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At home, Kate talks to Stefano’s portrait upset that he brainwashed Chad to kill her. Chad appears with the envelope opener and Kate’s frightened. Chad apologizes. He was going to open the mail. Kate asks if this is really him. He insists it is and Abigail appears to back him up. She says he’s had therapy. Kate’s sorry. Chad should be the one apologizing. He asks for forgiveness. Kate forgives him. She sighs that he was brainwashed while she chose to be Stefano’s partner in crime. Abby knows Stefano can be persuasive. Chad wants to give Kate her shares back but she doesn’t want them. She’s closing the chapter on the pursuit of DiMera power. Later, Abby calls Jennifer with an update on what has been going on. They disconnect. She puts Stefano’s ring in her drawer. Chad appears. Who was she talking to? “La Famiglia,” she says, giving him side-eye. Chad promises he’s better. She believes in him and loves him. He calls her the love of his life. They kiss passionately and fall to the bed.

Outside the pub, Eric asks if Abe knows where Nicole went and what’s going on with her. Abe flashes to his secret with Nicole. Eric’s worried Nicole’s sick. Abe can’t help him. He takes off. Eric goes inside and Roman asks what’s up. “I’m fine,” he says, petulantly. Roman pushes and Eric says Nicole’s keeping something from him. He shares what happened with his dad. He’s not judging her but he worries she’s ill. Roman advises to leave Abe out and go to the source. Find Nicole. Eric thinks that’s a good idea and races out.eric confronts abe about nic days of our lives

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In New York at her apartment, Dr. Amanda Raynor admits to Nicole that Sarah and Eric’s baby died last Mother’s Day. Nicole gasps. She was afraid of this. Raynor continues. The baby Sarah’s raising is Kristen and Brady’s. Raynor tears up as she tells Nicole that Sarah gave birth on the side of the road the same night, she delivered Rachel. The umbilical cord was wrapped around Rachel’s neck but she made it. She was taken to the nursery where Mackenzie was. Mackenzie wasn’t doing well. Xander and Victor approached Raynor as she was performing CPR on Mackenzie. She died and the doctor left them to say goodbye. When she returned, they asked her to switch babies. Raynor was horrified and scared. She agreed to it and left town with the money but returned to care for the baby Sarah thinks is hers. She says Xander harassed her and nobody could help her. Xander threatened her life and that’s when she left Salem for New York. She worries Xander will make good on his threat. She asks if Nic will go public. Nic’s not sure. Raynor thinks what she did was a good thing. The kid doesn’t have to grow up with Kristen DiMera as a mother. They talk things over and Raynor says to call the cops. Nic doesn’t want to. She doesn’t see Amanda as the villain. She goes.nicole wants truth from dr. Raynor days of our lives

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In the hospital, Brady notices Mackenzie has a heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. He flashes to Kristen telling him that Rachel had one in the same spot. Brady says, “No, it can’t be.” John appears. He’s anxiously waiting for Marlena to come out of surgery. The men sit and Brady admits when he holds her it reminds him of Rachel. He fills his dad in on Kristen remembering that she had a heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. John asks what he’s getting at. Brady mentions that there were two babies born the same night. In another room, Tony and Kristen wonder what happens to Father (the chip) once Steve’s back. Kristen’s surprised. Does he really want to have him back in their lives again? He’s not sure. They’re compelled to be free but it’s hard to get out from under Father’s thumb. She’s changed since being with Brady and having a child. She doesn’t want to go back to being that woman. She used to take pride in people fearing her, in inflicting pain on those who won’t bend to her will. “And now?” Tony asks. She can’t change her past but wants to prove she’s not a monster. She wants to make amends with him. She almost let him go down for murdering Ted Laurent. He reminds her she did the right thing in the end. Kristen says that was the beginning of her quest to be a better person. She tears up and then talks about wanting to hold Mickey but being told no. Kristen feels some pull toward the kid. Tony’s kind to Kristen. She doesn’t get how it’s possible. He calls her his sister. She’s family. She hugs him. She goes to Brady, while Tony sits with John to wait for word on Marlena.

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Abe calls Nicole from Julie’s Place to tell him about Eric pressuring him for information on her. Abe says Eric thinks she’s sick. Nicole admits she was right. Raynor confirmed the babies were switched. Nicole’s not sure if she’ll tell the truth. She’ll hurt someone either way.abe on a call with nicole days of our lives

Nicole arrives home as Eric’s on a call trying to get a flight to New York.

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John waits for news on Marlena’s surgery.

Stefano is determined not to let them remove his chip.

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