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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah catches Xander getting dressed for the wedding and declares that they can’t get married. He wakes up naked in bed. This was just a nightmare, but Sarah isn’t in bed. He finds a note from her saying there’s something important she had to do. After he gets dressed and goes downstairs, he finds Victor waiting for him. Xander informs his uncle that he’s worried about Nicole and Eric wanting to talk to his bride-to-be. Victor starts to worry too but Xander assures him that they can’t know the truth about the baby switch. If the truth came out, it would destroy Maggie and Sarah. When Xander expresses concern about the moral implications, Victor rolls his eyes and tells him to stop looking back. Xander asks him to the wedding but Victor needs to be with Maggie today. He tells his nephew that he’s proved himself to be a true Kiriakis and hands him a coin that belonged to his father. He would give a coin to his children on their wedding day to signify family support and belonging.

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Nicole drops by Eric’s and he worries about telling Sarah about Mickey. He thinks she needs the truth about Xander before she marries him. Roman arrives and checks in on them. After they insist everything is fine, he leaves. Nicole assures Eric that she will support him and little Mickey will still be part of his life. He’s more worried about how Sarah will deal with her baby being dead. Eric tells Nicole how amazing she is.

Jenn shows up at the Salem hospital and finds Justin drowsing in a chair. He’s been there all night. He didn’t want to leave Kayla while she was worrying about Steve. Justin tells her that Jack has been giving him good advice, but he knows what he and Kayla have can’t compare to what she has with Steve. He’s worried that this could be the beginning of the end for them. Meanwhile, Kayla is with Steve in his room. She thinks about having to cut the chip out of his brain and how that could have cost him all the memories of their life. Jack comes in for an update. She doesn’t have one and worries that Rolf might have given her false instructions about the operation. He assures her that she did what had to be done. Jack exits and chats with Jenn and Justin. Taking his wife aside, he admits that if Steve returns, someone will be hurt. Kayla is going to have to turn her back on someone. Roman wanders in and Jack starts to worry to Jenn about Steve needing a lawyer. She thinks that absorbing what he’s missed will be harder on him. Back in Steve’s room, Justin joins Kayla. When he tells her how bad he feels for her, she suggests that this is what he really wants. This offends him. She apologizes, claiming she’s stressed. He gets a beep and remembers he has to officiate the wedding. After he leaves, she sits down with Steve again and tells him everyone is going crazy waiting for him to wake up. As she sobs, Roman enters and she beats herself up about potentially ruining Steve’s life. He assures her she had no choice. As she begs Steve to come back, his eye opens.

jack and kayla at steve's bedside days of our lives

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Sarah goes to the prison to visit Maggie. She shows off her wedding dress. Maggie weeps and promises to be at the wedding in spirit. Her daughter wishes she could come, but Maggie insists she doesn’t deserve any special treatment after what she did. She’s determined to focus on the future and made Sarah something in the craft room for her wedding.

When Sarah returns to the Kiriakis compound, she bumps into Nicole and Eric as they head for the door. She’s not in the mood for a prenuptial intervention. As she gets edgy, he sends Nicole off and then leads Sarah away.

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Back in his room, Xander looks at a photo of Sarah. As he puts on his tie, he says that she can never find out the truth.

xander looks at a photo of him, sarah and mickey days of our lives

Eric takes Sarah back to his place. “Mickey, she’s not our daughter,” he tells her.

Victor visits Maggie in prison. He takes her hand and tells her there’s nowhere else he wants to be. They discuss the wedding and she admits that she’s learned to see Xander is the right one for her daughter.

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