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Ciara visits Ben in Statesville. He thought she was spending more time with her mom. She is but had bad news. Evan is out. She talks about the admission being coerced out of him since she had a gun to his head. Shocked, Ben realizes this means he’s still stuck in here while the man who murdered his sister is free. Ciara promises to keep him posted on the search for David. They agree this is a setback and they’ll get past it. They kiss. She goes and Clyde wanders in and grabs his son in a hug. They discuss what went down and that Evan was released and Clyde’s shocked to learn Christian Maddox is Evan’s real name. Ben asks if he knows the SOB that killed his sister.

clyde hugs son after back from lethal injection days of our lives

Eli and Lani return to JJ’s after finishing passing out flyers of Evan and David. Eli returns from a shower later to find Lani crying over David. He hugs her. This is really personal for her. He agrees to dress and go searching for him again.

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elani and eli talk david search days of our lives

Orpheus returns to the no-tell motel with a replacement toy train for his grandson David and some supplies. Evan shrugs. David wouldn’t stop asking for Rafe. Orpheus suggests it’s time to tell the kid who his real father is. Evan couldn’t risk telling him since he’s at an age where he repeats everything. Orpheus argues that Rafe’s not in the picture anymore. Orpheus recalls how hard it was reaching out to him and his sister after all those years. Evan says this isn’t about pride. Orpheus wants him to experience what it’s like to hear his son call him father. “It makes you want to be worthy,” he says. Orpheus knows he was not an ideal father. He saw the pain he caused his children and won’t bore him with an apology or all the regrets he feels but he wants him to know that he’s grateful to finally connect after all these years. Evan thanks his dad. He’s made mistakes too. Evan doesn’t want to confuse David. orpheus is evans dad days of our lives

Rafe returns home with Shawn after a night of putting up posters. He’s dejected that they’ve no new leads but Shawn reassures him they’ll find Rafe’s son. Shawn tells Rafe his mom’s going into surgery this morning. Rafe wishes he had more time to focus on Hope. Shawn understands. He says he found no prints on the toy train. Rafe wishes he had known Hope was Gina sooner. Shawn reminds his friend he was instrumental in getting “Hope” surgery. Shawn makes Rafe waffles, urging him to keep up his strength. Rafe grins. “They’re David’s favorite.” Rafe appreciates the support. Shawn heads to the hospital.

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Jenn arrives at the hospital. Kayla tells her that Hope’s about to go into surgery. Jennifer’s glad to hear. From Princess Gina’s room, she flashes to talking to Hope’s kids and yells out, hating being in scrubs and cooped up. Dr. Rolf arrives. Is she okay? She commands him to free her. He tells her to accept her fate. She starts to panic as he reveals he’s there to examine her as preparation for her procedure. He’s sorry. There was no other way. Gina asks that Rolf go through the motions of the surgery and leave the chip where it is. Nobody will know she’s really Princess Gina. Rolf thinks about it. Gina promises to “pretend to be Hope Brady and all her dreariness.” Rolf thinks that’ll be difficult. Besides, Kayla will be in the OR when he removes the chip. She’ll want it. Gina holds his hand and calls him a genius who can perform sleight of hand. Jennifer and Kayla appear and Gina starts ranting about everyone being in her room, peeping. Kayla gives Gina a sedative and Rolf goes to prepare. Gina snipes at the women calling them Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber. Shawn and Ciara arrive by the hub and wait for Gina to be wheeled out. An orderly wheels her out with Kayla and Gina tells Ciara and Shawn that their mother is never coming back. Once she’s gone, Shawn admits that Princess Gina’s a bitch but he still feels bad arguing with her. Later, Hope’s back in her room and Ciara talks to her unconscious mom, asking her to come back to them. By the hub, Kayla tells Jenn and Shawn that Hope will wake up soon, that surgery was a success. Jenn goes home and Kayla gives Shawn the microchip. He’ll take it to the station for analysis. Rolf appears and pats himself on the back. They head to see Hope.Gina goes into surgery days of our lives

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At SPD, Rafe asks someone on a call to email transcripts from those who gave tips through their hotline. Later, Lani and Eli arrive as he’s reading the transcripts. He thanks them for their help all night. They sit and refuse to rest until he brings his little boy home. Rafe yells that he got a tip about a missing parakeet as Lani comes up with a good tip. She may know where David is!

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