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At the townhouse, John and Brady finish calls and talk about Abe expanding the search for Marlena. Eric arrives looking for word about his mom. John has none, even though multiple agencies are helping. John is sure that Marlena’s been implanted with a chip. He’s ready to go out but Eric talks him into staying home to at least eat and regroup. He thanks his sons and goes to the kitchen. Brady apologizes to Eric for Kristen asking to hold Mackenzie. She’s been struggling about losing Rachel. Eric is sorry but he doesn’t know if he can get past all Kristen has done. Brady knows but swears she has changed. Eric hopes so. He respects that they love each other. They embrace.

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Stevano arrives at the DiMera mansion and tells Chad that Dr. Rolf’s procedure hasn’t worked as well as they hoped. She’s still clinging to her past. It’s a matter of time and reminding her of the depth of his love and the power of their connection. “Once she’s able to reciprocate those feelings, John Black will no longer hold a place in her memory and certainly not in her heart.” Chad wonders if Marlena can’t be brainwashed. Stefano denies that it’s brainwashing. It merely makes her more receptive to him. Chad asks, “What about John?” Stefano’s disappointed. He thought Chad was loyal to “La Famiglia.” Chad asks for forgiveness and says he can count on him. Stefano blasts him for not killing Gabi yet. Chad explains he had to convince Rolf to remove Hope’s microchip so that the police would take their attention away from Stefano. Stefano is glad to hear it since Gina’s played her part. Stefano wants his children gathered. He gives Chad a time and location. Everyone but Elvis. He doesn’t want to deal with “that beast Sami Brady” since she stole half his fortune. Elvis will have to wait. Chad agrees to it. Stefano says to kill Gabi and Kate, too. They part ways and Chad grabs the letter opener.

At home, Xander tells Victor that before Dr. Raynor left town, she left him a message that Nicole Walker is on to them. Xander fills him in on details. Victor knows Nicole’s like a dog with a bone. She’ll never let this go. They know she won’t want to keep their secret. Maggie walks in and overhears. She confronts them. Xander admits he proposed to Sarah and she said yes. Maggie’s happy for him and Sarah but upset she won’t be there to share in their joy since she’s doing her penance for killing a woman. She goes to the hospital. “Damn it, man, you nearly gave me another stroke,” Victor tells him. He’d better deal with Nicole or they’ll be no happily ever after for him.

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At the hospital, Nicole doesn’t think the birthmark proves Mackenzie is Kristen’s daughter but still, because of Xander and Raynor’s behavior, she is concerned the child isn’t Eric’s baby. Sarah appears. Nic tells her everyone is searching for Marlena. She offered to stay and look after Mickey. Sarah asks why she’d wonder if Eric is really Mickey’s father. Nicole admits Mickey doesn’t look like him. She asks if she’s had a DNA test. Sarah argues there’s no reason to. Nicole apologizes. She stays with the kid while Sarah goes to take a call. Nicole swabs the inside of Mickey’s mouth just as Eric wanders in. Nic claims she was cleaning Mickey’s ears. She secretly puts the swab into tissue and slips it into her purse. They kiss and she goes. Maggie finds Sarah and likes her engagement ring. They laugh about wondering if it was stolen and Maggie congratulates her daughter. Later, Nicole runs into Xander. He grabs her as Sarah walks up. Meanwhile, Maggie finds Eric and apologizes for judging him for what he did to Daniel when she did the same thing. She could have killed Sarah and her own granddaughter. Eric holds her as she sobs.

Kate bumps into Kristen outside Salem Inn. “I heard you were a nun,” Kate says. “Well, I heard you were a waitress – until you blew it,” challenges Kristen. She wonders what her father promised Kate to screw over one of her best friends. Kate reminds her she knew Steve was Stefano and said nothing. Kristen taunts that Kate once again trusted the wrong man. Her roots are showing and she’s back in the gutter where she belongs.kristen taunts kate days of our lives

Kate arrives at John’s for an update about Marlena but John doesn’t have one. Kate tells him about Chad suddenly wearing Stefano’s ring when in the past, he never wanted anything to do with him. It concerns her since Stefano has a way of “drawing his kids back into his web.” They discuss how Kate trusts Chad with her life but Kristen might know where Marlena is. Kate will find out if Chad has had contact with Steve. It’s the least she can do. John agrees. She hopes he’ll forgive her one day.Kate asks for marlena update days of our lives

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Brady finds Kristen at Basic Black. She says she’s not going to obsess over Rachel anymore. She knows it won’t bring her back. They hug. The new prototype for their boxer briefs arrives and Brady models them. Kristen locks the door and they make out on the table.brady models briefs days of our lives

Kate arrives home and finds the paper Stefano gave Chad. She tucks it into her bra. Chad appears with the letter opener.

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