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Lani and Eli arrive at the hospital to question Sonny about Victor’s stabbing. Sonny explains details about finding his uncle and says the knife was on the floor when they left. He has no idea who would do this, though his Uncle has many enemies. Possibly Orpheus. The cops go and Ciara appears from Vic’s room. She and Sonny hug.

At SPD, Brady tells Kristen that Victor’s been stabbed. He notes she doesn’t seem surprised by the news. Kristen says, “The old man got what he deserved.” He knows she did it but needs to hear it from her. She cries that she was so angry. She admits she did it. Victor was taunting her and she grabbed a nearby knife and stabbed him, “In the big black hole where the heart should be.” She dropped the knife and arrived here. She sobs that she’ll go to prison forever and will never see her baby again. Brady grabs her head and promises she won’t. He’ll take care of everything.

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At the DiMera mansion, Abigail hallucinates Ben wielding his necktie. Chad tries to come close but she yells at him to get back. He drops the tie and Abigail yells for Chad. She shoves him and finally sees him as Chad.  She tells him Ben was here, trying to strangle her. Chad says he wasn’t there. The tie is his and when he took it off, she started to lose it. Abigail’s frantic but he swears Ben isn’t there. Abs doesn’t know what’s happening to her. They agree she needs help.

At Stefan’s grave, Gabi vows to ensure Chad and Abby get what they deserve. She mourns his loss and feels she’s all alone.

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Ben arrives at the garage. He’s here about the job. The mechanic comes from underneath a car and snaps that he’s busy. Ben goes into shock. “I can’t believe it. Stefan?” The guy introduces himself as Jake. Ben apologizes for staring but the resemblance is uncanny. Ben asks for parts to work on his girlfriend’s bike. Jake says the mechanic’s position has been filled – by him. Ben gives Jake his contact information and a list of parts and Jake pauses. He’ll put in a good word with his boss anyway. He has more work than he can handle. Ben worries about his past but Jake assures he doesn’t care about Ben’s past.jake sips coffee first scene days of our lives

Will finds Gabi by Gabi Chic in the square. He heard she was fired. She admits that and that she’s locked out of her store. Will’s so sorry but Gabi isn’t finished with them. Will can see she wants revenge but he reminds her that the last time she did that she wound up in jail. She’s suing DiMera for wrongful termination. Will thinks it’s a sign to move on, find something new. Gabi can’t. She’s doing this for Stefan’s legacy and admits she saw his reflection in her store window. Will sadly says that’s impossible but Gabi knows better. Rolf brought Will, Vivian, Jack, and EJ… She finally believes there was a chip in Steve and Hope to make them think they were Stefano and Gina respectively and thinks anything is possible. Will talks her down and she complains it’s unfair. Sonny got him back, Chad got Abby back when she faked her own death. Jennifer got Jack back. Doesn’t she deserve a happy ending? Will holds her as she cries. Maybe seeing Stefan was a coping mechanism since she’s been under stress. Later, as she’s leaving, Jake strolls by. jake brandon barash days of our lives

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Brady arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and finds the knife. He wipes the prints clean with a napkin just as Lani and Eli stroll in. He covers and hands it over. They question if he had a falling out with his grandfather. Brady doesn’t know how that’s relevant. He didn’t stab Victor. They take him to SPD.

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Abby and Chad arrive at the hospital. Chad goes to check in with the nurse as Sonny hugs Ciara. Abigail sees Ben with Ciara and yells for Ben to take his hands off of her. Chad returns and tells Abigail that it’s not Ben, it’s Sonny. He takes her away as Ciara and Sonny look concerned. Chad returns alone to explain Abigail’s hallucinations. Ciara defends Ben. Chad knows Ben’s not the same person anymore. Chad is shocked to learn that Victor’s been stabbed. Later, Ben turns up and Ciara begins to cry. He comforts her. She tells him about Abigail’s hallucination. Ciara hopes she’s okay. Ben asks Ciara to brace herself. She’s not the only one seeing things… Meanwhile, Abigail’s been admitted. They both wonder what’s happening. “I can’t go through this again,” Abigail says.

Eli and Lani arrive at SPD with Brady. Kristen questions them. Brady tells her he’s being questioned in his grandfather’s stabbing. Kristen knows Brady. He wouldn’t do this. Eli asks how she knows. She calls him kind, loving, and gentle. Brady asks her to stay out of this and when she won’t, Brady confesses to stabbing Victor. Kristen disputes the confession but he wants her to focus on Rachel. kristen thanks brady days of our lives

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