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At home, Will happily tells Sonny that Orpheus is caught and put in jail. Sonny tells Will about his confrontation with Evan and his confession. Will is in awe. Sonny claims “good old fashioned guilt” helped. They drink to father and son going to prison together. Sonny thinks of his mom. Will admits he has bad news. Gabi was arrested again. Sonny looks worried. Does Ari know? Will hasn’t told her. They’ll tell her tomorrow. They head to their room and kiss. They profess their love and kiss some more as they fall back on the bed. After they’ve made love, they kiss and hold hands, admitting they feel safe in their room together. They reminisce about Adrienne being happy.

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At SPD, Steve tells Kayla it took everything in him not to take Orpheus down for what he did. He wonders how the heck Justin has remained so calm. Kayla gets defensive. Justin’s a very passionate man, she says. He’s holding it all in. Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, Justin has Orpheus’ gun trained on him that he stole from evidence. He vows to make Orpheus pay. Orpheus tells him to go ahead, “Shoot me.” Justin’s hand shakes and Orpheus goads him. Justin cocks the gun. He starts to cry, saying Orpheus took the love of his life from him. Someone should have done this a long time ago. Outside the room, Steve notices Orpheus’ gun missing and he and Kayla run into the interrogation room to talk Justin down. Kayla loves and needs Justin. Steve asks for the gun. He’ll do the deed for him. Justin eventually hands it over and Steve shoves it at Orpheus’ head. Instead of pulling the trigger, he hits the man over the head with the gun. Justin’s pissed.justin pulls gun orpheus DAYS

At the townhouse, the bomb underneath John and Marlena’s sofa ticks away with 39:10 minutes to go as they try to relax. Still, John’s guard is up. Marlena tries to calm his nerves and suggests they make up for lost time. John gets a twinkle in his eye and they make out. Eric and Nicole arrive and interrupt things with news. Nicole holds up her hand and John and Marlena shout with their happiness. The bomb’s count down is at 27:00. Nicole wants to emulate their relationship. She tells them Holly officially called Eric daddy. Everyone celebrates. 19:59 minutes are left on the bomb timer. John tells the story of how Orpheus was the cause of the car accident, not Maggie. Marlena would have told them but Orpheus was holding John prisoner. They share the whole story and celebrate some more with 15 minutes left on the timer.

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At the warehouse, the struggle between Hope and Zoey causes Zoey’s gun to go off. Rafe’s shot. Hope punches Zoey’s lights out and rushes to Rafe’s side. Zoey looks worried but Rafe gets up. The bullet hit his badge. Hope holds the gun to Zoey while Rafe goes to find David. Zoey’s glad Rafe’s okay. Zoey’s phone rings – someone who works for her father calls. She answers and tells the caller she can pay the money. She disconnects and lets Hope know her dad was arrested. She needs to get the money to the men who have her kid. Hope can’t let her go. Zoey easily convinces Hope as a mother to set her free so she does. Rafe returns with David and they take off.rafe shot DAYS

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Hope arrives at the townhouse with the news that they found David. After she tells the story, she learns Nicole and Eric are engaged and is thrilled. John admits privately to Hope that he thinks Orpheus has another plan. Hope heard something similar from David, that he was going to play Orpheus’ favorite game. There are 7 minutes left on the timer as they agree bombs are his Forté. They quickly search and Hope finds it with 1 minute to spare. Hope grabs it and runs outside with it as John trails behind her and everyone else yells and waves their hands. They wind up outside. Hope tells them she threw the bomb in a garbage bin and closed the lid. Everyone surrounds her. She saved their lives!

Rafe brings David to his place. He gets emotional as he tells David this place is his home.

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