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Happy Victor has woken up in the hospital, Ciara rushes to get Kayla. Later, Kayla says Victor’s vitals are in the normal range. He tries to talk but she wants him to save his strength. His heart was severely injured. Ciara goes.

At SPD, Eli has doubts that Brady stabbed Victor. He thinks Kristen put him up to it. It’s more her style. Lani disagrees. She was shocked when Brady confessed. They discuss Gabi being accused of drugging Abigail. Lani would love to get Gabi for something. Eli gets word that Victor’s awake and runs off. In the interrogation room, Brady tells Kristen she can’t confess to knifing Victor. She’ll be in prison for the rest of her life. He’ll have a better chance at a shorter sentence. Kristen argues she attempted murder. Brady reminds her that Victor’s not an innocent man. If he pulls through Brady can blackmail him into keeping his mouth shut. Kristen has another idea. She’ll go finish the job. Murder him. Brady cries, feeling as if he did this to her – ruined her life. Kristen hugs him.kristen wants to off vic days of our lives

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In Paris, Sarah worries Rex will tell someone in Salem that she’s there, while at the cafe, Rex calls Kate to ask what’s going on with Salem. She laughs. He’ll have to take out a loan to pay the roaming charges if she told him all that. She gives him a rundown on some of what’s been happening. He laughs at Hattie taking off and Roman asking her to sling hash again. Rex laughs and she tells him about applying for a job with Abe. She thinks politics is a perfect fit for her. Rex is bored so she tells him “Brady stabbed Victor in the heart.” Rex explodes, wondering why. Kate says Vic knew Brady’s baby was still alive and didn’t tell him. Rex is confused so Kate tells him the whole story with Sarah being on the lam with Rachel. Rex is astounded and sees Sarah return for “Mickey’s” blanket. Rex has to go. He disconnects and gives Sarah the blanket and tells her he knows that the baby isn’t her daughter. Sarah thinks he and his mother are ganging up on her and denies it. She barks that he’s the liar and a cheater. Rex is sorry – he’s not judging her. He thinks once she sees what she’s doing is wrong, she’ll take the baby to her “actual parents.” Sarah says, “Not in a million years.”kate gossips days of our lives

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Jake and Ben work on Ciara’s bike at the garage. Jake’s thinking about his ex, calling her the woman who stays in his system. He didn’t know whether to grab her and kiss her or strangle her. He talks about her beauty. Ben asks why they broke up. He says people grow apart. Jake calls him chatty but Ben says he usually isn’t but Jake reminds him of his old boss. Ciara arrives and takes one look at Jake and exclaims, “Oh my God.” She tells him to wait until Gabi sees him. Jake questions who that is and they fill him in on who she is and how Stefan was killed by a cop. Ben says he was a good guy and gave him a break when nobody else would. Jake tells Ben he’s officially hired, then takes off to run errands. Ciara hates Gabi but thinks someone should warn her about Jake.

Gabi paces the DiMera mansion and flashes to seeing Stefan’s double. She downs a drink. Lani arrives to talk to Gabi about Abby being drugged. Gabi already talked to Chad and her brother about this. Lani cites that Abby was drugged by a drug made by DiMera Enterprises, that isn’t yet on the market. Gabi looks surprised. Lani pushes her to admit she did it, stating it was slipped into her champagne. Gabi snipes that Lani’s got nothing on her. Last week, Chad was seen talking to the walls. She gives Lani the boot.

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Eli arrives at the hospital to interrogate Victor. Kayla is concerned but gives him five minutes. It’s hard on Victor to speak but he remembers who stabbed him. When Eli asks if it was Brady, Victor’s machines start beeping so Kayla sends him away. Once they’re gone, Victor says, “Kristen.”

Lani returns to SPD and calls Eli. They update each other on their cases. Eli will stay to talk to Vic later. Lani checks on Kristen who cries over Rachel’s kidnapping and Brady’s arraignment happening today. Lani says there is a chance charges won’t be pressed. Kristen is shocked to hear Victor’s awake.

Eli returns to Victor’s room at the hospital and Victor shakes his head that Brady didn’t stab him. “Kristen,” he repeats. Eli confirms.

In the park, Gabi paces and leaves a message for Rafe. She gripes about not drugging Abigail and blames her for being the reason she’ll never see Stefan again. She disconnects as Jake pops up.

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