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At the hospital, Kayla wants to go to dinner with Justin. He asks about Steve and she says he’s with Jack, dealing with what he did as Stefano and with Adrienne’s loss. Justin asks if she wants to be with Steve. She asks him to stop asking questions. Right now she just wants to go home with him. He jokes that she only loves him for his lasagna. In Steve’s room, Jack tries to help Steve process everything as he eats a banana. Steve won’t do anything to get Kayla back so Jack calls him passive. Steve grunts that he now recalls that talking to Jack makes his head hurt. Jack says Steve used to be exciting. He loves Justin but he’s trying to get Steve to get Kayla back. Steve asks if Kay is happy with Justin. Jack says it’s a matter of propinquity. Steve says, “Will you speak English, man?” Justin says they moved in together after Steve sent divorce papers. It’s a matter of proximity. He looks for candy in the fruit basket. Kayla appears to check on him. He’s fine so she goes. Steve assumes she’s made her decision. Near the elevator, Justin fills Kayla in on Xander and Sarah’s wedding mishap.

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Will and Sonny have a romantic dinner at the square with wine. They discuss Steve’s memory returning. Will thinks they should get dessert to celebrate. Sonny passes. Sugar gives him weird dreams. He reluctantly shares that he dreamed that he “walked into our bedroom and you were having sex with Leo.” Will spits out the water he was drinking. He’d rather Sonny not have shared. Both agree it was disgusting. Sonny’s not sure why he had the dream. Will just wants to remember three minutes ago before they talked about Leo. Sonny shrugs – he’ll just stop talking. Will concedes to hearing the rest of the dream – reluctantly, so Sonny tells him the part about Leo talking them into buying a baby from him. Sheila and Abe’s baby. “What? How long was this dream?” Will asks, cringing. Sonny wants to talk about having another baby.

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At home, Brady tells Kristen that Xander swapped Mickey with Rachel. He explains everything. Now she understands the pain she caused him and Theresa. “Maybe it was retribution.” Brady says to move forward. She is – she’s looking forward to making Xander pay.kristen and brady hear baby alive days of our lives

Eric lets himself into the Kiriakis mansion. Xander tells him through gritted teeth to get lost. Eric spits that Xander belongs in a grave, “Just like my little girl.” Xander asks why he told Sarah the truth. She was so happy. Eric calls it the right thing to do. Brady and Kristen thought their daughter was dead. Xander calls Nicole “a nosey bitch,” and Eric punches him in the face. Xander hopes that made him feel better. He sticks by his decision. Eric is glad Sarah didn’t “marry a bastard like you.” Eric blasts him for all the pain he’s caused. Xander looks guilty. Upstairs, Sarah sobs over letting go of Rachel, telling her she’s not her mommy, though she loves her. She talks about how Kristen’s lost a year with her and doesn’t think Kristen will mind if she keeps the baby book of memories. Later, Eric goes to Sarah’s room but she and the baby are gone. He worries and goes to tell Xander who hasn’t seen Sarah. Eric calls Brady to inform him and they go looking for Sarah while Xander goes to Sarah’s room and sees her gown and rings left behind. He vows to find a way to get her back.

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Back at the square, Will talks about being convinced by Abigail to have two kids. It’s a big step and a long process. “I know, I guess that’s why people steal babies.” They laugh and then look over at Sarah walking with Rachel. They thought she was getting married. She says she did and she’s picking up some things before taking “Mickey” on their honeymoon. Will asks where her ring is. She says it’s at home since she was afraid to lose it. She toddles off and Will says she’s lying.

Will and Sonny return home. Eric’s looking for Sarah so they tell her about seeing her at the square and heading to the airfield. Eric freaks. He fills them in on Mickey being Rachel, Brady and Kristen’s kid. They are shocked. Kristen and Brady appear as Sonny gets off a call. The Titan jet left with Sarah and Rachel. They didn’t file a flight plan. “She kidnapped our child,” Kristen says.

On the jet, Sarah snuggles Rachel and reassures her. “You’re my little girl.”

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