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Sarah picks up the phone to Xander from Paris. He wants to help her. Everyone knows she took the baby. Sarah sobs. What choice did she have? Xander knows there’s a solution. Sarah says she’s the only mother Mickey has known. She won’t hand her over to Brady and Kristen. Xander understands and wants to help her keep the baby. He says the police know she’s in London. Sarah says maybe she isn’t. She asks how he can help. He has a plan to disappear – together, forever. Sarah doesn’t trust him not to turn her in to save himself. He tells her he wouldn’t. He loves her which is why he lied. He wants to raise Mickey together – all she has to do is say yes. Sarah cries. She can’t trust him and disconnects. Xander tries to call back but she doesn’t pick up.

At Brady’s pub, Ciara disconnects a call from Rafe and tells Ben that David now knows Evan is his father. David responded by saying he wanted Rafe to be his daddy. Ben doesn’t think Orpheus will let this go but Ciara’s hoping Rafe will finalize the adoption before they sue for custody. They talk about getting jobs and Ciara mentions Julie’s hiring. “Bad idea,” they say together, laughing. They decide to take her bike to “Inspiration Point” but the bike won’t start. It needs a new carburetor. She knows he can fix it and remembers how he saved her life and fixed her bike in the past. They find a nearby garage online and Ciara notes they’re hiring. “If being a grease monkey pays the rent,” he says, sighing. He goes.

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Abigail and Chad gloat about Gabi losing her job. Abs is glad Julie got to throw it in her face. Chad’s relieved he’s back as CEO. “Gabi’s a has-been isn’t she?” Abby says, smiling. Chad’s excited to run DiMera the way he wants without Tony or Kristen’s input. They order champagne and a call comes in from France. She tries to make sense of it and blurts, “Baby? What baby?” Later, she tells Chad that Jeanne Marie, their neighbor in Paris went to check on their apartment and thought they were in a fight. She said she would be happy to watch their baby girl but didn’t mention Thomas. They’re confused so Abs is about to call the landlord to check if someone is staying there. Gabi arrives with a bone to pick with Chad. They locked her store. She has personal items there. Chad says it’s standard HR policy. Abigail goes off on her and Gabi throws her mental illness in her face. Chad will rip Gabi’s tongue out if she continues but that doesn’t deter Gabi. She’s suing DiMera for wrongful termination.gabi freaks out at chad days of our lives

At the square, Gabi sees Stefan’s reflection in the window of Gabi Chic. She says his name and then closes her eyes. She turns around and he’s gone. She sees Brady and tells him what she saw. Brady says it’s impossible. He asks if she knows his baby was kidnapped. She does and is sorry. He says it’s fine but is sorry and has to go.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Kristen has stabbed Victor. He’s shocked and drops his drink and passes out. Kristen removes the knife and stands. She closes her eyes in relief then tells him he got what he deserved. She goes.

Gabi leaves flowers at Stefan’s grave in the DiMera garden as she gripes about Abby and Chad mocking her and rubbing her face in her loss of career. She plans on making Stefan proud.gabi visits stefan's grave days of our lives

Brady finds Kristen in the interrogation room at SPD. He’s surprised to see her. She thinks they should go to Europe and help with the search. She’ll ask Chad for the DiMera jet. Brady wants them to let the authorities deal with it. He tells her he disowned Victor. Kristen flashes to confronting and then stabbing Victor. Brady’s ready to tell her Victor’s part in the baby switch but she already knew. Brady’s surprised she didn’t show Victor no mercy and is proud she didn’t engage with “that miserable old bastard.” kristen sobs to brady days of our lives

Sonny finds Victor passed out and bloody at the Kiriakis mansion. He gasps and calls 911. He doesn’t notice the knife is on the floor beside Vic.

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sonny finds victor stabbed days of our lives

Victor’s wheeled into a room at the hospital. Kayla kicks Sonny out of the room and thinks Victor could have a ruptured aortic valve. Sonny calls Ciara to update her and she runs off to meet him. Sonny wonders who would do this. He calls Brady, who takes the call from SPD. Sonny shares the stabbing news. Brady cries and tells Kristen. Meanwhile, Ciara arrives in Vic’s room, clearly upset. Kayla comforts her but says nothing when asked if he’ll pull through.ciara visits victor in hospital days of our lives

Gabi goes back to Stefan’s grave and wishes he was running DiMera. She vows Chad and Abby will learn not to cross her.

At home, Li hangs up on Chad when he rants about Gabi suing them. Abigail sees Chad take off his tie and sees Ben wielding his own tie, menacingly. She drops her drink and gasps, “Ben?”

Ben arrives at the garage and sees a man who looks just like Stefan DiMera.

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