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From SPD, Lani thinks she knows where David is. Someone saw him outside a hotel. Lani, Rafe and Eli take off.

At the no-tell motel, Evan notices that David has a fever. He and Orpheus worry about what to do. Later, Rafe, Eli and Lani bust through the door yelling, “Police.” They find Evan alone and demand to see David. Evan flashes to Orpheus taking the baby and telling his son they need to split up. Rafe gets in Evan’s face but Evan denies that the kid was ever there. They all head to the police department.orpheus is evans dad days of our lives

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At Statesville, Clyde admits he knows who Christian Maddox is. Ben asks if he sent Maddox to kill Jordan. Clyde denies that and is angry with the news. Clyde reveals he only knows his father – Orpheus. Ben remembers him as the guy his dad busted out of prison in 2016. Ben begins to judge Orpheus for his murderous ways when Clyde reminisces about him trying to burn Kayla and Marlena alive in coffins but then realizes he’s in no place to cast stones. Clyde wonders if Jordan’s murder is his fault. He flashes to talking with Orpheus three years ago when Clyde had a visit from Orpheus who asked for resources to set up a new power base. He offered to bust him out of there. They settled on an amount and partnered up.

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Ciara and Kayla sit with Hope at the hospital after her surgery. She wakes up but is unresponsive. Ciara worries but Kayla says it takes time to come out of general anesthesia. Hope says Ciara’s name. “Is it really you?” she asks. Hope grins but says nothing. She eventually says it’s her. They’re so glad to finally see her, and she says, “Of course it’s me. Why would you have any doubt?”jenn admits gina pushed her days of our lives

Jack tries to take Doug’s mind off of Hope’s surgery by playing cards at Julie’s Place. Jenn appears. She updates the men that the surgery was a success and that the chip is being examined by the lab.

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Doug, Jennifer, and Jack arrive to see Hope in the hospital. She says, “Hi Daddy,” and Doug cheers and hugs her. Jenn whispers to Kayla, wondering if there’s a chance “she’s faking.” Hope questions her and asks what happened to her. Was she in an accident? She hears crickets. Kayla asks her the last thing she remembers. She recalls praying for Julie to get a new heart. Doug tells her that her prayer came true. Hope’s relieved and remembers going with Rolf to his lab. He told her he could help save Julie and pauses. She remembers being injected with a syringe and demands to know what Rolf did with her. Kayla orders everyone to take Doug for coffee. Jenn and Kayla stay behind and apologize. They admit Rolf turned her into Princess Gina. Hope looks horrified. The women tell her that they removed the chip Rolf injected her with and Gina’s gone. Hope holds back tears as she asks how long this has gone on for. She’s shocked to hear it’s been happening since October. Well over a year ago. By the hub, Ciara calls Statesville with an update on her mother. Back in Hope’s room, Jennifer mentions being in a coma for a year. Hope’s stunned and asks why. They hesitate before admitting that someone threw her off the balcony the day she married Jack. Hope asks who did this and when they don’t respond, she sobs, knowing it was Gina. Jenn explains what happened but assures her cousin nobody blames her for the things Gina did. Hope is shocked to hear there’s more.jenn, jack, doug wait word on hope days of our lives

At SPD, Rafe, Eli, and Lani tell Evan witnesses saw a man drop David’s favorite toy train in the square. Rafe demands to know who he is. Evan calls Eli and Lani goons, since they’re not cops, and says he can sue all of them for harassment. Rafe goes to take a call and becomes angry. He tells Lani that the DA won’t revoke Evan’s bail. Rafe goes back to Evan and is forced to free him. Later, Ciara calls Rafe with news that Hope seems to be herself now that she’s out of surgery. Rafe’s glad to hear it and says Shawn’s with Rolf. Ciara will update him later. She tells Rafe that Orpheus is Evan’s accomplice and his father. She relays that Clyde confessed this. She disconnects as Orpheus wanders by.orpheus at hospital days of our lives

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Back at Julie’s Place, Jack and Doug have coffee and talk about Hope returning to them.

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