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In Steve’s hospital room, Justin and Steve give each other their condolences over Adrienne, but Justin wants to talk about Kayla. Both men want her. Justin wants to explain his relationship with Kay. He tells Steve it was awful the night Adrienne died. Kayla would make him coffee and he’d give her leftover lasagna. One night he asked her to a jazz concert. “Too bad she hates jazz,” Steve says, smiling. Justin admits she likes it now. They went on a picnic and danced under the stars. They rescued each other from heartache and loneliness. Steve appreciates all Justin has done, “but she’s my wife.” Justin corrects, “Ex-wife.” He bellows about what Steve did to Kayla while he was Stefano. Steve is clueless so Justin reluctantly tells him about how “Stefano” took Kayla hostage and nearly gassed them to death. Steve yells that there’s no way he would do that. Outside, Jennifer comforts Kayla over being torn between Justin and Steve. Kayla reels over Steve asking her if she “slept with Justin” last night. She admits she didn’t because she was exhausted. She wimped out on both of them, loves them both and doesn’t know who to choose.

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kayla torn between two men days of our lives
Marlena wakes up at the townhouse to John giving her breakfast in bed – strawberries and whipped cream. It’s just what she needed. He has bad news – Milo Harp is back. “Orpheus?” Marlena says, worriedly. John tells her that the ISA moved him to a private place to recover after he was shot. Pamela Van Damme thought Orpheus had critical information for them so she protected him. He was given full immunity for all crimes. Marlena wonders why he’s back in Salem. John says he’s Evan’s father who must have helped with David’s kidnapping. They snuggle and John wants to go see Steve since he learned Orpheus is back in jail. jarlena in bed talk orpheus days of our lives

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Rafe arrives home to find Orpheus. He pulls his gun and cuffs the man. Orpheus tells him before he takes him in to make a call. Later, Rafe calls someone and learns Orpheus has been released. Rafe takes off Orpheus’ cuffs, not happy with the task.

In the park, Ben strangles Evan as Evan tries to tell his kid he loves him. Ciara yells at her boyfriend to stop. Ben eventually stops and says she just got him back. She’s not ready to lose him again. Evan calls him “psycho” and Ben lunges for him. Ciara holds him back. He orders her to take David to Rafe – he won’t do anything to Evan. Upset, she goes, while Evan clutches his neck. Ben refuses to let Evan see David who has a right to grow up in a stable home. If Evan loves him, he’ll leave him alone. Evan refuses. Ben is no role model. He’s the Necktie Killer. Ben says he’s right. Rafe’s a good role model. Zoey arrives. She’s sure Evan’s case will get thrown out and demands, “You and your gun-toting bae cease and desist” from bothering her client. Ben goes and Evan moves to follow but Zoey grabs him and cautions that it wouldn’t take much to have him thrown back into lock-up. Evan thanks her for all she’s done. She says of course – that’s what sisters are for!

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zoey interrupts ben choking evan days of our lives

Ciara arrives at Rafe’s with David. She and Rafe refuse to let him see the boy and he takes off. Ciara puts David in another room and tells him a little about her and Ben’s run-in with Evan. She leaves out the part where Ben choked the man and reminds Rafe that David will find out that Evan’s his father at some point. She encourages him to tell David. Once she’s gone, Rafe starts the dialogue with David.Rafe with David at home days of our lives

John interrupts Justin and Steve at the hospital. Justin takes off and John comforts his pal, explaining that he did things he had no control over. Later, John gets a call and learns Orpheus is free, while Justin finds Kayla as Jennifer is leaving and tells Kayla he wants to be with her. Later, Kayla goes to see Steve. She has made a decision…

Ciara returns home and she and Ben kiss. She tells him about Orpheus being at Rafe’s.

At home, Marlena tries to work but flashes to Orpheus locking her and Kayla in coffins. Someone comes to the door – it’s Orpheus.

Justin finds Jenn at Julie’s Place. She asks how he is. He’s reeling and told Kayla he’s taking a stand. He wants her to be with him.

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