Melanie and Bob struggle after he catches her going through his wallet, behind the pub. Bob tells her he’s going to teach her a lesson and that there are consequences for robbing him. Philip comes to Melanie’s aid and grabs Bob and gets physical with him. Bob tells Philip that this is between him and the little thief. “Your little bimbo isn’t worth saving,” he spits out. Since Bob has his money, Philip gets rid of him, then asks Melanie why she stole from the guy. Melanie sarcastically says he has saved her life and refuses to answer. She asks if she can leave now and won’t let Philip rescue her anymore. Philip says he won’t question her judgment, either, and thinks it’s best if they never speak again. Melanie’s tired of being the one to blame for everything and demands Philip hear her out. She didn’t kill her father, Nick did, she says. Philip thinks she ought to make better choices if she wants people to trust her. Melanie claims she was desperate. “You wouldn’t give me a job.” Philip sighs, “Now it’s my fault.” He’s tired of hearing her self-pity. Melanie calls Philip spoiled and pampered. They trade insults and Philip sarcastically tells her that his life has been perfect. He mocks her but she reminds him that he has parents and money, while she has to grow up in the real world.

Kate and Daniel arrive at the pub, where they find Lucas and Chloe. They explain they’ve got a surprise party planned for her at Victor’s place!

Brady meets Victor poolside, at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor asks how things are going, and Brady flashes back to telling Nicole that her baby didn’t make it. He admits that it hasn’t been what he expected!

Chelsea is thrilled to see Brady, poolside, and gives him a big hug. Brady goes to get the door while Chelsea tells Victor she’s trying not to feel responsible for Trent’s death. She blames Melanie now. “She made Nick crazy, literally.” They’re interrupted by Kate and Daniel, Chloe and Lucas. Kate’s thankful to be there and asks after Chelsea, who shares how shaken up she was to see Nick. Puzzled, she says Max made it better.
Chloe tries to make conversation with Victor, nearby, but he treats her with contempt. Chloe thinks dementia is settling in, considering he is the one who walked over to her. Chloe wonders if he has ever thought of forgiveness. Victor tells her one false move and there will be hell to pay.

Nearby, Daniel tells Brady how good he looks and gets something to drink, while Brady calls Nicole, to see how she is. Nicole lets her know that EJ’s back and she can’t talk.

Daniel interrupts Chloe and Victor’s tête à tête and tries to talk to him about Kate. When he Daniel receives a call, he asks Victor to make excuses for him while he steps out. Later, Chloe is sarcastic to Victor, and Brady asks Kate how she’s enjoying the party. She finds it first class, and asks how he is. He seems to be elsewhere, in his head. Brady’s fine and is happy she’s doing well.

Chelsea follows Chloe to the bar, and tells Chloe not to let her grandfather get to her. “He’s tightly wound.”

EJ comes to see Nicole with Johnny, and asks how she is. Nicole says she’s not well. He takes Johnny to bed and when he returns, Nicole hangs up on Brady. EJ asks who it was and if it’s the same person she met at the lodge. Nicole is nervous when EJ says he knows what she did! He knows she left the lodge with another man and wants to know who it was. Nicole says it’s more important as to why she wasn’t alone, rather than who she was with. “Something happened at the lodge,” she says, and EJ guesses right. “Something happened to our baby?” Nicole answers a shaky, “Yes.” She shares that when he cancelled, she felt a twinge, and asked some random guy to take her to the hospital. EJ becomes upset and asks if their baby is alright. “No,” she says, sadly. Crying, she lies that the doctor treated her for a small hemorrhage. When a relieved EJ tries to touch her, she pulls away and apologizes, but she can’t be touched or moved. Given her history, Dr. Baker has told her to be careful for the next few hours. She assures EJ the baby is fine, and asks for time alone. EJ understands and tells her that she and the baby are very precious to him. He kisses her and leaves. After he goes, Nicole says that someday, somehow, she’ll make this come true – she’ll give him a baby.

Downstairs at the mansion, EJ makes a call to Dr. Baker. Concerned, he wants to discuss Nicole Walker and what happened to her today!

Daniel arrives at the hospital and anxiously asks the nurse if she’s sure these results are correct. They are, she says. Daniel is upset and when a nurse asks if he needs something retested, he regrets he doesn’t.

Melanie arrives at Maggie’s place and Maggie finds that she’s distracted. Melanie asks for Maggie’s honesty and asks if she meant what she said about offering a place to stay. Maggie says what she wants and what she does for family, are two different things. Melanie is happy she can stay. Melanie starts to tell Maggie about her terrible day, but Maggie stops her. She doesn’t want to hear it, after what happened to Nick.

Later, Melanie counts her money - a mere thirteen dollars and change. Maggie arrives with groceries and a note from Philip, who has reconsidered and offered her the job. Neither of them understands why!

Philip arrives at Kate’s party. Lucas jokes that he took the term ‘fashionably late’ to the extreme. Philip wonders where Daniel is, and Victor says he’ll return in a moment. Victor is uplifted to see Kate up and around and Philip is encouraged as well, but Kate reminds them she’s not cured yet. Victor sings Daniels’ praises and Philip gives Kate her blessing with Daniel. Kate’s very appreciative, and pulls her son into a hug.

Nearby, Chloe rants to Lucas about how Victor’s treating her. Lucas tells her the only thing that counts is that he loves her. She repeats his words and her mood slightly changes.

Daniel arrives back at the party and Kate tells him this party is as much for him as it is for her. Philip gives Daniel a gift – a beautiful watch that Philip says he bought for his brother, as well. Daniel apologizes, and sadly says he can’t accept it. It’s a job and what he does. He’s thankful, and apologizes for offending Philip. He leaves the two and Philip feels like an idiot. He wanted to do something nice. Kate is sure that Daniel didn’t mean to hurt his feelings and Philip says it’s fine. As long as she’s happy, he’s fine! Philip makes a toast to Kate, and calls her the heart of the family. Daniel frowns as Philip drinks to Kate’s continued health, and Kate catches his eye.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Lucas asks Chloe if she’d like to act as though it’s Christmas! “We can pretend. Can you handle that?" Chloe flashes him a big smile.

John asks Marlena, "Would you like to broadcast my life to the rest of the family? EJ and old man Stefano?" Brady asks, "What are you talking about? Old man Stefano?'"

Nicole asks Dr. Baker, "I need you to give me something no one else can. My life depends on it."

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