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Eli brings Lani breakfast in bed. They kiss. They’re celebrating David’s return to Rafe. They talk about how their baby would have been a toddler by now. Eli asks if they can start thinking about trying again. Lani smiles. Sheila arrives, much to Eli’s surprise. Sheila needs Eli’s help. She left her daughter with a sitter and when she returned, the baby was gone. She asks if the baby is here since the baby’s Eli’s. Lani explodes. Eli says it was a one-night stand. Why is Sheila telling him now? She apologizes. Eli goes to dress and Sheila asks if Lani will be okay with this. She will. Sheila says babies have a way of bringing people together. Eli returns. He contacted an FBI contact and learned Clyde Weston is head of a baby brokering chain.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Will tells Sonny that his grandma was rescued last night and that Steve’s in police custody he thinks. Sonny says Evan was released this morning. They’re horrified and hope they never cross paths with him again. The doorbell chimes and they hope it’s not Evan. Will opens the door. “Oh my God.” Sonny asks, “Is it Evan?” Will says, “Worse.” Sonny approaches the door and sees Leo. “I’m back, bitches!” He lets himself in and reminisces about being killed by the fireplace, marrying Sonny and then asks where his hunky cousins Xandy and Brady are. Leo shrugs. He mocks Will for going to prison for killing Mother Kiriakis and then says he’s there to make their dreams come true, thanks to his new line of work, he can give them a child. leo's back april fools days of our lives

In bed at Salem Inn, Ciara jokes she could pay Ben to stay there and make love to her all day. “Like a Gigalo?” Ben asks. She laughs. She didn’t realize how that sounded. Clyde shows up. He broke out of prison and needs help hiding. Ben agrees to it but Ciara’s disgusted. Clyde will cut him in on a business idea. Ciara doesn’t like the sound of that. All Ben has to do is deliver a package.

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Nicole returns from her New York trip early. Eric says Holly’s asleep. Nicole has serious news. They’re interrupted by Daniel Jonas. Nicole’s shocked. “Hey, babe!” Nicole asks who he is. Eric says he crashed into him. Dan’s dead. Daniel reminds them of Rolf’s serum. He’s back to take his life back and acts giddy and energetic. He hears they have a daughter. Nicole tells him about Holly and before she brings him to his kid, Daniel plants a kiss on her while Eric watches. Daniel says they can finally be a family. Nicole says a lot has happened. Daniel wants to pick up where they left off and he gets on one knee and proposes. For the last five years, all he thought about was getting back to her. Nic and Eric are sorry but they’re in love. Daniel calms down. He hates to say it but Eric owes him. Dan goes into the kitchen while Nicole tells Eric she loves them both and she has to do what’s best for Holly. Eric balks at that. He has nothing to do with her. He can go marry Chloe, she’s got one of his kids. Nicole apologizes and accepts Dan’s proposal. He wants to do it now. Abe turns up after Nicole dresses and Daniel asks Abe to marry them and skip to the good part. They say their I dos and Eric interrupts. Eric tells them he did a search and learned Daniel’s already married. Eric shows her photo. “You married her?” Nicole says this means he was never held by Rolf. What took him so long to come home? He needed to clear his head. “I went to Australia to catch some tasty waves.” Disgusted, Nicole goes at him. Abe and Eric hold her back. Later, everyone’s gone and Nic hugs Eric.nicole sees dan alive april fools days of our lives

Ben appears at the Kiriakis mansion with a little baby girl of color. He didn’t know the package would be a baby. Leo counters that he didn’t know the delivery man would be such a babe. Ben goes and Leo asks if they want to buy the baby. Will smiles. He wants her. Eli and Sheila appear and ask for their baby. Eli explains the kidnapping and that he just learned the girl is his. Sheila glares at Leo who is inching. “Man, I can’t believe your bitch ass is behind this. And I thought the two of us were tight.” Leo claims he didn’t know this was Sheila’s baby. Sheila continues, “But the only reason you dragged me to drag queen bingo is so you could kidnap my baby. And I lost 40 bucks. Don’t ever come near us again.” She and Eli go. Sonny orders Leo out and Will marches him out. Later, Sonny goes to his room and finds Will and Leo in bed, naked. will and leo kissing in bed april fools days of our lives

Back at Salem Inn, Ciara asks what the package is. She almost calls the cops and Clyde smashes her phone. He’s sick of her big mouth and grabs her. They struggle. Later, Ben returns and Ciara looks upset. Ben finds his father, dead on the floor with a wine bottle beside him. Ciara killed him. Ben hugs her. She wants to get rid of the body. Lani knocks. She wants to talk about Clyde. Ben opens the door and admits Clyde was there earlier but Ben “got rid of him.” Lani tells them about Leo kidnapping Eli’s baby and that Clyde’s involved.

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Lani finds Sheila with Eli and the baby. They fill her in on Leo trying to sell her to Sonny and Will. Lani’s destroyed when Eli admits he’s going to be with Sheila and his baby. Lani asks him to get a DNA test first. Eli agrees and Sheila mutters that the baby isn’t Eli’s. Daniel Jonas walks up and asks, “Babe, what are you doing here?” Eli questions her and Sheila says this is her husband. Dan says she was pregnant when they met. Then who is the baby’s father? Abe walks up. They gape. Sheila introduces Abe to his baby girl.sheila dan return april fools days of our lives

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny’s agape. Will calls Leo a good salesperson. First, he talked him into wanting the baby and then “he kinda talked me into getting out of my clothes.” Sonny kicks Leo out but first, Leo has something to say. Leo looks at the camera and says, “April Fools!” Laughter is heard…

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