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At the hospital, John updates Belle on the phone to let her know Marlena’s still in surgery. They disconnect and Dr. Rolf and Kayla turn up. He removed the microchip from Marlena’s brain and wants to see Stefano immediately. Kayla confirms she watched every move. He replicated the procedure he did for Hope but they need to wait until Marlena wakes up to see if it works. Kayla takes Rolf to Stevano’s room. She heads in alone and asks “Steve” to wake up. Stevano grumbles. Rolf rushes in. He considers he could create a new eye for him and begs for his forgiveness. Kayla leaves and Stevano explodes after learning Rolf removed Marlena’s chip. He admits there’s a great probability that she will return to John. Stevano says he can’t make this up to him but there might be something he can do. Later, Rolf vows not to let him down. Kayla reappears and tells them Marlena’s back to her old self. Stevano won’t give up. She’ll be his again one day. Kay wants to remove the chip in the morning but Dr. Rolf refuses. Kayla blows up. In another room, Brady holds Mackenzie and tells himself the heart shaped birthmark on her neck is a coincidence. Kristen pops in and asks what he means. He covers and she asks if she can hold the baby. Brady flashes to telling John about the birthmark on Rachel and decides it’s not a great idea. Kristen tears up. Sarah appears and takes the baby. In her room, John’s face falls as Marlena says Stefano’s name. John worries but she tells him he’s out of her mind. They hold hands, relieved and kiss. He was afraid he’d lost her forever. He tells her Steve’s in the hospital, in custody. Brady and Kristen visit. Kristen’s relived Marlena’s okay. Marlena asks how Brady’s arm is. It’s sore he says. Kristen admits she kept Stevano a secret, choosing loyalty to a man who didn’t deserve it. John says she could have saved them all the grief. She knows and hopes Marlena can forgive them. Marlena is grateful to her for intervening when her father married her. She wants to move forward. Brady grins and Marlena stretches out her hand. The women shake hands as Kristen thanks her. John’s eye widen. Kristen and Brady leave and Brady teases that she and his mom are practically BFFs. They go to give Eric some good news while John and Marlena snuggle in her bed.

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At home, Justin looks at Kayla’s photo and thinks about her telling him that no matter what happens she loves him. Xander arrives and Justin closes the door. “Not interested.” Xander has an important question to ask him: “Justin Kiriakis, will you marry me?” He wants Justin to officiate his wedding to Sarah. Justin scoffs. Sarah deserves better. Xander thinks Sarah needs all the family around her especially since Maggie’s in prison. “Not a chance in hell,” Justin says, reminding Xandy of all of the unforgivable things he’s done. Xander responds, saying they couldn’t let Maggie go to jail for killing Adrienne, let alone…He trails off. Justin questions him. Xander covers.

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Nicole arrives home to Eric. He knows she lied about her business in New York and worries she’s sick because of how she reacted to the bloodwork she received. Nicole says this trip was about him, not her. She shares how she followed Dr. Raynor there because she “knows the truth about who your daughter really belongs to.” Nic tells him about overhearing Xander bully Raynor and how frightened Raynor was, then goes on with the full story about how Mackenzie has the same birthmark as Rachel. Eric calls it a coincidence. Nic admits she had a DNA sample done. Eric explodes that she helped herself to his daughter’s DNA. Nic says it showed him as the father but when she confronted Raynor, the sleazy doctor admitted she was paid off to swap Rachel with Mackenzie. Eric cries and takes it in. “Mickey’s not mine.” He finds one of her toys in the sofa and holds it as Nicole rubs his back. His grief turns to anger. “Son of a bitch, I’m going to kill him,” Eric whispers. Nicole defends Victor who was trying to save Maggie from heartache. Eric sobs and wonders what to do, how to say goodbye to his kid. Nic suggests he keep it quiet. Eric can’t do that. His brother deserves to know. He says that Brady tells him Kristen has changed. Nic says she couldn’t have changed that fast. Brady and Kristen arrive…

Xander arrives home to Sarah to tell her Justin agreed to marry them. She’s surprised and excited to marry him. They kiss.xander hugs sarah sofa days of our lives

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Justin goes to the hospital and is told by Kayla that Rolf won’t remove the chip in Steve’s head. justin upset by kayla news days of our lives

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