists Rafe go talk to him – she wouldn’t hurt Stefan and didn’t drug Abigail.

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In the DiMera parlor, Chad updates Abigail that his mom packed for her and promises to be with her every step of the way. Abigail’s most afraid that telling the kids she’s leaving will trigger a hallucination. It’s better she leaves without seeing them. Chad disagrees – he’ll protect them and Abigail. After, they explain to Thomas and Charlotte that their mommy has to go see a special doctor in Florida – she’s seeing things that aren’t there, like a dream, but her love for them is real. Chad relays that Mommy is strong but needs a partner, so he’ll take her to get better. Jack and Jennifer arrive, and Abigail asks Thomas to look after his sister before assuring him she’ll always be in his heart. Once alone with her parents, Abigail and Jenn embrace before Jack recalls his daughter refusing to cry over a skinned knee. Everyone gets tearful as he adds that she got back on the bike and never gave up. “That is who you are.” They express their love and Jenn offers Julie’s cookies. She implores her daughter to get better and come home soon. “I am always with you.” Chad returns. “It’s time.” Abigail vows she’ll beat this and come back home – she has the love and support of her amazing family. They share a group hug, then Abigail and Chad exit.
Abigail, Chad, Thomas, Charlotte goodbye Days

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In the square, Rafe, holding David, feels Hope deserves a commendation and assures her what happened when she was Princess Gina is over. “We forgive you. Move on with your life.” He asks her to congratulate Ciara before they part ways. Later, Eli and Lani sit on the bench and ponder Ciara and Ben’s love story. Eli wants their own happy ending – when are they getting married? He pulls out the ring he gave her two years ago, then gets down on one knee and proposes. Lani, beaming, accepts. He places the ring on her finger, they express their love, then kiss. Eli wants to marry her as soon as possible. Lani checks her calendar for a date and says, “Oh my God…” Eli learns she’s late.

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In Brady’s Pub, Ciara wants Julie to officiate her wedding, but she notes her recent track record isn’t so good. Hope looks on as Ciara suggests that Julie just doesn’t approve of her groom. Julie assures her she’ll marry them and laughs at the odds of something going wrong at this wedding. They embrace.
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