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At DiMera, Li Shin gives Chad the CEO position. Gabi explodes. Her husband would be rolling in his grave. Li says, either way, the board is behind his decision. Gabi thinks he’ll regret it. She wants to disassociate her company from DiMera so Li says they know she’d want to do this and they preemptively removed her as head of Gabi Chic so she couldn’t. Abigail smirks. Gabi explodes and Li is confirmed that they made the right choice. Abigail asks her to look at the bright side. Now she can go home and “pack your things, leisurely.”  chad gets ceo job days of our lives

At Salem’s prison, Julie visits a saddened Maggie. Julie’s sorry about what happened to Sarah. Maggie’s confused so Julie realizes she doesn’t know and can’t be the one to tell her. Just then, Will bursts into the room and lies to Julie that there’s a crisis at the restaurant. He shoves her out and tells her that Maggie doesn’t know. Julie leaves and Will returns to Maggie who demands he tell her what he’s hiding. Will tells her Sarah decided not to marry Xander. Maggie assumes he did something bad for that to happen. She begs for more information. He lies that Sarah just decided not to go through with the wedding and wants to be alone for the time being. He feels guilty and runs off. Maggie leaves a message for Sarah to call.will tells mags truth days of our lives

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Kristen finds Xander in a room at Salem Inn. He defends Sarah for kidnapping Kristen’s baby since she’s heartbroken. Pissed, Kristen grabs his shirt and is tired of everyone propping Sarah when she was told her baby was dead because of Xander. How could he do this to her? They were partners. Xander’s sorry for what she went through. He couldn’t devastate her. Kristen sobs that instead, he devastated her. She shoves him and says when she finds Sarah she’ll make her pay for stealing her baby. “What kind of person does that?” Xander reminds her she tried to take Sarah’s baby first. Kristen rebuts that she was only taking the baby Sarah wanted to abort. She smacks Xandy across the face. She realizes Victor helped Xander with this.kristen realizes vic to blame days of our lives

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady confronts his grandfather about the baby swap and blames him also for Sarah kidnapping Rachel. Victor attempts to lie about his part in the swap but Brady knows what he did. He let him believe his daughter was dead. Victor admits the truth. He’d do it again to protect Maggie. Brady asks why it’s so easy to watch Brady suffer. Vic says it wasn’t. The stroke was brought on by the stress from his decision. He never wanted to hurt Brady. Brady doesn’t believe he ever cared for him. Vic denies that. Brady says once he lost his baby, Vic fired him and made Xander CEO. Victor admits he had no choice. It was the price Xander demanded to do the baby switch. Brady doesn’t want to see him again. “We’re not family anymore, you’re dead to me.” Brady leaves and Xander tries frantically to call Victor to warn him but it’s too late – Kristen arrives and confronts Victor. “We need to talk.” Victor acts innocent but she knows he let her think her baby died. Vic did it to protect Maggie. Kristen gripes that he did it because he hated that she’s with Brady. He admits that he does hate that. She snarks about what he’s done and he asks, “Are you done ranting because I have things to do.” She’s done. She grabs a knife from the cheese platter and tells him he deserves to die.

In Paris, Sarah and Rachel head into Abigail and Chad’s Paris apartment. A neighbor, Jeanne Marie, (played by Christine Kellogg-Darrin) knocks. Sarah nervously opens the door. The lady claims she heard a baby cry. She thinks Sarah’s Madame DiMera so Sarah plays along. Jeanne Marie asks where her handsome husband Chad is. Sarah thinks fast. He’s back in Salem. She lies that they had a terrible fight. Jeanne Marie hopes she can forgive Chad when Sarah claims that he lied to her. She notices how small the baby is and Sarah says it’s their third child. The lady goes and Sarah listens to Xander’s voicemail, offering her help. He calls again and she picks up.jeanne marie and sarah paris days of our lives

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Gabi runs into Julie outside of Gabi Chic in the square. They argue. Julie thinks she belongs in prison still but Gabi argues that if it weren’t for her, Julie would be dead. Same for Mackenzie. Julie takes off and Gabi thinks of Stefan. She looks in her storefront window and sees Stefan’s face.gabi sees stefan window days of our lives

Abby and Chad arrive at Julie’s Place and tell Julie the news about him becoming CEO of DiMera and Gabi being out for good. Julie realizes that’s why Gabi was unhinged.

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