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At the hospital, Hope, Kayla, and Steve are letdown with the news that Steve’s eye can’t be repaired. Steve takes a spare patch with tears in his eyes. Hope takes off so Kayla can clean Steve’s eye socket. Steve admits she’s the only person to ever see what’s under the patch. “It’s part of you. I could never have a hard time looking at you,” she admits. She cleans him up and he says, “Thanks, Sweetness,” then apologizes. It’s a habit. He puts the patch on and checks himself out in a mirror. It feels like “an old pair of shoes” they say, simultaneously. Kay can see he’s back to his old self but Steve’s haunted by it all. He’s pained by hurting everyone but Kayla promises they’ve all let it go. Hope returns as they’re bonding and tells Steve he’s released. “Patch is back,” says Hope. He has no place to go so she suggests Jack and Jenn. He can’t do it. steve gets patch back days of our lives

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Meanwhile, Chad reveals to Abigail and Jack that someone has drugged Abigail, which is why she’s been hallucinating. Jack asks a few questions and they think back to what they were doing before Abs first hallucinated. They saw Gabi at Julie’s Place. She must have slipped something into her glass. Chad leaves and Abby tells her dad about how she came back from poor mental health. Jack’s confused. She and Gabi were friends. She explains that when she returned from faking her death that Chad moved on with Gabi. Things between her and Gabs were good at first but when she had DID, she killed Andre and let Gabi take the blame. Jack remembers hearing Gabi was beaten and now can’t have children. For that, she can’t forgive Abby. Abby finds it hard to forgive herself for that. They talk about Abby’s time in Bayview when Gabi made everyone think she lost it. Jack cries. He’s sorry. Abby feels stronger for it.chad learns abby drugged days of our lives

In the park, Zoey begs Evan to tell her what his secret is. He says he and his dad did something horrible. Later, Evan has confessed and Zoey’s horrified. He didn’t have a choice. She gets it. Their dad is relentless. Evan caved so Milo would help him with David. Zoey’s there for him. She’d never tell a soul. If someone found out, he could lose more than his son.

In the square, Orpheus taunts John and Marlena about Brady being locked up as they speak. He offers John help. John needs a good laugh so he asks how. Orpheus thinks they should pin a medal on Brady. He’s glad Victor got his comeuppance. Marlena snaps that he’s the one walking away without getting justice for his crimes. John and Marlena have had enough. They move to leave but Orph isn’t sure John can turn his offer down. He’ll tell John his terms if he agrees to his help with Brady. He gives them time to think and wanders to the park where he overhears Zoey and Evan. Zoey goes to SPD and Orph has questions. Evan doesn’t reveal what he told Zoey so Orpheus says he’s done the groundwork to turn old enemies into allies.orpheus wants to help days of our lives

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Gabi arrives at SPD with a confession to make. She tells him that Li Shin came to Salem and gave Chad the CEO position. She rants about Chad gloating and Rafe thinks it’s for the best. Now she can focus on Gabi Chic. He’s shocked to learn they kicked her out of her business as well. She saw them celebrating and couldn’t let them get away with it. Rafe looks leery and then starts hollering. “It’s always someone else’s fault for provoking you.” Rafe’s tired of bailing her out and defending her. He even lost his job and went to jail for her. She knows and is sorry. Rafe snaps that she never stops. Later, Chad arrives to press charges against Gabi. Rafe says he already knows that she broke the lock on Gabi Chic. Chad yells that he doesn’t care about that. “She drugged my wife with a hallucinogen.” Rafe and Gabi’s jaws collectively drop. Gabi denies this and calls his wife “a nutcase.” Chad yells that she’s not. They go back and forth. Since Chad has no proof, Rafe can’t charge her. He’ll look into it. Chad smirks and warns Rafe better do his job or Chad will do it for him. He goes and Rafe asks point-blank if she did it. She’s insulted and takes off when Zoey interrupts. The judge tossed out his restraining order from her family. Rafe worries it’s putting David in danger. Zoey gloats.

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At home, Marlena gripes about not wanting anything to do with that “sick son-of-a-bitch,” Orpheus. John isn’t going to accept his help anyway but he’ll play along.

Gabi walks to the square and sees Jake, thinking he’s Stefan. gabi sees jake days of our lives

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