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Brady finds Kristen at Rachel’s gravesite. She cries. She didn’t mean to break the rules at the hospital with the baby. She apologizes for her obsession. Brady tells her their baby is alive. Kristen can’t believe it. Brady explains most of the story, saying the girl in the grave isn’t theirs. She asks whose baby it is. He reveals it’s Eric and Sarah’s. Kristen begins to become excited when he reveals that Mackenzie has the birthmark and he has DNA test results to prove she’s theirs. Kristen’s afraid to believe it. She reads the results and finally believes. They cry happily. Eric and Nicole appear. Brady hugs his brother and Kristen tells him how sorry she is. She thanks Nicole and they leave Eric to look at his daughter’s grave. Eric tells her that the one day they knew each other was the greatest of his life. He’ll miss her and love her, always.eric sees baby grave days of our lives

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At the hospital, Steve reels over learning that Kayla moved on. He’d never leave her in a million years. Kayla argues that he did. He’s astounded that she’s with Justin. “What about my sister, did they split up again?” Kayla says no, and Steve is baffled. He knows she’d never have an affair with Adrienne’s husband. Kayla is tortured to explain that his sister passed away last year. Steve begins to cry. He learns about the car accident. He sobs in Kayla’s arms. Steve thinks he should have been there. She was such a good sister. All they had was each other.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah asks Xander how she could marry him after what he did. “What did I do?” he asks. Sarah looks incredulous and grabs at her hair in frustration. He let her fall for a baby he knew wasn’t hers! Xander asks her to say I do and they can work this out later. Justin looks uncomfortable. Sarah knows the truth. Eric told her everything, that her baby died and that baby is Brady and Kristen’s. Justin tells Sarah he’s so sorry. She’s dear to him and asks if there’s anything he can do. Sarah asks him to go. Once he’s gone, Xander asks to explain. She yells at him, wondering how he could lie to her. He did it for her. He explains what happened, that the baby was having a seizure when he went to get her. Sarah sobs. He couldn’t let her feel that pain. Sarah snipes that he let her take the baby home and see her through cancer…Xander loves her. Sarah asks how he can say that when he hurt her more than she’s been hurt in her life. Xander suggests they take Mickey and run away. Sarah corrects him. Her name is Rachel. And they’re going nowhere together. She never wants to see him again. She tells him she doesn’t love him anymore. She’s taking the baby upstairs and when she returns, she wants him gone. Xander collapses to the floor, in shock. Upstairs, Sarah doesn’t know how to let Rachel go. Eric arrives to have it out with Xander…sarah dumps xander days of our lives

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At Julie’s Place, Jack tells Jenn, Doug, and Julie that Steve regained consciousness but has amnesia. Jenn and Jack can identify, thankful that it’s over now. Doug reminds them Hope was in the same boat. Maybe Steve’s will be temporary. Jenn and Jack take off for the hospital and Julie is concerned for Justin since Steve and Kayla are somewhat of a super couple.

Back at the hospital, Steve hides his face when Jennifer and Jack appear. Kayla tells them that he got his memory back but he just learned about Adrienne. Jenn hugs Steve, then Jack. He’s so very sorry. Steve cries more. The women leave as the men discuss Rolf’s machinations and Steve brings up the horrible things he did, especially to Marlena. Even before that, he should have made Kayla his priority. If he’d “returned home sooner, this nightmare wouldn’t have happened. Kayla never would have left me.” Jack reminds Steve that his eye was hacked, but Steve says he didn’t have to take off. “Look what I did to her life.” Steve wonders if Kayla likes her life too much to give it up. “Maybe she’s over me.” By the hub, Jenn asks what’s ahead for her and Steve. Kayla talks about falling in love again. Justin arrives and learns Steve got his memory back. He’s amazed. Jenn goes to tell Doug and Julie while Kayla reports that hearing of Adrienne’s death was hard on him. Justin can imagine since they were so close. He lets her know he’s there for her and understands if she needs to stay with Steve. Back in Steve’s room, he says he understands what Kayla sees in Justin. Jack says Justin was a wreck when Adrienne was killed. They helped each other get through a tough time.

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Kristen and Brady arrive home. He wants Sarah and Eric to have time to say goodbye to Rachel. Kristen aches to be with her. She’s not sure she can wait another day. She starts questioning how the hospital could make such a mistake and learns Xander switched babies.kristen and brady hear baby alive days of our lives

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