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Ben and Ciara wake up in each other’s arms at Salem Inn, happy to be together. Ciara refuses sex. He’s surprised since it’s the first time she’s done so. She says they need to get out in the real world. She has a surprise for him. He wants to shower together but she’s got his number and says no. He claims he’s thinking of time management.ben and ciara bed days of our lives

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From the square, Hope stares at the Bistro balcony and flashes to being Gina and shoving Jennifer over the edge. Jenn taps her on the shoulder and she jumps. She apologizes to Jenn for pushing her but Jennifer knows it wasn’t her fault. Hope takes full blame. She tracked Eve down who is still in New York City. She had to apologize but Eve threatened to take legal action against her. “I sent her to prison for a crime…” Jenn cuts her off. Eve’s free and should take her anger out on Rolf. Hope flashes to trying to smother her. She explains it and says Ciara walked in on her and then admits she also thought about killing Abigail. Jenn comforts Hope and again reminds her she’s not to blame.

Justin wakes up at home alone. He worries until Kayla appears with breakfast. She says she has an eye surgeon coming in to see Steve. Justin notes she was up half the night.

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In his bed at the hospital, Steve flashes to being on the flight on his honeymoon with Kayla. He recalls how weird but right it felt being a husband. Steve gave Kayla a necklace with an anchor charm to remind her that she’s his anchor and that he’d never leave her. Steve flashes to last night when Kayla went home to Justin and looks grim. Sonny arrives and Steve’s happy. He asks if they caught the SOB who drove the car that killed Adrienne. Sonny says yes. Steve’s sorry he wasn’t there for him. They commiserate over spending the rest of their lives without her. Sonny says he and Will are talking about having another kid. He wishes he could talk to his mom about it. Steve wishes he’d been there for Sonny and for his own kids. They discuss Justin and Sonny says they’re in love, “it’s not a rebound thing.” He shouldn’t expect his dad to just walk away. Steve doesn’t want to hurt Justin but he wants his wife back. Steve gives kay necklace days of our lives

At SPD, Rafe is happy to give Eli and Lani back their badges. Eli’s glad not to be the commissioner. In walks Zoey Burge, (played by Kelly Thiebaud), Evan’s (Christian Maddox) lawyer, who demands to know who is in charge and to have Evan released. Orpheus took full responsibility. Rafe reads the statement but refuses to let Evan go. Zoey calls Jordan’s murder an accident but Rafe’s not buying it. The judge and DA Giddens agreed to exonerate Evan, she says, gloating. Rafe’s stunned. The murder charges aren’t gone yet but Zoey thinks they will be. Rafe releases Evan into her custody and Lani worries for David. Rafe gets out his cell phone.evan's lawyer spd days of our lives

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Ciara arrives at the park with David to meet Ben. He’s thrilled to see his nephew who is talking. Rafe’s sitter couldn’t make it so he cleared Ben seeing David. Since Evan and Orpheus are locked up, it’s not a problem. Rafe calls to tell Ciara that Evan has been released. She needs to take the baby home and lock the doors. Ciara fills Ben in and they turn to go when Evan appears. Ben asks not to talk in front of the baby and when Evan moves in and starts yelling that he loves David, Ben grabs him by the neck. Ciara’s jaw drops. ben sits with david days of our lives

Sonny arrives at Justin’s. He tells his father a little about his discussion with Steve and how he didn’t tell him Maggie caused the accident that killed Adrienne. They agree it’s for the best.

Kayla arrives at the hospital. Steve tells her his heart hurts. She gets out her stethoscope but he says as much as he loves her hands on him, his heart is broken. He asks if she and Justin made love last night. She snaps that it is none of his business, which he thinks means ‘no’. He refuses to give up on her and calls her “Sweetness” but she takes off, wordless. Jenn finds her. She calls herself a mess. Meanwhile, Justin lets himself into Steve’s room. They need to talk…

Zoey returns to SPD looking for Rafe who is gone. She tells Eli and Lani Orpheus was released.

Rafe arrives home and finds Orpheus sitting on his sofa and no Ciara.

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