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At his house, Rafe explains to David in easier terms that not every family is a nuclear family and that when David was born, he had a daddy but now, Rafe’s daddy and he’ll always be there for him. David says, “Yeah,” a bunch of times as he plays but when Rafe asks, the boy admits it’s confusing.

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Rafe with David at home days of our lives

At Julie’s Place, Justin and Jennifer wonder who Kayla will choose. Him or Steve. Jennifer feels bad for Justin. Kayla hasn’t given her any indication of who she is going to choose. He goes and Jack appears. They talk about how much Jenn hates the love triangle. She assumes Kayla’s leaning toward Steve but Jack knows there are twists and turns that could change that. He tells her that Evan is back on the street as is Orpheus. Jenn’s angry. He strapped a bomb to her and shot JJ! Jack hugs her.jack hugs worried jenn days of our lives

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At the hospital, Kayla doesn’t want more conflict. She’s made a choice. So has Steve. “I have to let you go,” he states. He loves her and wants what’s best for her. He thinks that’s Justin. Kayla’s shocked and confused since it’s so sudden. Steve tells her he learned he hurt her when he was Stefano. When Kayla asks who told him this, Steve flashes to Justin filling him in and says John confirmed the horrible things he heard. Kay tries to argue but he’s sorry. It’s over. Kayla reminds him she doesn’t blame him for any of what he did as Stefano. Steve says Justin treats her well and will give her a life that she can’t have with him. Kayla yells, “Don’t I have a say in this?” She’s pissed that he’s once again making unilateral decisions without her. She’ll do what she wants. She tells him to go to hell.

Orpheus lets himself into Marlena’s townhouse. She tells him to get lost and says John’s in the next room. Orpheus doesn’t seem bothered by that, nor does he believe it. John calls and Orpheus sees that John’s calling Marlena’s cell phone and mocks her. Marlena gets her back up and calls out his kid for being horrible to Sonny, for murdering Jordan and letting Ben take the rap. Orpheus knows all that and he blames her. If she had raised his kids this wouldn’t have happened. Marlena won’t take the blame. John appears and Marlena asks him to call the cops. John says all charges against Orpheus have been dropped and tells her he was working with the ISA to get off. Orpheus says now that he’s living in Salem, they’ll have the opportunity to see each other. John warns Orpheus to stay away from his wife and kicks him out. Once he’s gone, Marlena collapses in John’s arms, sobbing.john comforts marlena days of our lives

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At the park, Evan tells his sister Zoey that she’s always looking out for him. She’s a great lawyer and a great mom. Their kids are cousins and should know what it’s like to be a family. They never did. Zoey tells “Chris” not to worry. She’ll get his son back. She knows her brother’s not a bad person. She’s done what she could for their father but doesn’t trust him. Orpheus walks up. He’s going to get David back. Evan’s frustration shows.

Justin goes to Rafe’s place and neither man can wrap their brains around the injustice of Orpheus and Evan walking around after what they’ve done. Rafe tells him Orpheus broke into his house earlier. Justin will use that to get a restraining order but since they’re David’s family, he’s not sure he can keep them from him. Still, he doesn’t think a judge would award custody to either man. Rafe asks how Steve is and learns the chip was removed and he’s fine, but he’s not sure what will happen with his romance. He’s not giving up.rafe and justin talk orpehus days of our lives

Back at the park, Zoey learns that Justin filed for a restraining order. Orpheus tells her, “You know what to do.” She leaves and later, Orpheus tells his son nobody needs to know what they did – not even Zoey. Evan looks terrified.

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Zoey goes to Rafe’s and tells him she knows about the restraining order. She’s filing for custody of David – for herself. She’s Evan’s sister.

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