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Gabi leaves Gabi Chic at the Horton square and bumps right into Eli and Lani. She apologizes. Eli helps her with her packages. Gabi’s glad she ran into them. She asks to talk to Eli in private. Lani goes to the pub while Gabi admits she truly loved Eli. He doubts she knows what love means. Gabi hopes he can forgive her someday. “Never,” he states. He loved her too but she’s not the woman he thought she was. Gabi reminds him she donated bone marrow to save Mickey. Doesn’t that count? Eli knows she did it for selfish reasons. She only cares about herself and that’s why she’ll always be alone.lani runs into eli at the square days of our lives

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Brady’s half asleep at Marlena’s bedside at the hospital when Kristen brings him coffee. He says John’s at the station trying to talk Rolf into removing the chip from her head. Kristen knows it’ll be a tough sell since Rolf’s so loyal to Stefano. She’s sorry her father turned his family upside down again. Brady asks how Stevano is. She says he’s in ICU fighting for his survival. Marlena calls to Stefano.

At the SPD, Rolf is taken to see John in the interrogation room. Rolf is surprised to hear Marlena was rescued and Steve arrested. Rolf is unhappy to hear this but knows the phoenix will rise again. John demands he take the chip out of his wife. Dr. Rolf will never do that. He wants to see Stevano. John will allow it if he helps Marlena. john talks Rolf into surgery on steve days of our lives

Near the hub, Eric and Sarah are happy that Mackenzie’s doing so well after an appointment. She gained weight. Eric goes to call Nicole and Sarah updates Xander on a call about the kid’s appointment. Kristen pops up, happy to hear Mackenzie’s doing well. They talk about Marlena’s ordeal and how Kristen’s looking forward to volunteering holding babies.Rolf happy to see Kristen days of our lives

In Central Park in New York, Nicole tells Abe on a call that her flight got in late and she’s just now on her way to see Raynor. Nicole says goodbye and takes a call from Eric. She lies that she’s on her way to her meeting. She wishes she was with him but should be home tonight. She’s glad to hear Marlena’s been rescued. Eric says Holly behaved for him last night. He tells Nic that Mackenzie’s appointment went well. He wouldn’t know what to do without her. Nicole gulps. She goes to see Dr. Amanda Raynor at her apartment. She demands the truth about who Mackenzie’s parents are and won’t leave until she gets it. She makes herself at home on the sofa. Raynor calls Nicole delusional so she takes out the DNA test results and flashes to getting the swap from the baby and a lock of Kristen’s hair, then lies that she already has proof. She asks if Amanda wants to go down for Xander’s crimes. Amanda urges Nicole to walk away. Nicole will call the medical board and the cops. Amanda finally blurts that yes, Sarah and Eric’s baby died last Mother’s Day.

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Lani arrives at the pub and hugs her father. He’s surprised to hear she left Eli with Gabi. Lani thinks he may need closure so they can put her behind them for good. Eli appears and Abe thanks them for being involved rescuing David and putting Orpheus in jail. SPD wants them both back. Will they join the force again? They’re not sure they’ll be welcomed back. Abe assures that SPD needs them. They’re good cops. They need time to think. Abe hopes they figure it out soon. “There are too many crazies running around Salem,” he says to make him comfortable. Lani and Abe at the pub dining days of our lives

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Eric arrives in Marlena’s room at the hospital. Brady’s worried about their mother. They hope John can talk Rolf into performing surgery on her. Eric offers to stay with Marlena for a while. Brady asks where Nicole is and learns she’s in New York on business. Brady’s confused. There’s no meeting in New York. They assume she’s lying. He flashes to Nicole getting the bloodwork back. She was shaken up. The brothers worry. By the hub, Kristen wishes Sarah well on her wedding day. Dr. Rolf appears and asks Kristen how Stefano is. She assures him he’s fine. John lets them know that he made a deal with Rolf. Wilhelm wonders why Kristen’s not with him. She lies that visitors are limited but vows to check on him if Rolf does what John asks. Eric and Brady appear, pleased to hear the news. Sarah goes to help Kayla and Rolf prep for surgery while Brady offers to care for Mickey so Eric can find out what’s up with Nicole. Brady snuggles the kid and notices she has a birthmark on her neck. Meanwhile, John goes to Marlena’s room. She wakes up confused. She remembers a wedding. John says it wasn’t real. She holds John’s hand and confesses she still feels a pull toward Stefano. She doesn’t want it to affect their relationship. John kisses her hand and tells her about Rolf performing the procedure on her to remove the chip. She’s grateful to John.

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Eli and Lani return home. Lani admits she misses being a cop. After rescuing David, she realizes she’s more suited to a badge than a habit. Eli agrees. They’ll be a team again. They smooch.eli and lani kissing at home days of our lives

Eric finds Abe outside the pub. He’s one of Nicole’s closest friends. Does he know why Nicole really went to New York?eric confronts abe about nic days of our lives

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