In a dream, Nicole runs down the stairs of the manse and follows the sound of a baby crying, and finds an angry EJ in front of the fireplace, holding an empty blanket. Nicole wakes with a start, at Brookville Hospital, and goes to Dr Baker and tells him that her pains have subsided some. He says she needs to see her OBGYN, because of the miscarriage but Nicole tells him, “I did not have a miscarriage. Understand me?” Her daughter was born asleep and taken away from her, before she could draw a single breath. She yells that she lost a baby, and then apologizes for ranting at him. She doesn’t like to call it a miscarriage because she had the baby and asks for hope, but Dr. Baker says the chance of her conceiving again is highly unlikely, after what happened. Nicole calls him ignorant and brings up IVF and infertility treatment. Dr. Baker says it won’t bring her to full term due to scarring, much like this pregnancy. This leaves Nicole in tears.

Chloe and Lucas kiss in the park and he tells her to act like it’s Christmas and pulls out a small box from his jacket. Chloe asks what it is and Lucas puts it away. He’ll wait until Christmas. Chloe begs for her Christmas present and they playfully argue. Lucas gives her the box, which holds a key to the new house! She is shocked to learn papers are signed and construction is on the way! They hug and Lucas says there’s a hot tub at the house, a fireplace in the bedroom, and a brick stove. Chloe hopes that doesn’t mean she has to cook. He has one more present for her that he had made for her – a ring! They profess their love for each other and he gets on bended knee and asks her to marry him.

Daniel finds Kate out on the patio and she says she couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. She asks about her test results. "The lung tumor is responding to your treatment, but the cancer has metastasized," he tells her. It’s in her lymph nodes, bone marrow and …she’s at stage four. Kate cries and asks how much time she has left. Daniel says there are cases where cancer has gone into remission for years. “We’re going to keep fighting this, Kate,” he says but she doesn’t want a pep talk. She calls this her bad karma coming to get her and sobs and won’t tolerate his asking her to stay strong. He asks her in return not to talk about karma again and says she has to pack up and get back to the hospital. She agrees to it and in tears, asks him to promise her she’ll come out of the hospital. He holds her hand and promises.

Brady meets Marlena at the pub after his four mile run. They’re waiting for John, Marlena says, who made her a promise that might be the beginning of getting him back. They discuss how he saved her and how his being in mercenary mode the other day was not welcomed around her family. She’s happy to tell Brady that John agreed to therapy. John arrives and is angry that Marlena shot her mouth off about this deal they had. Brady tries to intervene, but John says the deal’s off. Marlena apologizes and John tells them to continue their little conspiracy theory. Marlena tells John that she was only disclosing family need to know information. John says then why doesn’t she tell Brady about EJ and old man Stefano, which leaves Brady in shock. John says, “I’m a DiMera, and so are you.” Brady is angry to hear this and that nobody told him until now. Marlena says they were getting around to it and tells him this doesn’t change who he is. He calls himself an extra in John’s movie and John tells him to suck it up and be a man. Brady tells him to do the same! Brady says John’s not his father, but some pathetic robot, mocking everyone else. John looks to Marlena for support but she watches as they argue. Brady calls avoiding therapy a copout and leaves. Afterward, John tries to get out of the session, but Marlena’s on to him. He tells her not to talk to anyone else about his therapy. and after this, he tells her no more trying to change him. Marlena understands and apologizes for overstepping boundaries. She loves him and always will and wants to save his life as he has hers. “If it doesn’t work?” he asks… "One step at a time,” she says.

EJ goes to Mary, at the manse, to look for Nicole. Mary says she slipped out this morning and admits she heard Nicole crying. She hasn’t been the same since Brady and Nicole returned yesterday. EJ is shocked and takes off to see Dr. Baker.

Nicole goes to a shop to buy a dress, and is surprised when the salesclerk asks how far along she is. Nicole pauses and says she’s twenty-two weeks. The clerk is shocked at how good Nicole looks and gives her a fake pregnancy pad, to see how Nicole will look in the dress once she’s bigger. Nicole decides to take the pregnancy belly, and the dress, much to the clerk’s surprise. “And I don’t even need a bag, cause I’m going to wear it home, too,” she says, tapping the belly.

EJ arrives at Dr. Baker’s office and tells the doctor that Nicole was treated for a hemorrhage earlier and he’d like to know the prognosis and the child’s prognosis. Doc Baker says the case is complicated and looks at the chart. He can’t find EJ listed on as the father, and can’t discuss the case. He ushers EJ out. EJ demands to know the truth, but Dr. Baker took an oath. He tells him to talk to Nicole himself!

Nicole returns home and Mary hopes she’s feeling better. She recalls her own pregnancy and says she’d cry at the drop of a hat. She leaves the room and Nicole looks at baby Jesus in a Nativity scene and starts to cry.

Brady arrives at Nicole’s door and tells her that he just found out he’s family. He wants to talk to EJ but she tries to keep him out. He barges in and is startled to see her pregnant looking belly. He tells her she can’t fake this, but she can and will! She tells him she can’t conceive again and now she doesn’t have the courage to tell the truth. Brady doesn’t think EJ will leave her because of this but she thinks one day he will and she can’t face it. She makes him promise her to keep it quiet. They hug and EJ interrupts to ask what’s going on.

In the park, Lucas slips the ring on Chloe’s finger and they giggle. When Kate calls, Lucas finds out the cancer has spread and that she’s going back into the hospital.

Kate arrives at the hospital with Daniel and settles in. Daniel gives her privacy and finds Chloe and Lucas outside her door and tells them that they’re going to kill Kate’s immune system and rebuild it from scratch. She needs a bone marrow transplant; he says….though he has told none of this to Kate. Lucas goes to see Kate while Chloe tells Daniel that Lucas proposed. She didn’t want Kate to see the ring, to give her something to worry about, and asks him to keep it private. He agrees to it.

Inside Kate’s room, she tells Lucas that she worries about him and he can help her by showing her how strong he is and asks if he’ll be okay without her. Lucas asks her not to talk like that and they both cry as Lucas promises he’ll be okay without her.

Marlena calls Dr. Kenneth Taylor, from the park, and leaves a message for him to inform her if John agrees to a second session.

Dr. Charlotte Taylor arrives at the pub and bumps into John, dropping all her files.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Phillip says, "I'm taking a big chance on you, Melanie. I need you up to speed." Melanie asks him, "So I don't embarrass you?" Phillip tells her so that she won’t embarrass herself!

Nicole says, "Let me handle this my own way." Brady hopes she knows what she’s doing!

Sami tells Rafe, "Rafe, if it has to do with my case, I'm entitled to know." Rafe says he went on a fact finding mission and found out info on her baby’s daddy!

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