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Xander visits an unconscious Victor in the hospital and viciously says Brady will pay for doing this to him. Xander muses that he had to have known Vic was only protecting Maggie. Xander thought Kristen was going to do it but “Brady beat her to the knife.” In the waiting room, Ciara urges Ben to go talk to Jake about the job at the garage. Ben can’t get over how much he looks like Stefan DiMera. The mannerisms are the same, as is his body posture. Ben goes and Ciara comes upon Xander in Vic’s room. She blasts him for starting this whole thing in motion and wonders how Sarah will ever get over this. She kicks Xander out and talks to Victor about her love for him. He wakes up.xander angry at stabbing days of our lives

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Eric visits Brady at SPD. Brady asks how granddad is doing. Eric admits he doesn’t think Victor’s going to make it. Brady worries about Maggie. Eric asks what the hell happened. Brady simply says he stabbed him when he figured out Victor was the one who stole his baby, “something took over.” Eric reminds Brady that he was there when he learned the truth. He doesn’t get how Brady could attempt murder, let alone with Victor. Eric wants the real story. Brady reiterates he did it. Eric asks where the knife came from. Brady says it was just ‘around’. Eric’s not convinced. His brother didn’t even come close to trying to kill Xander. Eric believes someone else did the deed. He knows his brother too well. Brady tries to act guilty but Eric maintains he knows Brady didn’t do this. Kristen did.

Nicole arrives at Kristen’s room at Salem Inn to see how she’s doing. Kristen’s place is a mess. She’s doing research on where Sarah is. Nic asks if she’s seen Brady but Kristen angrily says no. She promised she’d find Rachel for him and won’t stop until she does. Nicole knows Kristen is going through hell. Kristen doesn’t deserve her sympathy after what she did. Nicole bites out, “Just what have you done now?” Kristen flashes to stabbing Victor but reminds Nicole she stole her identity and kept Holly from her. Maybe it’s payback. Nicole agrees but Brady didn’t deserve this. Soon, Nicole realizes Brady didn’t stab Victor. She pushed Haley down the stairs when she found out her baby died and she stabbed Victor when she heard her baby was switched. Kristen won’t lie. She confesses about Victor and says she’s all alone. Nic says she’s done it to herself and when Brady goes to prison, Kristen needs to step up. “Can you not be…you?” She leaves and runs into Eric. They quickly catch up, both believing that Kristen stabbed Victor.nicole comforts kristen days of our lives

Sarah gets Rachel ready for a walk in Paris. They wind up at a cafe and Sarah tells Brady and Kristen’s kid about the chocolate croissants being “magnifique.” Rex Brady appears, smiling. Why is she here? He asks to see Mickey. Sarah looks nervous. He’s there for a medical convention and was offered a job there but declined to be with Emily. He says Mimi’s a great mom. Sarah says she’s on a vacation. He heard from his mom, Kate, that she’s engaged to Xander and asks about it. Sarah says the wedding is postponed. It’s awkward so they say their goodbyes. Sarah arrives home, worried Rex will out her.

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sarah runs into rex brady days of our lives

Gabi sees Jake in the Horton square and hyperventilates. “Oh my God, Stefan?” she asks. Jake looks at her and she passes out. He tries to wake her up. Once she does, she calls his name. Kate brings her around and says Stefan’s in the cemetery but Gabi knows she saw her husband. gabi passes out seeing jake days of our lives

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At the garage, Jake flashes to leaving Gabi passed out. He shakes his head. Ben arrives and can’t get over how much Jake looks exactly like his old boss. Jake got the part for Ciara’s bike. Ben’s thankful. Jake says his boss allowed him to use Ben as an assistant. He thinks they’re going to hit it off. Ben boasts about Ciara’s mechanical skills and asks if Jake’s single.

Kate takes Gabi to the pub for tea to calm her nerves. Kate’s shocked to hear Abigail is hallucinating again. Gabi tells her about Chad accusing her of drugging Abby and Kate asks if it’s true. Gabi denies it. Later, Kate takes a call from Rex…gabi and kate lunch pub days of our lives

Kristen finds Brady at SPD. She’s going to confess.

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